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    So I've never really gotten into the rope bondage stuff much. Not because it doesn't interest me, quite the contrary. But I just haven't done much with it. When I tie up my sub I use the simple tie I learned when I worked shipping windows (never thought then that I'd use that experience for what I do today!) very tight but only good for tying to things, and honestly isn't great for it especially for short distances (ankle>chair leg does not work at all)

    Anyways, I want to talk about tying people up. What are your guys' favorite ties? Favorite ways to tie your subs up? I mean specifically, where are you, what are you tying them to and how? Favorite resources to learn about tying? I watched all the videos at twisted monk, and those are pretty useful. I learned the hair tie which I'm dying to try out. So, I haven't gotten into it much, I just kind of found time and I guess inspiration today. What are the best ways to safely tie somebody up so they can't move? That's always been my main problem. My sub squirms like crazy, actually ended up breaking the rings I got when I initially got arm/leg cuffs. I want her to be still, not just by direction but by force. General discussion, tips, tricks, stories, experiences, etc. if there's already a thread like this I apologize, I searched but didn't find.
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  2. Smallest

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    We don't do a ton of bondage anymore for some reason (not with ropes, at least), but I'd suggest you pick up a book on it. Jay Wisemen's handbook and Two Knotty Brothers both come highly recommended.

    You should probably stick to ropes directly on her, or get some heavy duty cuffs for her, neither of which s he's too likely to break out of. As long as her hands aren't turning purple or anything, you should be fine. A hogtie seems like a good way to restrain her. And you should practice with her being still by direction, so you an figure out what works best.
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  3. sebastian

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    A good basic safety rule is, after you've put the rope on the sub, you should be able to slide two fingers between the rope and the skin. If you can't, it's probably too tight.

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