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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by tarthrin, Sep 23, 2008.

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  1. tarthrin

    tarthrin New Member

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    My GF and I have been experimenting with some BDSM. Most of the scenes go along the lines of starting to make out and get into it, then she starts being a tease. IE, refusing to kiss me or anything. Then I get frustrated and tie her down, and have my way with her, or tease her, or play with her.

    I'm looking for some ideas on how to tie her up. I have only tied her a couple different ways

    -Spread eagle on the bed
    -Spread eagle on the bed, but with her feet spread with a spreader bar
    -Spread eagle on the bed, but with one leg tied bent, Like foot/ankle tied to thigh.

    We're still just starting out, so nothing too wild would be good.

    Also, any fun random ideas of things to do/say to her would be great.
  2. Lord Mongo

    Lord Mongo New Member

  3. MistressChianti

    MistressChianti New Member

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    Since you aren't ready for "to kinky", try getting out of the bedroom and use various furniture in your house.

    EX: Kitchen chair, coffee table, bent over a foot stool, or simply bound in the middle of the living room (blindfolded) while you read the paper.
  4. ReallyGreen

    ReallyGreen Member

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    Rent the OSK production instructional DVD 'How to perform: Rope bondage'. Its so tame its practically safe to watch at work (it contains no sex or even nudity), and requires nothing more than some rope, and a $30 tall-backed kitchen chair. They even spend a few minutes on which kind of rope to buy... helpful!!

    Why the producers had to get a 300lb guy in a pirate shirt to do the demonstration is beyond me. Guess they wanted it the least intimidating as possible to keep from scaring the housewives.
  5. tarthrin

    tarthrin New Member

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    Excellent suggestions. The chair/table sounds good. As well as the feet tied to thighs.

    She's coming home for the weekend, and we're sure to try all sorts of things out!
  6. Fire_burns

    Fire_burns New Member

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    Also while your at it you might try adding a blindfold, using an element of control like that, tying a sub up becomes much more erotic. You have a much higher level of control and it is not so wild that it is likely to scare somebody just starting out like you or your wife. If you're not good with knots a collar, hand cuffs or shackles are a good way to go as well and how you tie her all depends on her flexibility and ability.
    I would suggest you try taking her to an unfamiliar place. Go camping, go to a cabin, take away the familiar and try some new things, just make sure that your both on the same page when you do.
  7. PTs_Pet

    PTs_Pet New Member

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    of course i dont know what your bed structure is, but if you could manage it, i'll give you a suggesting i've been meaning to ask my Sir to give a try. if you bind her wrists together then from there tie them to center of head or base of bed - instead of wrists separately spread to the corners of the bed. my thought on this is you'll easily have access to her body top and bottom.. you could do the ankles/legs also if you didn't want / need her legs wide open for access, and with just enough slack in the line, you just make her roll over.

    I think i'm going to go to the store this evening and buy the uhhh... accouterments to rig this up and surprise my Sir.. ;)
  8. Prissy

    Prissy Member

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    I know that hogtieing seems to be a great pleaser towards many subs. And you can find different ways of doing a hog tie. such as spreading the knees apart, or tightly binding the knees together. You can also use the elbows of your partner, and tie them together, making sure it is comfortable though. I have been impartial to having my hands tied to my shoulders. While having my ankles tied to me upper thighs.
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