(TW-02745) Tokyo Cream Puffs 5

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    Size: 1.37 GB
    Duration: 2:29:06
    Dimension: 640?352
    Type: AVI
    * Starring: Riko Masaki, Nan Oshikiri, Yukari, Makoto Kurosaki,
    * Studio: Asian Eyes
    * Series: Tokyo Cream Puffs
    * Category:Uncensored New Release Cream Pie
    * Release Date: 8/4/2010
    * Playing time: Apx. 90 mins


    Japanese girls tend to have pussies that quickly fill with thick cream when stimulated. This gooey mess helps guys fucking those pussies to fill them with some jizz of their own. These gloppy messes is what makes Tokyo Cream Puffs so popular all around the globe.

    Nana Oshikiri is as cute as they come and with one of the freshest young bodies. She has long hair and a very pretty face. She has perfectly shaped boobs with perky nipple tips that pop from her schoolgirl shirt. She has a thick ass unlike many other J-girls. She is wearing no bra and her arousal is obvious by the two stubs protruding from the end of her pretty titties. Her fuck slice is well protected by a thick mane, yet loosens up quickly as its natural sap begins to flow. She swallows some cock before laying back and letting her well greased love hole get plunged. It secretes loads of sticky extract, before he unloads a healthy batch of gunky cum deep inside her vaginal oven; which drains the entire wad out and heads southbound to her still puckering ass sphincter. He picks out glob after glob of cum that stretches and work well as moisturizer for her nipple tips too. She sucks his cock clean and then washes it for him in the shower; using both soap as well as the back of her throat.

    Makoto Kurosaki is only 19 and very slender. She is small, cute and giggly. She has a pretty face, buck teeth and is extremely sensitive to the touch. Her tiny nipples resemble two mini torpedoes with nipple tips that are capable of poking your eyes out. Her vaginal interior resembles the finest grade of raw Kobe beef, protected on the outside by a thick covering of all natural thick J-fur. She sucks a mean cock and buries her face deep in her boyfriends pubic patch. She stares at the camera and sucks like a pro, stopping to swirl the tip around with her tongue and lick the area between his ass and ball bag. Her natural oils start to flow as she mounts his cock and uses her skinny hips to ride him out hard. She shakes her skinny, yet jiggly butt like a latina girl and takes it deep, before getting overfilled with a massive load of bright white cum. It drain s from her pussy and coats the long strands of soft pubic hair that surround her pussy and anus too.

    Yukari has dimples and is a super cute J-chick. She has a very cute smile and very short skirt on that shows off her slice through her panties. She is very sensitive to the touch and her boobs are thick and capped with oversized aerola. She is a thick girl, but that makes her all the better, as she spreads her plump thighs and never stops giggling; while our cameraman brushes aside her J-wool and introduces us to her bright pink J-hole. She gets a matching bright pink vibrator to play with, which gets her clit to stand at attention before she does her best trying to suck up his larger than normal J-dick. She is no pro but gets an A for effort, before laying back and gash gobbling his long stick with her fat ass shaking and her big boobies bouncing. He makes her scream as he prepares to dump off deep inside her raw Asian clam shell; which accepts the sperm and then gen tly releases the deposit back from the inside out. Cum drips and foams from inside her, as he takes his finger and picks any remaining globs out from even deeper inside her hole.
    Riko Masaki has short hair and a baby face.. Her neck is very sensitive and her boob cleavage is very deep. Her tits are young, firm and perfectly shaped larger-sized models, and her nipples are light brown and very perky. Her pussy is naturally fuzzy and filled with lots of liquid J-slush. He loosens some up with his fingers, before using a large J-vibe to really get her gushing. Her vag hairs stand on end in from all the stimulation, as her mouth starts to inhales his hairy dong. She sucks it hard and fast, finally taking a seat on it, using her natural oils to slip and slide it around inside herself. Her big boobies bounce and shake as our guy off loads a half creamy and half watery one into her battle battered J-puss. It streams out of her and down to her ass crack, as he continues to help flush out the entire dropping from her pink slice with his finger tips.

    All Bareback and All Cream Pies!! Naturally Hairy J-Babes with Cum Coated Long Silky Pubes!!! Titty Fucking, Bath Time Sucky time and Cum Strung J-Hair!! Super Pretty J-Girls Filled to the Brim with Organic J-Extract. Big Japanese Tits and Large Aerolas Too!! Cum Flowing Rivers Pouring out of Young Cum Thirsty J-Slits!! English Subtitles with Optional On/ Off; Cumshot Recaps, Photo Gallery, Trailers and Third World Media Online.


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