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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Kahuna, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. Kahuna

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    My wife and I are both somewhat submissive, although I think she is more into bondage and masochism than submission, damned 50 shades books. My tastes run more toward chastity, orgasm denial and some lite femdom. The obvious problem is that she wants to be tied up and spanked, flogged, clothespinned and fucked, and it seems at odds with me wearing panties and a chastity cage. How do 2 people with diverging needs get them met? I have NO problem doing all of that to her and using a dildo on her, but there seems to be something about that that leaves her unfulfilled.
  2. sebastian

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    There are a few options. You could take turns domming each other. Obviously, that's less than ideal, because only one of you will really get off on any particular play session (although you could switch during the course of play). Another option would be to find a master or mistress that both of you could serve together. That way both of you get to be submissive, and you may find you enjoy serving alongside each other. Or you might consider seeking out separate domes, either for sexual or non-sexual service. You might find someone willing to act as a keykeeper for your chastity device, for example.

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    Hi Kahuna,
    I would add a nuance to Sebastian's advice.

    As a first step you could find an online Master or Mistress (or even better, a couple). So now your "Remote Overlords" are forcing you (maybe make up a blackmail scenario) to be locked away in a chastity device. You have to tie up your wife in front of them (both of you wear masks to preserve privacy), and you are forced to beat her. Use Skype and a good quality webcam to let them take part in your sessions.

    You are also forced to give your wife oral pleasure - without any hope of being unlocked. In fact you have to be so nice to her - kissing and cuddling her (when you're not torturing her, that is). Your Remote Overlords enjoy seeing your sexual tension rising as you become more and more intimate with your wife, but with no hope of sexual satisfaction yourself.

    If you want to take this further, and trust the online couple with your mailing address, you can send them your chastity key and one of these boxes...

    They set the combination, lock your chastity key into the box, and mail it back to you. Then when you click the padlock closed on the chastity device you are under their control!

    They will only give you the combination after you've followed their orders and "tortured" your wife. It might be days...or even weeks. I can't even imagine what terrible things they will make you do to the woman you love.

    This should resolve your conflict in the roleplay. Now if you are being cruel to her, you can even apologize at the same time!

    "Oh honey...I'm so sorry! But you know they're making me do this to you!"

    If the online play works out then you will be in a better position to decide if you want to move on to "real life" play with another couple. But, as many people will tell you, that is a big step.

    How does this idea sound?

  4. Kahuna

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    Thanks a lot for the ideas. I will keep y'all posted on our "hopeful" progress.

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