To any mistress.

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    To whom it way concern.

    I was searching for an email / online mistress on the net and I came over this SM page. I live on the northern part of Europe. I love to meet friends and read books and watch movies.

    When it comes to submission, I did have a girlfriend before who introduced me to the world of submissive slave life style. Even if I had the opportunity to experience the submissive role before I must say that I am quite new to this but my desire to be owned and to explore my submissive side together with a mistress has always been in my mind for many years.

    I like to be a submissive personal pet to a mistress there I can equally make her happy, to be controlled by a mistress.

    I hope that I can explore it together with my new mistress.

    Your Sincerely
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  2. operion

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    Good Day

    I am still searching for a interested Mistress.

    Your Sincerely

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