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    Okay, i don't really know how to explain this but i'm going to do the best i can so here goes: I was with someone and they had their hand around my neck choking me (not real hard) and at one point i...i didn't black out or anything but it was like physically i was there and i could feel everything that was going on but my mind was just....elsewhere and it was an amazing feeling but there is a gap of time, not much just maybe a few mins if that, that i don't remember. We had been standing up and apparently at one point he lifted me up by my neck and threw me on the bed and i don't remember it. The next thing i remember is being on the bed.

    If this makes any sense to anyone can someone tell me if this is normal or if i should worry and tell the guy "hey maybe we need to quit this" or what cause even though it was an amazing feeling if it's something that could be dangerous i'd like to know now before i go and do it again so any advice would be great.
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    It could be dangerous, I'd say at the very least you should have a good discussion about it. LLifting you by the neck has potential to do damage even if he's not choking you, and any time where you lose some form of consciousness during play should be avoided... unless it's because you're coming, but that's another thing :p
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    My guess is that you experienced the high that comes from erotic asphyxiation. Short-term oxygen deprivation (called hypoxia) can produce giddiness, feelings of euphoria, and even hallucinations. When combined with sex, it can be extremely pleasurable, and some have speculated that it may even be addictive.

    It is also extremely dangerous. It's one of the leading causes of death among BDSMers (since teens playing 'the hanging game' are engaging in BDSM without knowing it). It's estimated that there may be as many as 1,000 deaths a year in the US from various forms of this kind of play. Rather than me re-typing the explanation for why this is so dangerous, take a look at my post about breath control in the Newcomer's FAQ.
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    If you want to kill yourself use bullets...

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