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    Here is Chapter 1, if there's interest I'll continue.

    West Side Academy
    Chapter 1
    Written by Mycokizyrz
    Special thanks to Becca, who i've named the lead character after.. :)
    And now the story..

    Hello, I am the Headmaster of West Side Academy for Girls, a fine institute where young girls learn discipline and to be good sex slaves. Other subjects are also taught here to further prepare them so they may find jobs as well if their master desires. This is the story of Becca, one of my favorite girls to come through the school. I'll start at the beginning. I remember her coming into my office, she was such a lovely young lady. I knew from the start she would be one of my most special girls. A strange thing happened when I first saw her, like i'd seen her before. I could be wrong though, so many girls have come and gone. Here is what transpired when we met..

    "Come in and sit down, you're Becca right?"
    "Yea.. I didn't really want to come here but my stepdad was gonna kick me out if I didn't, I hate him.."
    "I think you'll be fine here Becca, and from your paperwork I think you need a place like this."
    "You sound like my stepdad."
    "I see you're 18, and it says here you're very promiscuous.."
    "It's all lies really, but I've had sex."
    "Yes I can see you've had sex but not anal.. there will be training for that later and will not be a part of your initiation today."
    "EWW I don't want anything going in THERE!"
    "It's ok, that might be what you think now but you will feel different after your training.."
    "Yea whatever, training is for people that actually need it...I don't even know why I'm here.."
    "You're here because you're rebellious and have a problem with authority, and you need to learn to control your sexual urges and to please men."
    "Authority has a problem with ME.."
    "That kind of attitude will not get you far here young lady.."
    "Yeah, yeah.."
    "The first thing you must become used to is you will no longer have any privacy whatsoever, and you will learn to obey the staff without question."
    "Yeah we'll see.. I know how to get kicked out of places like this, I've done it before.."
    "Nobody gets kicked out of here because our methods work. You'll discover that in time. Now the first thing is we need to do is measure you for your uniform and chastity belt."
    She gave me a look of shock.
    "Yes that's right, chastity belt. There is no touching of yourself or other students without permission. Now stand up and strip so I can measure you."
    "Nah that's ok.."
    "It's alright Becca, we need to do this. don't be embarassed.."
    "Fine, i'll give you your kicks you pervert.. This whole place sucks and it's a waste of time.."
    With that she proceeded to strip naked, I was surprised she complied. Most I have to rip their clothes off.
    "Very good Becca.."
    "Yea whatever.."
    I took her measurements and called my assistant. I handed him Becca's clothes along with the measurements I had written down.
    "You won't need those clothes any longer Becca."
    "You can't tell what I need or not, give me back my clothes you freak!"
    "Name calling gets you nowhere my dear. Come with me, you have to shower now.."
    "Why should I go anywhere with you?? You're crazy!"
    I gave her a hard slap on the ass and said "You are not to question any instructions from staff! That was just a warning.. now come!"
    "Why?? That rule is more nuts than you are!"
    "I don't have to explain that!"
    With that I pushed her down over my desk and gave her 10 hard slaps on each side of her ass.. It started turning red.. I let her up and said "Now are you ready to obey??"
    She looked at me horrified..
    "It's ok, but you must learn obedience.. Now come.."
    "I don't like this not having any explanations.. I mean I'm not a machine and I do have rights!"
    I pushed her back down and just held her there..
    "Not anymore you don't.. Now shall I get a paddle this time? Or will you obey??"
    She started to cry and tried to get away.
    "Alright then, have it your way.."
    I grabbed a paddle and delivered 10 hard swats. She struggled all the while but I was too strong for her. I released her and she fell down crying and tried to hide.
    I left her there for a minute.. I waited till her sobbing subsided a bit..
    "Now get up!. You must accept your new life at the Academy.. Obey and you will be rewarded, disobey and you will be punished.. Now come!"
    She got up and followed me.
    "Good girl.."
    I lead her down a short hallway to an open shower area..
    "Now get in there and wash.. Don't dwell on that little pussy of yours, just wash it and be done with it. I'll be watching you.."
    She looked at me with contempt and just walked away. I grabbed her arm and directed her back toward the shower..
    "Do you want to be punished again?"
    She turned around and went in the shower.. She showered as I watched.. I gave her a towel and she dried herself..
    "Now follow me.. Without the towel around you my dear.."
    "I don't really want to.."
    I yanked the towel away from her and threw it down.. I pinned her to the wall and gave her 5 more slaps to each side of her already red and burning ass.. She started crying and pleading with me..
    "Nooo without the towel everyone will see me and that's not right!"
    "You have NO privacy anymore, accept that!"
    "That's sick!"
    She continued to cry and complain for several minutes..
    "That's the wrong attitude my dear.. Do you want more punishment?"
    "No but this is rediculous, I want to go home!!"
    "Just relax.. all the girls are treated the same, you're not alone Becca. You're not leaving, I told you that.."
    "I hate you!!"
    "Your step father wants you straightened out and so it shall be. There's nothing you can do."
    "Oh like you know anything about him."
    "Yes i do, and I know your mother left him not long ago because of you. So it was up to him to decide what to do with you. But no matter, you're here and it's time to go to the machine room to test your sexual responses."
    "Yeah well I can totally turn them off, so your stupid machines will be useless.."
    "Many other girls have said that, none have been able to.."
    "None of them have been like me."
    "We've had worse my dear, and broken them all."
    "Yeah right, as if my paper work actually told you the truth."
    "We know it is, from the surveilance your stepfather had done on you and the cameras he had put in your room. We know about all your boyfriends and everything you did with them when he wasn't home."
    "I never had any in the house.."
    "Now you're lying my dear."
    "I hate you and I'm not talking to you anymore!! And I'm not lying!! You are a mean man just like all the rest!!"
    "One thing we do know is you love sex my dear.. that is your weakness and we will use it to control you."
    "Whatever.. I'm leaving."
    She started to start walk away down the hallway. I grabbed her arm and pinned her to the wall again.
    "You will come to the machine room now or be punished!"
    I let her up and walked her down the hall.. She came along but with an empty look mixed with contempt. I lead her to the machine room door, the sounds of ecstatic screaming and moaning were clearly audible from the other side.
    "This room may shock you my dear, but remain calm and obedient."
    I proceeded to open the door.

    End Chapter 1
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    MIRROR: Download from MEGA

    West Side Academy
    By Mycokizyrz
    Special thanks to Becca

    Chapter 2

    I opened the door..
    "This is a waste of time I am just going to go into shutdown.."
    "I think we can fix that!" With that I gave her a hard slap on the ass to remind her who was in charge. She just glared at me and ignored the whole thing. I could tell she was trying to turn off any sexual feelings.
    On each side of the room there are rows of machines, each with a girl strapped into it. It's a chair with the center part removed for easy access. She looked over at one girl with a motorized dildo going in both her ass and pussy. She also had tit suckers on (small plastic cylinders connected to a hose). She must have been thinking "This is like a mideval torture chamber or something, I can totally go numb and beat it." I lead her toward an empty machine and tell the operator "No anal on this one."
    "Get in the chair Becca."
    She sat down like a total zombie. I secured her arms and legs as well as a wide strap across her middle. The operator put the tit suckers on her, you could see the pressure in and out as they gently sucked over and over. Her nipples immediately hardened and she let out a small gasp.
    "That's it Becca, just enjoy.."
    I motion to the operator and the sucking becomes a little faster and a little harder..
    She just looked at me with renewed contempt. I motion to the operator again.. faster and harder yet her nipples are sucked.. I call in another assistant to shave her. She must have felt something cold and moist on her pussy. She looked down and saw shaving cream being applied by a man with a razor in his hand and a large basin of water.
    "Becca, all students are to remain hairless and you will be responsible for maintaining it that way after this."
    She started to struggle.
    "Now settle down Becca. I wouldn't want you to get cut, just relax."
    I could see she was very nervous. I walked up and stroked her forehead, trying to calm her.
    She asked me "What's going on?" with a fearful tone to her voice, probably thinking i'm going to beat her for asking.
    "Just trust me my dear. I will be lenient this time and not punish you for questioning me. I must gag you now though."
    She started to cry.
    "No, no, it must be. If you obey you will not be harmed. Now open up."
    She opened up, still crying. I gently placed a ball gag in her mouth and buckled it behind her head. She continued to sob softly from behind the gag. The shaving was completed and he left with the bowl and razor. I gently wiped her dry with a small towel. This seemed to calm her somewhat. I thought to myself maybe she's getting more at ease with me.
    "Now you will be much more sensitive my dear." I ran my hand over her pussy gently. She tried to move away but the straps held her firmly in place. I started to rub a little harder, I could tell she was becoming aroused. I told the assistant that just shaved her to attach the sensors. He proceeded to attach several electrodes all over her and a thin band around her chest to monitor breathing. I could see this made her very upset and she started thrashing about. Then suddenly, she passed out.

    I wasn't worried because I could see her vital signs were fine. I got some smelling salts and waved it in her face. She jumped as the salts brought her back to consciousness, and she looked at me totally horrified. I could see this, and stroked her forehead saying "It's alright, relax Becca." I could tell this relieved her a little and maybe she was thinking I wasn't so bad anymore. It looked as if she was trying to reach my hand but couldn't because of the restraints. So I took one of her hands in mine and kissed her on the forehead. She stopped crying and gave me a pleading look , whining through the gag.
    I stroked her cheek and asked "Will you be a good girl if i take your gag out?"
    She nodded.
    "Alright but any trouble and back it will go, understand?"
    Another nod.
    "Ok then."
    I took it out and she stretched her mouth a bit. "Now relax Becca and try to enjoy.. this room is about pleasure. You will not be harmed here unless you disobey."
    I go over to the controls and tell the operator to step aside, that I will be handling the machine.
    I know the controls well, as it was I that designed the machine.
    She looked up at me as I took the controls, as if to say "Please just let me out of here."
    I put my finger to my lips and say "It's ok, I won't hurt you."
    She started to cry again. I think she was crying more out of embarassment than fear though.
    I steped back over to her and bent down she surely thought to kiss her forehead.. but i tenatively moved my lips toward hers. She had closed her eyes and was still sobbing softly.
    "Shhh.." I said softly still staying close. I took her hand again. She opened her eyes, and though still sobbing she kissed me lightly. I return the kiss with the same light touch then move away slightly.
    "Remember Becca, this room is for pleasure. Have you ever been spanked in here?"
    "No.", She sobbed.
    "When you are in this machine you will not be hurt. You questioned me before after you were in it and did i spank you?"
    "No, but that gag wasn't very nice. You did it becuase you hate me."
    "I know that was unpleasant but there still must be discipline. I think perhaps you have leaned now not to question and it should not be needed again."
    "You don't understand me.." she said and just went back to her quiet sobbing.
    "It's alright Becca, just trust me and try to enjoy yourself." I gave her a brief kiss on the lips, a little harder than before. She pushed back a little that time, I think she might have liked it.
    I moved down between her legs and touched her pussy lightly. She stopped sobbing and looked down to see what I was doing. As she watched I moved my head down between her legs and began to softly kiss her inner thighs. "That tickles!" She said as she started to giggle a little, but she suddenly stopped. I guessed she thought i'd be mad at her. I just looked up at her and smiled. She gave me this totally confused look. I just continued kissing, getting closer and closer to her pussy. I was sure then she was torn between being aroused and her fear. I continued kissing all around and reached up with one hand and gently caressed her stomach. I stood up and bend over her face again. I caressed her cheek and offered her my lips.
    She tried to turn her head away. I said "It's ok Becca, remember you will not be hurt here."
    "Yeah but I am not staying in here forever." she said in a scared tone.
    "Yes that's true.. but if you obey you will get to spend more time here, so you will have less opprtunity for punishment."
    She turned her head back cautiously and offered me her lips. I kissed her, lingering a bit and ran my fingers through her hair a bit. I could tell this was confusing her a great deal, but she seemed to be responding to my gentle side.
    "Alright now Becca, just try to enjoy this.. I haven't hurt you in here yet have I?"
    I walked over to the machine controls. "But the key word there is YET." she said with a scared look on her face.
    "It won't happen in here Becca, you must trust me."
    "This is getting uncomfortable, and I want out, pleeease.."
    "You are being a very good girl, you won't be here much longer. We just need to gather some more data about your responses."
    She said "I'd rather not because.." I glared at her. "Nevermind you hate me anyway."
    "I know you haven't had any sex for at least a week. We know that because your stepfather kept you in the house and nobody was allowed in."
    "Whatever, Just get on with what you're doing.. I'm sick and tired of being here and this whole place."

    End Chapter 2
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    MIRROR: Download from MEGA

    Here's the next chapter..

    West Side Academy
    By Mycokizyrz
    Special thanks to Becca

    Chapter 3

    "Whatever, Just get on with what you're doing.. I'm sick and tired of being here and this whole place."

    I paid no attention and moved some controls. A robot arm came down between her legs. Attached to it was a flat plate with soft rubber fingers all over it. It moved to her pussy and started to slide the fingers gently across it up and down. Suddenly it started to vibrate.
    "I know you have to be horny Becca. A naughty young girl like you can't go without sex this long."
    I could tell she was trying to fight it, but I knew she couldn't ignore the stimulation forever. I made the vibrations get stronger. She relaxed and her lips parted slightly. I could tell the stimulation was having an effect and maybe she was starting to trust me.
    "I know what tuns you on Becca, you love sucking cock. You crave a cock in your sweet little mouth don't you? I know this from the video of you having sex with your boyfriends."
    She licked her lips.
    "Yes my dear, I know what you want."
    I pressed a button, and a robot arm came down toward her face with a very real looking cock attached to it.
    "I know you love to suck cock, don't you Becca?"
    She nodded.
    "This cock is molded from me Becca, that's my cock in front of you."
    I moved it down a little lower.
    "Do you want to suck my cock Becca?"
    She nodded.
    I moved low enough for her to reach and she took it in her mouth and started sucking and slurping hungrily.
    "Good girl, suck that cock nice."
    I could tell she was trying hard to impress me, so I started rubbing her pussy a little. It was getting wet fast. She started moaning as she sucked hard, taking it all the way down her throat.
    "Very good Becca. You like that in your mouth I see. Want that sweet little mouth fucked now?"
    "Mmm hmmm.." she said, still bobbing her head on the dildo.
    I fliped a control, and the dildo started moving in and out of her mouth.
    "Very good. Getting horny now aren't you my dear?"
    Another "Mmm hmm.."
    I flip another switch.
    "You need something in that wet little pussy don't you?"
    With that I inserted 2 fingers and started pumping slowly. She started moaning louder as her face was fucked.
    "That's it Becca.. You're my little cocksucker. You crave cock in that hot mouth more than anything, I know it."
    She nodded.
    "I think you're ready to be fucked now Becca, you want it don't you?"
    "Mmm hmm." she said with a nod.
    I stepped back to controls. She was startled as another dildo touched her inner thigh. I went between her legs and guided the dildo in between her lips, just barely in. I circled her clit a moment with my finger then went back to the controls.
    "You need to be fucked Becca? Tell me."
    I hit a control and the dildo in her mouth pulled away.
    "Ohhh yes I need to be fucked! I really liked sucking on that too!"
    "I know my dear. You want it back don't you, in that cocksucking mouth."
    "Yes pleeease!"
    I hit the controls and it moved back down and resumed fucking her mouth. Then another switch and the other dildo slid into her soaked pussy and began to slowly move in and out. Then I turned up the tit suckers to get them sucking hard and fast. She started moaning even more.
    "Yes, good girl, use that tongue you sweet little cocksucker. You're about to cum I see, we're not ready for that just yet."
    I backed the machine off a little. She let out a loud moan in disappointment because I knew she was so close.
    "Good girl, we've gathered a lot of data so far. We almost know your limits already."
    She moaned again in frustration.
    "It's ok Becca, wasn't that a wonderful feeling? I almost let you cum." I adjusted the controls again and the machine sped back up.
    "If you cum nice for me you might get to suck this." With that I opened my pants and showed her my hard cock. She could see I was telling the truth, for the dildo she was sucking matched me exactly. She stared at it hungrily.
    "You want that in your mouth Becca? Cum for me and it will be yours."
    She couldn't keep her eyes off of it, she was completely entranced by it.
    I motioned to an operator to turn the machine up more. She finally went over the edge, coming hard, having orgasm after orgasm, screaming around the dildo as it continued to fuck her face.
    "Oh Yes! Good girl Becca! Cum hard for me!"
    She continued to stare at my cock, I knew she wanted it so bad in her mouth.
    I motioned to the operator, the machine slowed and the oral dildo withdrew. The chair lowers a bit along the vaginal dildo which still continued to fuck her slowly.
    I straddled her head, my hard cock mere inches away from her face. She looked at me with surprise, amazed I was going to let her really suck me. Her eyes were wide, and she licked her lips in anticipation.
    "You want it Becca? Then ask nicely for it."
    "Please may I suck your cock, Sir?"
    "Yes my dear, you may. I always keep my word." i move up so you can reach it..
    She took my cock in, and I put my hands on her head and start fucking her mouth. The dildo fucking her pussy slows. She was aroused but not quite there to cumming again. The machine was set to tease then but she didn't know that.
    "Mmm suck it good Becca. Good girl."
    The dildo sped up a little bit.
    The machine knew how aroused she was and was adjusting accordingly to keep her close but not cum. I could see from the readouts she was so turned on and wanting to cum. I knew she must be getting frustrated but she keep sucking me.
    "Are you hot becca from sucking my cock? you want to cum?"
    She nodded.
    "I control you now. I can make you cum.." With that I turned it up a bit. "Or not.." I turned it back down. I could tell she was starting to like and maybe even trust me.
    "You want my cum Becca? you want to swallow it all don't you, you little oral slut. Take it now, suck out that hot cum!"
    The machine slowed a bit. She was so horny and teetering right on the edge. She started sucking me harder.
    "Mmm good girl. I'm gonna full that slut mouth of yours full of cum! I'm getting closer, suck it hard slut!"
    She moaned and sucked even harder.
    "Ohhhh yes, swallow that cum!! I started cumming, and filling her mouth. She swallowed every hot spurt. The machine slowed a bit as I was cumming because that turned her on so much and it detected that. It still held her right at the edge.
    "Good job Becca, you made me cum so good. Now you need to cum don't you?"
    I pulled my cock from her mouth. As she licked me clean she said "Ohh yes, pleeease let me cum Sir!" She gave me a pleading look as she kept licking until I was all clean.
    I walked over and took the controls. I went over and placed another suction cylinder on her clit lile the ones on her nipples. It slowly sucked her clit. She let out a loud moan at the intense pleasure. She kept getting close but the machine always backed off to keep her from cumming. Up and down she went like a roller coaster of pleasure. I could see in her eyes she wanted to cum so bad.
    "Ohhhh God Pleeease Sir!" she begged.
    "You have to learn you may not always get your way my dear.. I know you want to cum but remember I control you now."
    I just stood back and let her go up and down in the grip of the machine for almost an hour. She was so horny she was completely incoherent. I moved back to the controls again. I sped it up a bit."You want to cum my dear?"
    "P-P-Pleeease S-S-ir.."
    The machine slowed. Gradually it became slower and slower, then it stopped. The dildos withdrew, leaving her with nothing. She looked at me, pleading "Noooo i've just GOT to cum!!"
    "No my dear, I have chosen to deny you."
    She started thrashing in the restraints, and passed out again.

    End Chapter 3
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