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    Excerpt taken from the unfinished novel 'Male Frenzy'

    NOTE: This excerpt is written from a male viewpoint, as I like to try writing like this as well as from a female viewpoint. So, can any guys who read this please tell me if I am able to make myself sound a convincing male through my writing? Thanks.

    It was the sound of crying that first alerted me to what had been taking place at my house that afternoon.

    Finding the living room curtains shut hadn’t worried me. I had just assumed that Lindsey was taking a nap on the sofa, and so let myself in silently to avoid waking her.

    But I was not greeted by silence. From behind the living room door, which stood ever so slightly ajar, came the sound of soft, muted sobs that I recognised as belonging to my girlfriend. Alarmed by this, I eased the door open and entered the room on silent feet, but then stopped dead, my eyes widening in disbelief as they feasted on the spectacle that awaited me.

    Lindsey knelt, naked, in the middle of the living room floor. Her back and knees were ramrod straight, and her head was bowed; her bright red hair spilled into her face and all the way down her back. Her shoulders shook with her almost silent sobs, and it wasn’t hard to see why she was so distressed.

    Her arms were folded up in the middle of her back, her wrists chained together, and her knees and ankles were also chained. Her lovely face was almost completely obscured by two leather straps, buckled tightly into place; one stretched across her eyes, the other held a large ball deep in her mouth.

    In addition to her restraints was the state of her posterior. The pale, rounded globes were decorated with six angry red stripes, evenly spaced. So, too, were the backs of her thighs. But while I felt sympathy for her unfortunate plight, I also felt a sudden stirring inside my jeans at the thought of her being punished in this way. Whoever was responsible for those stripes knew exactly what they were doing.

    So who was responsible? Adrian? He was the most likely candidate; he and Lindsey had enjoyed getting together to play kinky games ever since I had once handed her over to him, to be ‘looked after’ for several days while I went out pulling men. Lindsey had been angry with me for doing this to her at first, but she had learned a few things from my best mate that even I had never thought of, and had come to enjoy the time she had spent as his willing prisoner.

    Apart from her crying, the house was silent. Perhaps Adrian was upstairs. Or had he gone out for a while, left her here alone to think about her undoubtedly bad behaviour, with the intention of returning to punish her further? And there was another question – what exactly had she done to warrant this deliciously cruel treatment in the first place?

    I was still pondering this question when I heard soft footsteps, slowly descending the carpeted stairs. I waited silently for Adrian to join Lindsey and me in the living room, not wanting to alarm him, but not wanting Lindsey to know that I was here either. I had been standing in the same room as her for several minutes now, but she had given no indication whatsoever that she was aware of my presence. I had the feeling that her ordeal was not yet over, and I wanted to witness her blissful ignorance as she succumbed to whatever Adrian had in store for her now.

    A long, slim shadow fell across the living room floor, and I glanced up, only to stare in total disbelief at the person standing before me. Not Adrian at all, but Hilde, my soon to be stepmother. A dominatrix, as I well knew, but she had never shown any interest in another woman before. I wondered what had made her change her mind about that, but then decided that I didn’t really care. And neither did my cock, which was becoming painfully hard inside my jeans and eager to be released. But I resisted the urge to do this; I wanted my pleasure at this unexpected new development to last as long as possible.

    For a woman only a couple of months away from turning fifty, Hilde was truly stunning; tall and curvaceous, with lovely large breasts and a gorgeous arse. She wore a tightly laced black leather corset minidress and stiletto thigh boots that made her look menacing. Her hair, dyed jet black with electric blue stripes, was pulled up into a tight ponytail at the top of her head. Her blue eyes twinkled as she caught the way I was staring at her, lusting after her beautiful body. Unable to bear it any longer, I unzipped and released my straining flesh from its prison, taking myself in hand and stroking myself very slowly.

    Hilde gave me a sly grin and a wink, both of which I returned, and held a single finger to her black-painted lips. I nodded my understanding, then glanced down at my girlfriend; she continued to sob quietly, still completely unaware of any other presence but her own. Then I looked up again, eager to watch the action unfold.

    Lindsey’s cries ceased immediately on hearing her mistress’s heels clicking on the uncarpeted floor as she entered the living room. Her entire body stiffened, clearly fearing another beating. Hilde moved to stand behind the kneeling girl and took a handful of her hair, pulling her head roughly back.

    ‘You are pathetic,’ she declared, choosing to speak in Norwegian rather than English. Her tone was cold, but she looked into my eyes as she said it, giving me another sly smile. I bit my lip to keep silent, feeling a shudder run through my body; it was with tremendous effort that I managed to resist the urge to masturbate hard and fast.

    Lindsey remained perfectly silent and still, giving the cruel words of her mistress no response. Hilde’s eyes narrowed into little slits; she pulled my girlfriend’s head gently to one side, exposing her white neck, and then brushed her lips lightly over the soft skin. This got Lindsey’s attention; she too gave a shudder and moaned softly, tilting her head a little more to give the other woman better access. But Hilde was in no mood for playing. Crouching down, she raked her sharp black talons over the stripes decorating Lindsey’s cheeks, making her howl in agony.

    ‘You are pathetic,’ she repeated. ‘I subject you to pain to make you stronger, not turn you into a snivelling little wreck. Your lack of strength disappoints me, little girl. It looks as though I will have to put a little more effort into toughening you up.’

    She released her grip on Lindsey’s hair abruptly and then walked away from her. Taking a packet of cigarettes from the coffee table, she took one out, lit it and took a deep drag, exhaling a long stream of smoke before continuing.

    ‘I’ve been gone half an hour. That’s long enough for you to have got into I dread to think what kind of mischief. Have you been having any dirty thoughts, Lindsey?’

    She shook her head.

    ‘Are you sure about that?’ Hilde laughed softly, returning to her slave and stroking her hair affectionately. ‘I find that difficult to believe, sweetheart. I think I might have to take a little look at you. And if I find anything that I shouldn’t…’

    She let the sentence trail off suggestively, and raised an eyebrow at me. I smiled at the thought of what she would find. There was no chance of Lindsey getting away with this, and lying to her mistress wasn’t going to do her any favours either. I couldn’t wait to see what form her punishment for this would take.

    Hilde took one more drag on her cigarette before handing it to me. Then she reached into the front of her corset and produced a tiny key that had been nestling between her breasts. She used this to unfasten the padlocks at Lindsey’s knees and ankles, then removed the chains and ordered her to part her legs to be inspected.

    I had to stifle a gasp when I saw what else Hilde had done. The small silver rings Lindsey usually wore in her pierced sex lips had been replaced with bigger ones, for the purpose of holding four huge, chunky padlocks that locked her pussy shut. Their weight pulled at the hairless pink flesh, gleaming shamelessly with the evidence of her desire, dragging her labia right down. It looked pretty uncomfortable, but that clearly had no negative impact on Lindsey’s excitement.

    Oh, she was in for it now.
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    ‘Good girl,’ Hilde said approvingly, kneeling down beside her slave. But then her eyes narrowed again, and she stroked an inquisitive finger over the first of the padlocks. I noticed with interest that it, too, gleamed with her juices. Biting my lip to stifle a grunt, I began to stroke myself more urgently, feeling the tension gathering in my balls as my excitement mounted even more.

    ‘Oh, dear.’ She shook her head, tutting softly to convey her disappointment. ‘You’re very wet, my darling. So what have you been thinking about?’

    Lindsey moaned softly in her despair at being caught out, and hung her head in shame. What little of her face I could see beneath the leather straps was flushed the same colour as her hair. I smiled at the thought of the humiliation she must no doubt be suffering, and was pretty confident that Hilde wouldn’t make things easy for her.

    ‘Oh, come on. There’s no need to be shy, is there?’ Hilde’s tone was playfully mocking. ‘Have you been thinking about how ashamed you are of your bad behaviour? Because you get turned on thinking about how disobedient you are, don’t you?’

    Even as she spoke, she pushed a finger between the padlocks and slid it slowly inside Lindsey’s pussy. As she began to pleasure my girlfriend in this manner, she also applied a thumb to her pierced clit, skilfully working her up towards her peak. I forced myself to slow down my self stimulation, knowing that if I carried on while all this was going on in front of me, I would never be able to hold back.

    Lindsey’s soft little moans were quick to become loud cries of sheer pleasure. A flush crossed her throat and chest, and she began to squirm restlessly, tilting her head right back to receive kisses to her throat and neck.

    But then, just as I knew she was about to give in to her pleasure, Hilde cruelly stopped, laughing at her slave’s fresh distress. The finger she withdrew gleamed with Lindsey’s juices, which she held under her nose. Lindsey’s nostrils flared at the recognition of her own scent, but before she realised what was happening, Hilde had smeared her juice around her nostrils, ensuring that her disobedient slave would be able to smell herself every time she breathed in. Now that really would be humiliating for her. I smiled evilly, not letting up on the slow, steady rhythm I was using on myself, even though I now wanted nothing more than to be seen to by one of these two lovely women, not caring which orifice they wanted to take me into. I would be happy to do anything for them right now.

    Hilde took some more of Lindsey’s juices onto her finger, before ordering her to lift her arse into the air. Lindsey obeyed willingly, but was then momentarily abandoned; Hilde got up, came over to me and offered me her juice slicked finger. I licked its tip, enjoying the sweet taste of my girlfriend on another person. That thought made my cock twitch violently, and I gripped it firmly at the base, trying to calm myself down.

    Then Hilde was crouched down beside Lindsey, gently parting her punished arse cheeks, stroking her finger lightly over her anal opening. Lindsey whimpered and tried to pull away, but her mistress held her firmly in place.

    ‘Don’t be naughty now, sweetheart,’ she hissed, and then pressed the tip of her finger into Lindsey’s entrance, inching in very, very slowly. I was intrigued by Lindsey’s show of reluctance to be penetrated in this way, because any other time she was only too eager to take anything anyone would stick inside her. I wondered if she was deliberately trying to anger her mistress. Maybe she wanted to be whipped or caned again. Maybe Hilde would take the instrument of correction to my girlfriend’s breasts, belly, even her pussy.

    Calm down. Get a fucking grip, I told myself sternly.

    Hilde now had two juice slicked fingers buried inside Lindsey’s rectum. Satisfied with her handiwork, she withdrew and stood up, then crossed the room and took a strap on dildo from a drawer. My eyes widened as she stepped into it. The black rubber shaft, with realistic veins and ridges, was even bigger than I was. That was going to hurt like hell, but I instinctively knew that Lindsey would love it.

    Staring directly into my eyes, Hilde slid the tip of her tongue across her lower lip, taking her artificial cock in hand and stroking it slowly, matching her speed to mine. Then, after a moment or two, she bent over Lindsey and unfastened the gag strap, easing the ball out of her mouth and then tracing a finger gently over her lips, lingering in the corners where the strap had pulled tightly, leaving small red chafe marks. Lindsey gave the tip of her mistress’s finger a lick, caressing the digit with her tongue in a truly suggestive, lascivious manner that had a positive effect on the dominatrix; she smiled indulgently, a little shiver coursing through her body at what her eager slave was implying.

    ‘Lift your head. I have something for you.’

    Lindsey lifted her head, her world still completely dark. A second later, she had the head of the artificial cock rubbing gently against her lips, but when she parted them to take it in, it was withdrawn.

    ‘I’m going to fuck your arse,’ Hilde stated matter-of-factly. ‘I’m going to fuck you good and hard, and it’s going to hurt. But I’m not completely cruel, so I will allow you to lubricate me, to make it easier for you to take. Now thank me for the privilege.’

    ‘Thank you, mistress, for allowing me the privilege of lubricating your cock to use on my arse.’

    I felt a sharp twinge of pleasure as she spoke, and not just because of her words. I loved hearing her speaking Hilde’s and my native Norwegian in her sexy Welsh accent. Whatever she said, no matter how innocent, it always sounded seductive and dirty.

    ‘Good girl.’

    Hilde’s voice was full of pride, and I couldn’t help smiling at just how willing Lindsey was to debase herself for this older woman. I continued to stroke myself slowly, holding back as best I could to make that final pleasure even better, even more worthwhile.

    Stepping forward again, Hilde pressed the head of the dildo against Lindsey’s lips. ‘Suck it, slave.’

    ‘Yes, mistress.’

    Lindsey parted her lips to accept the toy, but it was so big that she could only take around two thirds of it in before her mouth was completely full. But she didn’t let this put her off. She slid her lips up and down the shaft, slowly and sensuously, and although I tried shutting my eyes to block out the image of her working her mouth up and down the length of my hot, hard erection, as opposed to the thick column of latex, that only made my predicament worse. I was convinced I would give my presence away to my blissfully oblivious girlfriend; trying to remain completely silent was a hell of a lot easier said than done.

    Opening my eyes, I saw her tickling the head of the artificial shaft and felt an answering twinge. A small bead of pre-come that I hadn’t noticed before was oozing from the tiny eye and I rubbed it over the head, making it as shiny with moisture as the black rubber now was; Lindsey was now trailing her tongue all the way up the dildo’s length and back down again, coating the entire thing in her saliva and making it gleam. I rubbed my thumb over the head of my cock in small circles, fully aware of the tension in my balls and praying that I would be able to hold on long enough to see this thing through to its end.
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    ‘That’s enough,’ Hilde said abruptly, then turned and crossed the room again, the shiny black ten inch dildo jutting out obscenely from her loins. I had no doubt that she would be absolutely soaking underneath it, and wondered briefly why she had not coated the toy in either her own or Lindsey’s juices. She could have done that, and made her little slavegirl lick away every trace of cream. She was already being forced to endure her own scent, so why not her own taste too? That was what I would have chosen to do, but this wasn’t my gig; anyway, I did like what Hilde had done. It was a suitably humiliating task to put a disobedient young woman to.

    I watched with interest as my wicked stepmother-to-be rummaged through the drawer once more, this time producing a pair of small silver crocodile clips. Holding one up to the sunlight filtering through the curtains, she opened it up, allowing me to see how vicious the tiny jaws were. A cruel smile crossed my lips as I imagined the agony Lindsey would suffer from those; I knew from experience at her hands just how intense the pain was, but also the pleasure; both always melted together into an indescribable sensation that sent the sufferer into a delirious haze. Lindsey always became even wetter when I made her wear the clips on her nipples, and it always seemed to increase the quality and the intensity of any other painful pleasures I chose to bestow upon her at the same time.

    ‘That’ll do nicely, I think,’ Hilde mused aloud, a cruel smile touching her own lips. Then she moved once more to kneel behind my girlfriend, but didn’t apply the clips immediately as I’d expected. Setting them on the floor beside her, she reached into her cleavage for her little key, studying it thoughtfully.

    ‘You’ve been something of a bad slave,’ she informed the captive girl. ‘But at the same time, you’ve also been reasonably good. And now I’m wondering whether or not I should reward you for your occasional show of good behaviour. What do you think, little girl? Do you think you deserve a reward of some kind?’

    ‘Only if it is your wish to reward me, mistress.’

    Hilde smiled. ‘Right answer. And yes, I do wish to reward you. I will remove these padlocks from between your legs… But only if you beg for it.’

    ‘Yes, mistress. Please, please, please take these padlocks off me. They’re really uncomfortable to wear for a long time. Everything feels really heavy down there. Please, mistress. I’ll be a good girl from now on. Please.’

    Hearing her words, spoken so confidently, I felt my heart swell with pride. Lindsey had progressed so much since I had first introduced her to slavery several years earlier. And it was a genuine delight to see her playing with Hilde, of all people. When we had first met the older woman and learned of her sexual tastes, Lindsey had offered herself to her, but Hilde had declined, saying she wasn’t really into other women. And I for one was now wondering if she was lying; surely she hadn’t only just developed a taste for the same sex?

    But, to be honest, it didn’t really matter to me. It was still a real joy to watch, especially as I had had experience with both of these women. I had taken Lindsey as my slave many, many times in our four year relationship, and had given myself as a willing slave to both of them, separately, on several occasions. And while Lindsey regularly played with older men, and girls around her own age, this was her first time with an older woman. I had the feeling that Hilde could teach her things that no man, or young woman, could ever think of. And I couldn’t wait to see just how much further this delicious little game would go.

    ‘Hmm.’ Hilde was silent for a moment, deliberately making her slave squirm uncomfortably. ‘I would prefer you to beg a little more, but right now I’m feeling quite generous, so I will take these padlocks off for you.’

    ‘Thank you, mistress.’ The level of gratitude in Lindsey’s tone was almost more than I could bear.

    Lindsey moaned softly with relief as each padlock was pulled free, her nether lips shrinking back to their normal size but remaining deliciously flushed. Hilde peeled them apart gently, revealing the beautiful butterfly, inked in blue and purple in that most sensitive area, seemingly drowning in its own nectar. I longed desperately to put my head down there and lick up every last trace of her juices, tease her swollen little clit with my tongue until she bucked and came all over my face. But right now, Hilde was in charge; only she could decide how the rest of the game played out.

    ‘You’re very wet, my darling.’ Those soft, taunting words again. ‘I want you to tell me exactly what has made you this way.’

    Lindsey’s face flushed again. ‘I can’t, mistress.’

    ‘You can, and you will.’ Hilde’s tone was firm, authoritative. ‘Describe these dirty thoughts you’ve been having. And make it good.’

    ‘Your punishment, mistress,’ Lindsey stammered, this being completely out of character for her. ‘Being helpless in my chains, knowing you were going to whip me but not being able to do a thing about it…’ She broke off abruptly, unable to say anything else.

    ‘Yes,’ Hilde purred sensuously. ‘I noticed how wet you were before I even set to work on you. You filthy minded little girl.’

    As she spoke, she picked up the ball gag she had taken out of Lindsey’s mouth a short while ago and examined it. Then she met my eyes and gave me a deliciously wicked smile.

    ‘I’m going to pop something inside you now, sweetheart,’ she said, her eyes still on mine. ‘Now just relax, and enjoy.’

    I watched in wide eyed delight as she then proceeded to insert the ball into Lindsey’s soaking cavern, all the way in until it was completely buried inside her. Lindsey bit her lower lip against a harsh grunt, and I wondered if she knew what it was that had been put inside her.

    Hilde gave her slave a moment to get used to the strange sensation, then slowly withdrew the ball by pulling on the wide leather straps. The black rubber was gleaming all over with sexual secretions. Forgetting my vow in my excitement, I began to masturbate harder, watching in delight as Hilde brought the soiled gag to Lindsey’s mouth.

    ‘Open wide, little girl.’

    Lindsey obeyed willingly, taking the ball between her teeth and lowering her head for Hilde to strap it tightly back into place. Then, to my surprise and Lindsey’s, Hilde raised her hand and dealt a vicious slap to each of her slave’s arse cheeks, resulting in a muffled howl of agony and shock.

    ‘Straighten yourself up, bitch.’

    The playful, teasing mistress, it seemed, had left, replaced now with this deliciously cruel sadist. I watched as Hilde worked in silence, replacing the padlocks she had just removed from Lindsey’s pussy, weighing the lips uncomfortably down once more.

    ‘You stupid, gullible, pathetic little piece of shit,’ she sneered. ‘Did you really think you were well behaved enough to deserve a reward? Of course you fucking weren’t. I was just looking for an excuse to humiliate you even further, by making you taste the evidence that proves what a cheap little slut you are. And you fell for it. As I said, stupid. I thought you were a lot smarter than that. But obviously I was wrong.’

    As she spoke, she reached for Lindsey’s neglected nipples, teasing each one gently into a rosy little peak. Then she gripped the closest of these tightly between her thumb and forefinger and pulled it right out; picking up one of the crocodile clips in her free hand, she opened it up and then proceeded to let it snap shut onto the sensitive little bud. Lindsey howled as the pain gripped her, but Hilde didn’t give her a chance to get used to it before repeating the cruel procedure with the other nipple. Ignoring the younger woman’s sounds of distress, she pushed her head down and positioned herself directly behind her, pushing her ten inches of rubber deep inside Lindsey’s arse with one single rough thrust.
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    ‘Does that feel good, little girl?’ she hissed as she began to pound into her slave. ‘Or do you feel like you’re truly suffering? Because let me tell you something now. What you are going through now is no less than you fucking deserve. Coming onto me like that, fighting me when I chained you up, getting wet when I told you quite clearly not to think of anything dirty, then having the cheek to cry like a little baby when I told you off… It all mounts up, sweetheart. And you will have to pay for all of it. But do you know what I think? I think that you are getting off on your suffering. And that’s not the point of subjecting you to a harsh punishment, is it?’

    Her words, originally softly spoken, now came out as a series of broken snarls. Lindsey’s face was flushed with shame, tears sliding down her face from beneath her leather blindfold, and she was panting and howling in sheer ecstasy. She was so lost in her pleasure that I suspected she hadn’t heard a single word her mistress had said to her.

    ‘Is it?’ Hilde repeated impatiently, taking each of the cruelly clamped nipples and giving them a little twist. Lindsey shook her head and tried to speak; even though she was gagged, I understood her chosen word perfectly.


    ‘Please?’ Hilde echoed, having also understood. ‘Please what, slave? Please stop tormenting you? Or please make you come?’

    ‘Make me come,’ Lindsey sobbed into the gag. ‘Please!’

    ‘You have got some fucking cheek,’ Hilde stated, but she was clearly feeling generous. She withdrew from Lindsey’s arsehole and stood up, stretching. ‘Okay. I will make you come. But first you have to lick my cock clean, and then you will bring me to orgasm with your mouth. Were you never taught that the mistress’s pleasure must always be taken before that of her slave is even considered?’

    Lindsey nodded feverishly.

    I was looking forward to the ultimate humiliation of Lindsey being made to clean, with her tongue, the cock that had just been buried deep inside her arsehole. So it was with complete and utter disbelief that I watched Hilde silently remove the contraption and toss it carelessly onto the sofa. Registering my expression, she smiled, took my hand and led me over to my submissive girlfriend. Then, with a sly wink and a single finger held up to her lips for silence, she stepped back, allowing us to swap places; she now the voyeur, me the participant.

    This was without a doubt the nicest thing that anyone had done for me all day. I removed Lindsey’s gag with shaking fingers, and without further hesitation pressed the head of my aching, swollen cock to her lips. She parted them immediately to welcome me in, taking me deep into the warm, wet cavern of her mouth. It took every shred of my willpower to remain silent as she worked me with her lips and tongue, plying her many, many tricks: increasing and decreasing the speed and pressure at random intervals, humming gently, scraping her teeth very lightly over the sensitive head, pressing the ball of her tongue bar into the eye…

    It was impossible to hold myself back now. With a silent groan of relief I felt all my tension drain away as I discharged my load into Lindsey’s eager mouth, flooding the back of her throat with my boiling hot cream. I withdrew my still hard cock from her mouth and then, job done, left the room as silently as I had entered. But I couldn’t bear not to watch the two women pleasuring each other, and so leaned against the door, peering through the gap between the door and the doorframe.

    Hilde now had her dress up around her waist, baring her shaven pussy, which she pressed against Lindsey’s mouth.

    ‘Lick it.’

    I couldn’t see what Lindsey was doing, so had to rely on Hilde’s facial expression to describe it. Lindsey, I had seen many times before, was very, very good at cunnilingus. But of course she would be; any woman knew instinctively how to give the pleasure that she received.

    Sure enough, I watched as the same expression crossed Hilde’s face that I had seen on any other woman satisfied with a job well done; her eyes closed her lips parted slightly, and a flush spread slowly across her beautiful face. Small moans and sighs escaped from her as she cradled Lindsey’s face close to her: tightly, to prevent her escape and to remind her of her slave status, but with one hand gently stroking her long red hair. I smiled at the display of cruelty and affection combined, only slightly surprised when my cock, now softened to a semi erection, began to stir into life again. I took it into my hand and stroked it lazily, in no rush to succumb again in a hurry.

    I watched as Hilde’s grip on Lindsey’s head suddenly tightened, her sounds of pleasure taking on a new urgency. Holding her slave’s head perfectly still, she began to rub her own body up and down, mashing herself against Lindsey’s mouth. Then suddenly she threw her head back and howled, her body rocking with spasm after spasm until finally she was spent, and took a step back in order to compose herself.

    ‘Good girl,’ she said softly, her words coming out in a series of little pants. ‘That was very, very good. I am very proud of you, Lindsey. And now I’m going to show you how much.’

    She then proceeded to help Lindsey to her feet and guide her down into one of the armchairs, spreading her legs wide and removing the padlocks once more. Kneeling before her slave, she lowered her head to her pussy and began to lap at it with the delicacy of a cat drinking milk from a bowl. I had no idea if Hilde had ever gone down on another woman before, but from what I could see, and from Lindsey’s positive cries, she was clearly doing a very good job.

    From this angle, I had a perfect view of what was going on. Hilde spread Lindsey’s lips wide, trailing the tip of her tongue lightly across her slit before plunging it deep inside her, fucking her with it and then withdrawing, spreading more moisture over the already slick inner lips before licking it all clean. She didn’t touch Lindsey’s clit once during this time, but now she closed her lips over the swollen little bud, sucking it very gently, tugging on the tiny silver ring embedded in the protective hood of skin above. And this was all it took to tip my girlfriend over the edge; with a sharp cry, she pushed herself right against Hilde’s face, shaking violently as she gave in to her own pleasure, cruelly neglected for so long.

    Hilde leaned back then, the lower half of her face as juice slicked as that of her younger lover. She gave Lindsey a few moments to quieten down, then proceeded to remove her bindings. A moment later the two were lying together on the sofa, tongues entwined, Hilde’s fingers gently soothing Lindsey’s angry red nipples after the torture they had endured. Both women looked contented, relaxed; truly happy with the experience they had shared.

    Lindsey broke off the kiss, leaning her head back against the pile of cushions and closing her eyes.

    ‘Where’s Kristian?’ she asked.

    I met Hilde’s eyes through the gap I was peering through and put a finger to my lips. She winked at me in reply, saying to Lindsey, ‘What do you mean? He’s spending the day with Adrian.’

    Lindsey smiled, but kept her eyes shut. ‘Nice try, lovely stepmother-in-law. But I wasn’t born yesterday. Strangely enough, I do know the taste and smell of my own boyfriend.’

    ‘I’m not saying you don’t,’ Hilde replied, somehow managing to keep a straight face.

    Lindsey opened her eyes and sat up, staring straight at the door I was hiding behind.

    ‘Get in here now, Kristian,’ she called.

    I remained where I was, not saying a word.

    ‘Stop being so bloody ignorant and get in here NOW!’

    Biting my lip to keep from laughing, I headed upstairs to take a shower.
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    I love stories this engrossing, and I have a feelig that this may have more too it.

    Puppy,please write more.

    I hope your Master will allow it.
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    Thank goodness I read all stories first and post later. Another awesome but long read.
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    Yeah...each scenario does seem to be getting longer and longer :(

    I do want to write more, working on those two novels especially, but I haven't had the patience or the enthusiasm to do so for quite some time. I lost interest for a while after my previous relationship ending, then was busy with moving into a new flat and so on. My Puppy stories are the only new works I've produced in quite some time.

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