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    I was wondering if anyone could give me a bit more information on "water sport". I tried looking it up, didn't get very much info other then that its bondage and being submerged in water, but I'm not sure I understand it all. Isn't there a giant drowning risk, or is it fairly safe? Any more information and possibly pictures would be nice. Thanks!
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  3. kittengrey

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    Oh..... <<;; so i'm guessing there's a different term for the bondage in water thing. Explains why I found limited info on it. ^^;;
  4. GreyMac

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    In addition to subspace's always excellent advice, if you're interested in the other aspects you mentioned, that's usually called waterbondage although I have seen it referred to as 'water play'. Google Waterbondage or Water torture Videos with safe search off and you'll get a number of 1 or 2 minute sample vids that show various scenes of those kinds of activities. Google Images for pics.

    And YES it is dangerous. I've never personally tried that particular kink but anything that can reasult in death, such as imersing a helpless person in water, needs to be approached with extreme caution. If you or your 'other' is not experienced, do a HELL of a lot of research! A more common and less dangerous form of water play is hosing someone down with a pressure nozzle. It can sting like crazy if aimed at sensitive bits like armpits, stomach and soles of the feet as well as the more personal areas.

    Be very careful of ears. there is enough pressure coming from even a common garden hose with a standard pressure nozzle to rupture eardrums. Enjoy.

    Play hard but play safe.
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    lol...you will have much better luck searching with the term "water bondage" I think. Welcome to the forum!

    Opps! Sorry for the repeat! Looks like GreyMac and I answered at the same time.
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    ^^ thanks

    I looked it up; and it instantly turned me on. Has anyone ever experimented with it?
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    I was going through some pictures today and though of you and this thread when I saw this pic. I know that milk and water are not exactly the same, but:

  8. kittengrey

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    Why is the first word that came to mind "creamy" xD;
  9. GreyMac

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    I figured that between the 'Kitten', 'water bondage' and girl/girl relationship angles, that you'd have to enjoy it on some level. ;)

    Creamy is good, even if one is not a kitten.
  10. kittengrey

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    Gods what I wouldn't do for more time with my master and a large private bathroom. I hate this "college and work" thing...I only get to see master once a week now.

    On a bit off an off-topic, anyone who has aim is free to aim me.....I'm getting a tad lonely lately and it would be nice to talk to peoples <<;;;
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    I told you waterboarding would catch-on in the BDSM community. (Sadly my gift of prophecy still hasn't won me the MegaMillions).
  12. MichiganGhoul

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    I've had experience both as a top and a bottom w/ watersports and loved EVERY minute of it :)
  13. tkl-pen

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    I have been looking forever for a video with Chinese water torture where a girl is tightly restrained and water drops fall on her - preferably her breasts - but more likely her head - never found one, though.

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