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  1. Div

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    So I'm still pretty new to all this. I'm enjoying myself but I want to get more into it and I think my slave does too. My question is about training. I hear people on these forums talk about training their subs all the time, but I guess I don't get it. I mean, I get the concept, but I don't get what to actually train her for specifically. She's not disobedient almost ever (maybe because she tried it a couple of times when we were first starting and I didn't really get it). Not that I necessarily want her to be disobedient, but the point is: she does what I tell her, when why and how I tell her. Is this an uncommon thing? Am I not hard enough on her? She says she is perfectly happy and enjoys our sessions etc etc but it seems to me that she may be able to handle/want more. In a short term sense I'm fairly comfortable communicating to her what I want, but in a broader sense I'm kind of lost. What kinds of things do subs get trained for? I guess I'm just kind of ignorant of the whole thing. She has told me that I can make overarching rules, and I have made some, but I can't think of anything else that I really want from her. I guess thats not entirely accurate, but I can't think of anything that relate to making rules or training. That said, I would like to expand my dom... repertoire? Suggestions? Comments? Amusing anecdotes?
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    'Training' can refer to a couple of different things.
    1) It can be just a general term for playing with a sub.
    2) It can refer to teaching your sub to pleasure you just the way you like it. So you can train her to suck your cock in a particular way, to make lots of noise (or little noise), to beg you for things, and so on. This sort of training is unique to your particular pleasures, and the only way she can really learn it is for you to give her instruction. They are only really relevant to you.
    3) It can refer to pushing her limits, helping her learn to endure more pain, become more submissive, kneel or stand in particular slave postures, become accustomed to doing housework in the nude, and so on. These are things that she can learn from most masters, and which will be broadly relevant if she plays with other doms.
  3. Smallest

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    I'd assume that, given what she's said, she wants you to push her limits more, give her things she might consider resisting to, or at least need to learn to enjoy or perform better. But it's hard to tell from what you've said so far, so I'm going to keep it vague for now.
  4. RenamonX

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    A few things I love doing are ordering my pet to be totally and completely silent while we play and occasionally when she orgasms too. Its suprisingly difficult as well, since my pet like yours obeys me to the letter, but challenges like that can always be fun.So a few ideas that I like in no particular order...

    -Ordering her to be completely silent when playing/cumming.
    -Instead of you spanking her(if your into that) get her to spank herself, if its not hard enough, make her redo them.
    -Bring her right up to the point of cumming but order her not to cum until you say so, and basically push her as far as you feel like and see if she will crack.
    -Even a simple one like when you order her to do things, insist she do them as quickly and efficiently as possible. If she delays or thinks about it, it could constitute as a punishment.

    Theres plenty to choose from, my current favorite is ordering my pet to cum about 30ish times in one minute, since I can make her cum by command, its not something for everyone though, and I have no idea how you'd train for it since it happened accidentally for us.

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