Want "games" to pit two subs against each other

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Condor047, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. Condor047

    Condor047 New Member

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    Has anyone any suggestion how I can I pit two subs against each other so that they can lessen their own pain by increasing the pain of the other?
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    Are you thinking "in-person" or online?

    Also, what level of games are you at with them? Do you use impact play, and if so to what level?
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  3. Condor047

    Condor047 New Member

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    I'm not sure exactly what you mean by impact play. Like whipping and slapping (including balls), yes but not like gut-punching.

    Online could be cool 'cause one guy lives very far and won't often be available but I was thinking in person, since he's due here in about a month.

    One thing I've thought of already is a dice game where the thrown number earns the sub that number of e.g. lashings or clothes pegs and they have the option to take it themselves or give double the number to the other sub?

    I could also make them wrestle and the loser doesn't get to cum that night :D
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    If they are OK with CBT then how about tying a strap around each of their scrotums, connect the straps with a rope that's maybe 6 feet long.

    Then they have to play "tug of war" with the rope.

    The loser has to perform a forfeit.

    Licks the other guy's ass.
    Licks the other guy's cock (not to orgasm)
    Takes some number of strokes of a cane, or belt, etc.

    They play "best of 5" (or best of 9, however long you want to stretch it out). Give them a few minutes rest between contests, and play other games. Maybe the loser of that round is humiliated verbally for a while - try to get him riled up so he performs better next time.

    The winner of the whole contest gets to come, or whatever.
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  5. Condor047

    Condor047 New Member

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    I love it! Thanks!
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    My pleasure. I would think the tug of war would also work with nipple clamps.

    Some other ideas I had...

    Rubber band game

    The subs are given a number of "substantial" rubber bands.

    They have to stand about ten feet apart and they fire rubber bands at each other's genitals.

    They take it in turns, and the one "receiving" has to hold up his cock so the other had a clear shot at his nuts.

    Shock Collar Game
    Each sub wears an electric dog collar. You need to test out the collars yourself to make sure they are safe, and that you understand what setting is going to be really painful.

    Attach the collars to the subs. The most painful area will, of course, be around their genitals. But you can put the collars elsewhere if you like.

    Now the game starts. Each sub has the control for the other sub.

    They each roll a die. The one with the higher score gets to shock the other - AND the power level on the loser's shock box is turned up one unit.

    They keep rolling until one of the subs quits. Choose a forfeit for the loser.

    You could, potentially play this game over a three-way webcam conference.

    A variation on the tug of war game
    This one is for webcams too. The subs attach an empty plastic bucket to their balls. Try to use translucent buckets so you can see the liquid level inside.

    You roll a die for each of them. The loser has to pour half a litre of water into their bucket.

    You roll again and again until the buckets are full, or one of the subs quits.

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  7. WickedPleasures

    WickedPleasures New Member

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    My pleasure would be, assuming we are talking about 2 females of course):

    See who could hold a warm water enema longest. Winner gets pleasured by loser or self. Loser must help pleasure winner and wear an anal plug for the rest of the night. To make it more challenging you could do some clit stimulation or have to hold an awkward position. I call it Earn-A-Gasm

    Twister is more than just a simple game. Each turn or move is followed by a stroke from your favorite flogger. To make it more interesting colors could be assigned stroke numbers. Winner and loser get reward of you choice.

    A good oil wrestle was always good for me. Loser is forced to give a toungue-gasm to winner and must clean and wash winner to your satisfaction.

    my 2 cents
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  8. pepeluism

    pepeluism Member

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    Here's one:
    Assuming they are both right handed, tie their left hands together with a 1 foot rope. Give them short whips. Put a dildo on the floor. Have them whip each other until one of them decides he has had enough and gets down on hands and knees, takes the dildo and inserts it in his anus as a sign of submissiveness. I was part of a contest like this once and it was fun when a bigger guy would beat the sht out of a smaller guy with his whip and then pulled him away from the dildo so that he could keep beating him. It was fun until it happened to me, of course. LOL.

    Another one
    Mistress lines two or more slaves and kicks their balls one by one until only one is left standing. Then the winner gets his cock/ass worshiped by the loser(s)

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