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Discussion in 'BDSM and Fetish personals' started by orindaswat, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. orindaswat

    orindaswat Member

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    recently i have become very interested in trying to fetishes of other people to see what their experiences are like.

    so a few weeks ago i had the urge to try wax play. i instantly fell in love with it. not only does it allow pain, but it feels good too. i have learned that dripping wax on my cock till it itself looks like a candle is very amusing. i also enjoy dripping the wax on my ass and my anal and balls. i also find that dripping it on my nipples is pleasurable too. the same for dripping it on my inner thigh and stomach.

    i also have been recently fond of fitting house hold items into my ass. i find shampoo bottles and bananas fun. i also that using an old electric tooth brush is a fun makeshift vibrator. lightly putting the bristles to the head of my cock and on my balls is extremely fun.

    i also was into paintball awhile back so i use my old pods as large dildos. their roughly 3 inches in diameter so you know i was stretched very far!

    i am looking to try new things if you have another idea for me to try let me know.
    i currently own a large doc johnston buttplug and always will take pictures of any suggestions that i try. so i get some and you get some!
  2. ReallyGreen

    ReallyGreen Member

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    Go to the toy store and buy a $20 pair of clover clamps. The kind that are attached by a chain. Apply them to the nipples (as you normally would) and attach the chain via a piece of duct-tape to the washing machine (The dryer doesn't have multiple aggitation mechanisms).

    Then see if you can endure a wash cycle. No jerking-off till the final spin cycle.
  3. orindaswat

    orindaswat Member

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    have you done this before? sounds very intense!

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    Sounds interesting! ;)
  5. Prissy

    Prissy Member

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    Where would one go to get a butplug

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    Sex shop. Or just find something in that general shape and size :)

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    If you see one advertised with a 'doggie tail' on, let me know Prissy. :)

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    Yeah. I'm not a proper doggy without a doggy tail, and I can't exactly substitute it for a horse's tail, as that would be wrong :(

    I am also very upset about the fact that my washing machine is not yet plumbed in. Because as well as being unable to wash my clothes, I'm also unable to try out RG's unusual but very interesting sounding suggestion :(
  9. Prissy

    Prissy Member

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    I have never seen a buttplug online, except for pictures of the ones people use, so I don't know where to find them. as for a sex shop, we don't have them here
  10. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

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    prissy, off the top of my head, has some for sale, and they are pretty decent, but i dont think they have any doggy tails. I'd also suggest trying ebay, youd be amazed what you find.

    If i find any with dog tails ill let you know
  11. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

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    Fox tails are no good for puppies. They did have one on a while back, but now I don't think they stock it any more. I'm fucking gutted :(
  13. Prissy

    Prissy Member

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    Fpx tails? I will check this out later, when I get home from work.
  14. ReallyGreen

    ReallyGreen Member

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    Stockroom (dot com) has (at least in the print catalog) a puppy tail butt plug, full head dog hoods, gloves that turn your hands into paws, collars, leashes, and other fun stuff. (How about a rabbit hood and carrot vibrator?)

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    Ooh! I shall take a look at that site! Puppy tail here I come! :D

    And I told my master about your nipple clamps/washing machine idea; he said that he would love to do that to me when my washer's been plumbed in. Make me sit there in the kitchen, connected by my nips to the washing machine, hands tied behind my back to keep me from dislodging anything, while he reads or watches TV in the living room. Or...hey...maybe he could cook a meal, and either talk to me casually as he works, or completely ignore me! ;)

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