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    Are they theories on types of submissives and dominators ? I'll start with male on male domination. First submissives.

    True: Needs to know his place in life, enjoys being put down a notch.
    Sluttish: Likes to please other men, domination is just an extension of this and a boost to his ego.
    Strong: Without intellectual peers. Looking for someone to deflate his over-reaching ego.

    And for the dominantors:

    Educator: social leader who sees his role as necessary for others to learn their limitations
    Brutish: think's he's best, and likes to denigrate those he sees as unworthy or get in his way
    Social: homo-erotic, loves taking control of another to see how controlling he is himself
    Inverted: Does it do prove to himself that he is above others and reassert his position.
    Playful: Sees domination as an extension of being serviced, an extra treat.

    In your experiences, how many types of subs or doms have you encountered?
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    Some examples:



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