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Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by Anaya Nightrain, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. Anaya Nightrain

    Anaya Nightrain New Member

    I grew up in a small town, and haven't had much personal exposure to BDSM due to social stigma mostly. Can't deny what I like though, so I may as well get it out there. Although, since I haven't had too much experience, I'm not quite all sure what it is. I'm mostly a Sub, but I'm only comfortable if I view my Dom as a dominant personality to me. My fetishes are all over the place, I love bondage, a small bit of furry, rape-scenarios, and more that I have no idea what to name ^_^ I'm curious to hear what some other people have fetishes for, I'm always up for learning new things ;)
  2. ANR (breastfeeding), Daddy/little girl, foot worship, rope bondage and spanking to name a few:) I've also wanted to try enemas and wearing diapers, but never gotten around to it.
  3. Anaya Nightrain

    Anaya Nightrain New Member

    I have some interests in the daddy/little girl fetish as well, but never got the chance to try it out.
  4. It's fun, but just be warned that on Fetlife and CollarMe it's hard to find an actually experienced Daddy Dom. Some Doms figure it's just being kinder and having your sub call you "Daddy." It's a LOT more than that to most littles.
  5. Anaya Nightrain

    Anaya Nightrain New Member

    Yeah that doesn't sound quite like what I'd be into either. I don't want just a normal man having me call him Daddy, it's more. I've never really thought of how to explain it before though.
  6. master.martin

    master.martin New Member

    Pet play. Water bondage. Candle wax. Ice play. Sensory deprivation. Claustrophobia. Mummification. Total control.

    If you become my slavegirl, I will introduce you to worlds of pleasure.
  7. Anaya Nightrain

    Anaya Nightrain New Member

    What is water bondage? It sounds interesting.
  8. master.martin

    master.martin New Member

    It's a combination of breath play, temperature play, and bondage. The slave/submissive is bound by a Master, and he uses water to humiliate her while she is bound. It may be sprayed on her to stimulate her sexually, or it may be in a large basin and she may be dunked in it while bound to test her durability.

    Any questions you may have?
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  9. josejaxon

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