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    My master and I have been really busy with so school so we havent had a lot of time for each other, buuut all of that is about to change!
    Its time to resume my training!
    He started off by teaching me that I need to call him master or sir every time I address him, but neither of us have ever trained before! We're not exactly sure what to do
    We're very good at communicating and knowing each others limits, but I'm a pretty headstrong and naughty pet.

    Any ideas on how to break me in a little?
    Feel free to share any personal experiences as well!

    (keep in mind that my master and I are long distance for another month, so anything in the short term needs to be doable alone)

    Don't be shy!!
  2. Nataani

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    Posture is a great starting point for head strong, naughty pets. Especially bratty ones. It is also something he can teach long distance, of course it would require that you get a webcam.

    Some common posture positions are:
    1. Attention (standing/kneeling) - Back straight with your thighs, chin up, eyes forward, arms folded behind back, legs slightly parted.
    2. Presenting your breasts (standing/kneeling) - arms folded under your breasts, upper arms pressing them together while your lower lift them. Back straight with thighs, chin up, eyes forward, legs slightly parted.
    3. Presenting your ass (aka ass up face down) - Knees together kneeling, then bend over until your shoulders are resting on the ground, arms folded behind your back.
    4. Presenting your ass flat - Legs slightly parted while kneeling, bend over forwards, arching your back as you do, until your thighs are just over vertical, arms should be spread to either side, perpendicular to your body. Your asshole should be "flat" to the ground (parallel in english?)

    If I were him I would teach you 1 and 2 as part of a mental training exercise.


    Some very energetic submissives, especially those who claim to be naughty (hint hint :p) are also brats, and most brats suffer the same problem, lack of focus. When given a physical task they usually perform well, but when given somewhat deep questions, they are usually unable to focus their mind enough. Now, the art of asking questions is not something that you can just snap of fingers learn. It is something that is gained via experience, and starts to become more effective as top gets to know bottom, but it is important to D/S relationships.

    Posture helps this first critical hurdle by forcing discipline while you are forced to think about your bratty-ness. I like to go a step further when using posture as a platform for questions by adding a pain element, usually via clothespins or clamps. The pain dulls all the "background noise" in the bottoms head, helping them focus on the top. I have found that it is most effective when the bottom applies the pins to themselves.

    You warm up by getting the bottom into posture and start asking simple, general questions. At this point, expectation is that posture will be 100% perfect at all times. As you go, either finding a natural question point that fits it, or at a whim, start having the bottom apply the clothespins to their torso, make sure that the pile they are taking pins from is far bigger than they will need (ie. there are more clothespins than she/he will use). When pins are being applied posture can obviously relax, once they have been applied, posture should be resumed and maintained.

    Once enough clothespins are in place, the questions get much harder and a reward system is put in place. Good, thought out, clear answers to difficult questions are rewarded by gently removing pins (choice of most painful, least painful or a specific one is up to the top obv.). Bad answers are punished by pulling pins off.

    Have fun!
  3. sillylittlepet

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    I like it!

    Oh dont worry, we use skype daily
  4. sillylittlepet

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    I'll be really sad if no one else has anything to contribute...

    I might even have to bust out my pouty face

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    When my slave was long distance, I had him memorize a fairly lengthy list of one word commands with the expected response from him. When I wanted him to do something or be in a certain position, I only had to say that one word... if he failed to remember the command he was punished. Each day he was required to send me an in depth email by a certain time that night detailing what he had done during the day, if any disobedience had occured, orders that were followed, and any plans he hoped to be allowed for the next day... if they weren't in that email he didn't do them the next day period. There were tasks he had to do at the same time of the day every day. Hmm.. there was a lot more, but it was awhile ago.. I'll try to remember more.
  6. sebastian

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    One thing that I have done with online subs is to have the boy meditate for me. He kneels facing into a corner (like he is a child being given a time out), with his face to the floor and his ass in the air (as if I might come along and fuck him at any moment). Then, for a set period of time, he is forced to chant out loud. The chant emphasizes something I want him thinking about. "I must obey my master at all times. Obedience brings pleasure." "My master is superior and I am inferior." "I am ashamed that I refused to obey my master." Afterwards I ask the boy what the chanting made him think and feel. They normally tell me that they felt humiliated, ashamed of his failure, or something similar, so it seems to work. Generally I've had them chant for 10 minutes, but you can easy go much longer.

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