Two females dominating a male... suggestions?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by ChemicalMenace, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. ChemicalMenace

    ChemicalMenace New Member

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    Well, we're all young and relatively new to this.

    My boyfriend has consented to bringing in another female so we can show him who's boss :devil:

    My only problem is coming up with ideas. One on one domination is very simple, but trying to "share" him with another girl is the only hurdle I'm trying to overcome. I keep trying to thumb thru activities and games we can "play" with him and keep the domination mutual between us girls, but I keep drawing up blanks.

    The only idea I have so far is where one female holds him still and talks to him while another one spanks him.

    What are some more ideas?

    We also have a small interest in ageplay, but nothing involving diapers, bottles, or baby items. That's a little too extreme.

    Thanks for your help.
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  2. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    Well, one place to start is to introduce your boy to your friend. Tell him that you expect him to serve her as well as he would serve you, and that if either you or your friend aren't convinced that he's giving her that same level of service, you're going to punish him. Then as the play proceeds, periodically consult with her about how well she thinks he's doing. Maybe you could each score him, and punish or reward him.

    Have him worship your friend in whatever way she wants, licking her feet, eating her out, or whatever, and you stand behind him and spank his ass or crop it if you think he's not being enthusiastic enough. Then switch places with her.

    Another option is to give him both pain and pleasure simultaneously. One of you pleasures him by kissing, jacking him off, or whatever else he likes, while the other spanks him, tortures his tits, smacks his balls or cock, and so on. I particularly like to torture a guy's tits while I suck or stroke his cock.

    Dehumanize and humiliate him together. He has to stand naked in front of you while you both inspect him and comment on his good and bad qualities. "Hmm, his cock's not very big, is it?" "No, it's not, but he really tries to make up for that by being enthusiastic." "This ass is good for spanking." "Yeah, and he squeals like a little girl when I do that." "Yeah, I thought he looked like a squealer." Talk about him like he's not there.

    Make him fuck you and then immediately fuck her. Punish him if he can't stay hard the whole time.
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  3. LilithLane

    LilithLane New Member

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    Perhaps try setting up a role-play for the three of you. There are lots of erotic fiction sites online that may inspire you role-play.

    Having a role to play will make you all more confortable and if you choose it together you know you'll all enjoy it.
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  4. pepeluism

    pepeluism Member

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    Here's a scene that takes place when my Mistress invites another Mistress over to play:

    - Both of them, whips in hand, give me orders and I must obey them both. Orders are usually opposite: Kneel down/Stand up, clean this/run over there.... etc. Of course, whoever's orders I'm not following at the time gets to whipped me until I comply... which causes the other mistress to whip me.

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