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  1. Fred Noclue

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    Hi everyone. I am new at all this but learning. I first posted a message under “First time with a dome – advice?†There I voiced that I was a newbe and got some great advice. I have met with a prodomme and I must say the session was OUTSTANDING. I have scheduled another session (3 hrs) and cannot wait. I can’t believe that I was so hesitant.

    Anyway, to the purpose of this post, I travel all the time so being with one Mistress is just not possible. I have gone to one site ( which lead me to the mistress I met with. I am seeking suggestions on where to seek out other sites that my lead me to a domme wherever I travel. Maybe forums like this one for guys like me who travel way too much. Now that I have let go of my fears I want to continue so any help would be appreciated.

    Really can’t say noclue anymore,

  2. sebastian

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    Fred, are you certain you can't schedule trips so that you can see the same prodomme once a month or so? In general, it's better to build a relationship with one prodomme than have the same number of visits to a new prodomme each time. Building a relationship with one or two allows you to build up the trust to go more deeply into submission, it allows you to skip the long introductory explanation of your kinks and her rules, and it helps you reduce the likelihood of a bad encounter. As Dan Savage likes to say, "more sex, fewer partners".

    Obviously, if you can't, you can't. I'm just encouraging you to re-assess the situation.

    As a gay man, I unfortunately can't offer you much guidance for finding regular prodommes. Are you on Collarme? I see ads for prodommes there a lot.
  3. Fred Noclue

    Fred Noclue New Member

    Sebastian, I wish I could schedule my trips like that. I know it would be much better as I explore the submissive role. But I am all over the place both states side and overseas and sometime for a couple of months at a time. I guess I’ll have to play it by ear; thanks for the advice.


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