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Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by Mickey40, May 9, 2013.

  1. Mickey40

    Mickey40 New Member

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    I have huge pleasure in having my wife bound in certain ways to be completely exposed and at my disposal. She is always a little nervous at first as she knows once I have her in this position she is going to be used and played with. However she loves every minute of it.

    Can anyone shared their experiences as I am keen to try some new styles / methods.

    Usually I have access to her important parts as I see fit and she is totally helpless:devil:
  2. WickedPleasures

    WickedPleasures New Member

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    You are a kindred spirit my friend. I also prefer extreme exposure but only if my "plaything" enjoys these situations. In my case she enjoyed that aspect A LOT so she was trained to voluntarily entice me to put her in these positions...nor argument here.

    Since you have not chosen to describe what you have done, I'll give you a few of my favorites:

    1) Tied face down without movement ability on the bed with a very high pillow,etc under abdomen as to have the ass elevated as high as possible exposing the important parts for teasing and anal play. Here head is gently pulled back by the hair as far as comfortable and she is directed to beg for any pleasure she will receive. She must continue to properly beg or pleasure will discontinue.

    2)If you have a large ottoman this can be really useful...either face up or face down. Face up have the ankles tied to the same legs that you will bind the wrists. some padding at the small of the back will allow more arch. Face down, the same thing, but off center as to allow the genital areas to protrude off the end off the cushion completely exposed. both of these are also excellent punishment positions.

    3)If you have a large footboard on your bed this makes an excellent "rack" type device and allows for a large "spread" again with propping at the small of the back to allow the breasts to be more properly 'offered" for amusement.

    Hope this helps...

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    One of my favorites is tying her standing and blindfolded. Over the door restraint kit and a spreader bar for her feet. Its great because you can have her tied anywhere. I love watching tv while she stands there naked. Get up every so often to tease her.
  4. bakerboy

    bakerboy Member

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    A pictue is worth a 1000 words :)

    Works the same at a dinning room table or a foot of a bed.

  5. Mickey40

    Mickey40 New Member

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    Thanks all, appreciated this.

    I have done quite a few ideas and she always loves it. I think it has grown on her that she is completely helpless.

    1) I bought an old flat bench press about a month ago and this worked great ----had the feet and legs up and backwards to the bar and hands in front but underneath the bench , worked great.
    2) At our holiday house last summer , we have a small jetty and i took her out on the boat in the dark and tied her over the from seat....legs apart and tied her feet to the bottom--the best thing was that although it was dark , the moon was up and she dared not say a word as the sounds travels so clearly over the water and our neighours would have most cetainly have heard.
    keep them coming ......
  6. Mickey40

    Mickey40 New Member

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    It does thanks ! i like the Ottman, and can see how this will work with the padding underneath...cheers
  7. Mickey40

    Mickey40 New Member

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    Yes I enjoy this too..........I have done something similair on our coffee table whilst doing some work, watching the news etc.:D
  8. Subwife32

    Subwife32 New Member

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    This is my first post here. I'm so into humiliation in my fantasies. So i would like to be tied up naked maybe only in high heels somewhere in public place. Not crowdy but more dangerous, or in some humiliating degradating place. Any ideas?
  9. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

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    Perhaps in a public washroom stall? Or at a kink group? You have to remember that it is both illegal and immoral to involve the public in your play, so you cannot be tied up and exposed in the true public. You also need somewhere that your partner can "babysit" you so that if, say, there is a fire, you can be released immediately.

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