Tribulations of a new D/s couple

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by ViriumsKeeper, Mar 19, 2013.

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    I have been with my wife for 20 years, we got together in our late teens and have had a good life. Last July we saw the movie secretary and could not help but start to explore ourselves a little. We found she liked to be tied up and the feelings it gave me to do it where very intoxicating to me as I love control. We started reading about the D/s lifestyle and could not deny that we had been doing it in a way all along, it all seemed so perfect and a natural evolution of our relationship. I love to read and gather information so I started consuming information about what a Dom is, I have to say I felt a little short of the mark but figured it would all work out. I saw her for the first time I mean the power she has her strength that there are things she can do that I could not, it was a view of her I had missed before. The thing is at some point every problem we have ever had exploded to the surface very intensified. The way this life style opens you up caught me off guard. I had done a lot of reading and knew the dangers but really felt that maybe people where a little to "into it" and some things would not apply. I was totally wrong btw, for the first time in my life I went to a psychologist. The only thing I regret is that in a way I failed her I refused to listen when I should have and never even asked for one bit of advice. We have been enjoying light play and among other things and are becoming friends again. I'm going to the gym regularly and trying very hard to be what I really want to be. I had to say this out loud and also have to admit I fundamentally misunderstood what people actually meant when they say "life style" as I have found out its much harder and a lot more demanding on the individual than I ever imagined. The new plan, we both like the idea of the collar of consideration and as soon as I find a suitable item I hope that she accepts it!!! I do have one request, I am not ready to come out socially and would like to know where I could find a mentor to email questions from time to time, if anyone knows where I could go please post here for me. I have enjoyed all of your stories and you helped me find a new life and I am very thankful your all here.
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    Virium: I would suggest posting here more regularly. We're generally really willing to offer advice, help with ideas and so on. You might also check out

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