1. I'm probably not posting this in the right area... but- here's a picture of me [regular], and a corset shot that my boyfriend is particularly fond of...

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  2. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

    actually, you posted it in the perfect area. nice pics there, cutie. ;)

  3. Very nice indeed. I, like a lot of guys, have a real fondness for girls in glasses and Obedient little puppy wears glasses sometimes. . . . . win. :)

  4. :) Thanks.
  5. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

    yes, I am a sucker for glasses, especially non wire frame lybrarian petite glasses like yours.

  6. I work in a library! hahaha. That's funny.
  7. master dam

    master dam New Member

    beautiful eyes and glasses...
  8. Prissy

    Prissy Member

    More pictures, and maybe some additional things such as gags, and bondage included?
  9. MrAero

    MrAero Member

    yes haha I agree with all statements beforehand. Great pics, gotta love the corsets and glasses!
  10. KinkyPink

    KinkyPink Member

    Nice glasses :)

  11. lol, I don't get tied up- I am the tier upper... if that makes sense.
  12. Prissy

    Prissy Member

    I have no idea what you mean. Please try to simplify it for me.

    EDIT: Never mind, now it makes sense. I was reading tier as something completely different. And as KinkyPink said too bad, you would look great being tied up. Maybe you should try it once...
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  13. KinkyPink

    KinkyPink Member

    Too bad, you'd look great tied to a chair w/ ball gag in your mouth, drooling on your tits ;)

    But it turned out you're a quite a girl scout.
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  14. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

    i think its even sexier to envision my librarian fixation as a vicious dominatrix after she locks the doors.... If I was ever going to be dominated and become a sub by choice, it would be to someone just like you Brittany.
    I think its great that your exploring and being open minded about the more taboo sexual stimuli that exist in this world.

  15. lol, I guess these are compliments.

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