vid of my tied girlfriend and an idea we have

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which restraints are your favorite to see lisa (my gf) in in the vids

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  1. rope

  2. metal handcuffs

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  3. chains

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  4. leather cuffs

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  1. royheest

    royheest New Member

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    Hi everyone, on YouTube we posted a pic of my asian girlfriend. The idea her and me now have is that we would love feedback regarding how she should be tied and what with etc. Every week or so we will choose one of the requests we have had and film it and post it on YouTube, with the restriction that we don't want her recognizable, so it will be mostly focussed on her hands and feet. The idea turns us on quite a bit, we hope you like it too.....
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  2. New Member

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    if you do decide to use rope use Japanese cotton rope it eliminates chafing and skin irritation.
    But personally Im a fan of rope and silk sashes

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