Wax play and more~

Discussion in 'Your own pics and movies (Home-made BDSM)' started by kittengrey, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. kittengrey

    kittengrey Member

    Hey guys. Me and Master were playing with wax and he took some pics! They're a bit crappy cuz he used my phone, but hopefully you guys enjoy them! hen we play more and get more pics I'll be sure to post them here[​IMG]
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  2. kittengrey

    kittengrey Member

    yay, I found a site (thank you sparrow) and I ran out of pics for now xD
  3. Lovely pics...you're much braver than me, to have wax poured on you :(
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  4. Those are fine pics Kitten. :)
  5. kittengrey

    kittengrey Member

    thanks you guys. And we have wax chips that we cleaned up so we can remelt them and play again ^-^ The only problem is that Master forgot to put down a piece of plastic so now we need to do the bedding again >< and it got in my hair
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  6. dude7zzz

    dude7zzz New Member

    absolutely brillinat
  7. fdxjettech

    fdxjettech New Member

    Here's my first post. An obvious newbie to this. How do you get the wax off afterwards? The wife and I just made pure parafin candles just for that but haven't gotten the chance yet. By the way HI EVERYONE!!!! :) We are a couple new to all this. Jeff
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  8. Anubit

    Anubit New Member

    Looks great, thanks for sharing
  9. vht

    vht New Member


    I hope you come back and post more
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  10. subofmistressS

    subofmistressS New Member

    Hi kittengrey,

    What is the best type of candlewax to use?



  11. L8NightQ

    L8NightQ Member

    hey sub -

    I decided to post a wax play primer in the beginners FAQ string of section 1 (general discussion)

    Let us know if you have further questions.

    Welcome... by the way.
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  12. Master_das

    Master_das New Member

    excellent pics
    thanks for sharing
  13. subofmistressS

    subofmistressS New Member

    Hi L8NightQ,

    Many thanks for your response, still getting to grips with the site, soo many posts to read.

    Will look for your post in the beginners section.

    Thanks again for your response.


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  14. bowler279

    bowler279 New Member

    love the pics new to site but not to wax play just love it
  15. yuzicheng

    yuzicheng New Member

    you and your master?
    i admire you

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