Turtleneck fetish and fainting fetish

Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by UYI, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. UYI

    UYI New Member

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    Hi everyone, I'm Eric and I'm brand new to these forums. I love what I'm seeing so far and I love the idea of being able to comfortably express and discuss all of our turn ons and everything with everyone, it's so fascinating and interesting and I'm even learning some new things about myself. Anyway...

    I have a huge fetish for turtleneck sweaters. I love wearing them AND seeing women in them. I love the way they feel around my neck. I only wear turtlenecks with a high, thick, tight collar on them. I like the collar to be high, right up under my chin and caressing the bottoms of my earlobes as well as being thick and chunky. I love the attention I seem to get and the looks I seem to get when I'm in one of these big turtleneck sweaters. It almost feels like I'm wearing a bondage collar or something too, which is another reason I love it.

    I also have a HUGE fainting fetish. I love to faint in a womans arms and have her revive me or tend to me, fret over me, the whole deal. It's sort of romantic, in sort of an old Victorian type of way, but there is something about the role reversal that REALLY turns me on. Usually it is depicted in films and media that a woman faints and a man catches her, but there is something that REALLY turns me on about the idea of myself fainting and having a woman catch me and revive me and everything.

    I'm wondering if anyone else shares any of these thoughts with me? Any discussion or observations you'd like to make? Curiosities? Is there anyone out there that is into something similar or maybe even enjoys the things i listed above? I would love to open the floor up and discuss :)
  2. zdenko

    zdenko New Member

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    I also have atrong turtleneck fetish. It's good to find someone with same fetish. I'm 0open for any kind of conversation about that, any kind.
  3. tneck4eva72

    tneck4eva72 New Member

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    Hi I too have a huge fetish for turtleneck sweaters as you can tell from my user name.
    My biggest turn on is wearing more than one turtleneck out in public. I spend ages arranging the collars so that the layers can be seen by others. Higher tighter the better.. and thicker of course.
    I once had a friend... turtleneck fuck buddy more like it.... we had so much fun together getting sweaty in or turtlenecks
  4. natas_666

    natas_666 New Member

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    I agree i have this fetih to and have since a young age they are just so hot on women and i love wearing to

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