Upcoming force fantasy roleplay - What would you include?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Dexxtrall, Mar 27, 2013.

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    I have dabbled with bondage before with girlfriends and casual encounters, but for the first time I have used a fetish dating site to arrange a session with a very like minded girl. After discussing our interests, we have agreed to meet and settled on a theme that we both are keen on.

    The basic idea is a roleplay of her being surprised, bound and gagged by an intruder (me), who is then free to do pretty much whatever he chooses to her. I already have a good few ideas what I would like to do to her while she is tied up, but I decided to ask here as well.

    So, what would you choose to do during an afternoon with a bound submissive? Or on the other side of the coin, what would you want done to you? Hopefully with some input from the people here, I can ensure a fun and exciting day for both of us, that will lead to us enjoying similar fun in the future.

    For reference, she will most likely be bound with nylon rope (of which I have plenty) and ballgagged, but other ideas for bindings, such as things around the house that would fit the intruder roleplay, are welcome.
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    I wouldn't really have much interest in being the dom so I can't say what I would do if I was, but if I was the bound up submissive, I would likely enjoy being spanked and maybe having my pubes pulled out painfully.

    A psychological torture that I might enjoy in this situation would be if I was bound in such a way that the most sensitive parts of my body were exposed and vulnerable and I was led to believe they were going to be tortured but actually were not. Maybe if the person that was dominating me took a swing at them with an item of his/her choice (in my case it would be her), but then purposefully miss them or stop just before hitting them. This would make me suddenly feel fear that I might feel pain right then and then relief immediately after because they were not hit.

    I do not know if there is a name for that type of play. I also have no idea if it is common type of play or if it is even used for that matter. I just know that it would be fun for me because of that immediate switch between fear and relief. I don't know if you or the girl you are going to do this with would like that or not, but it's an idea.

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    I have not put any of this into practice myself but here goes my opinion, nylon rope is a good start for binding, the next question would be placement. Where and what you'd bind her to, to start a sturdy chair in a living room or similar setting and bound in a seated position would be where I'd start off. I'd take not 1 but 2 duffle bags with me the first toys and accessories for the evening, your not moving in so don't pack a wardrobe but the suspense of knowing you packed a great deal and not knowing what to expect will heighten things.

    Once tied off start with some teasing and light spankings, if I were in this position I would be leaving the room every now and then to build anticipation/excitement/fear whatever it is your going for and how you want to play it out. Build your night up and progress through your scene to the limitations or interests you discussed prior with your sub.

    You could turn it into an interrogation style scene, start questioning her on a topic demanding answers, make something up don't interrogate her about topics you have previously discussed this way no matter what she answers you are in charge of punishments/rewards.

    Humiliation could be bought into play even before binding her to any object or furniture, a simple pair of handcuffs or cuff restraint tie behind the back whilst standing, make her be still, no movement and no speaking whilst you are getting started, the ball gag would obviously come into play as a punishment or breaking that rule.

    My last opinion would be on aftercare, as you are meeting up with someone you have had no connection with before aftercare and a good discussion will be a very positive thing. In an off topic conversation with her find out what her dislikes and likes are food wise which brings me to bag number 2, prep and take a meal around there either ready to eat or an easy to cook feed. If the night has positive signs and you want to make this connection a regular thing sit down over a meal for your discussions because naturally wether bound and gagged or vanilla every girl likes to be wined and dined.

    Hope this helps in some ways

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