UK you want to shit into a good looking guys mouth?

Discussion in 'BDSM and Fetish personals' started by KinkTime, Oct 9, 2013.

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    I'm pretty much a sub who is into ''Clean'' Scat. I like it in my mouth, on my cock and in my stomach :) but not really into the whole smearing thing. I can handle a bit of it ... but I'd rather take it in my mouth and swallow it down.... or lick a shitty arsehole clean. I've done it before but years ago and only with one person.... I'd LOVE to do it again. I absolutely love anal and will plunge my tongue into whatever comes out of it also. Scat is the most disgusting yet erotic thing I've ever done and I fucking love it.

    This is pretty extreme so I don't expect many responses if any but if you are female and in any way like minded....or just love the idea of having your shit hole cleaned with a tongue after using some guy's mouth as a toilet... then get in touch.

    *Love being made to Rim Shitty arse and love being made to lick dirty pussy :)

    *Love Anal, Scat, Piss, sweat and Spit.... Especially when it's covering a cute fuck hole.

    * Love Leather and boots

    *Would love to swallow :)

    Msg me if you are interested! I'm easy going and good looking, Hardcore and wanting to lick you clean! :)
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