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    Hi everyone. I just joined this site. And saw someone had posted something about tickling. So I've decided to give it a shot. I've written several different things and posted them as 'tickle tracks'. What tickle tracks are is a story that's read to you. So I wanted to give it a shot here and see how it does.

    You can see the tickle track here... http://www.megavideo.com/?v=S1I5VO8V

    Or you can read the story yourself below.


    A light knocking on the front door caught Jenny's attention. "Damn…" The girl cursed under her breath. She was just about to head up stairs and soak in the tub for a few hours. The girl had an incredibly bad week. Work was long and frustrating, her bosses were jerks. All she wanted to do that weekend was hide in her house and not come out until Monday.

    "This better be important…" Jenny said, opening the door. The girl was surprised to see her best friend Sarah standing on the other side of the door. The girl looked incredibly happy to see her.

    "Jenny!" Sarah cried, throwing her arms around Jenny's neck and hugging her closely to her chest. Jenny laughed herself. She wasn't expecting to see Sarah. In fact she wasn't expecting to see Sarah anytime soon.

    "What are you doing here?" Jenny asked, in disbelief.

    "I wanted to see you!" Sarah said, stepping away from Jenny. The girl looked Jenny up and down taking the girl in. "You look beautiful." The girl said.

    Jenny blushed heavily and looked away from her friend. "Stop…" She groaned. The girl enjoyed getting compliments, but was easily embarrassed. "You look better! Get your butt in here!" She said, giving Sarah's butt a playful slap. "Tell me why you’re here!" Jenny said, closing the door behind her friend.

    "I told you silly! I wanted to see you!" Sarah said, with a bright smile. Excitement could be detected behind her words.

    Jenny put her hands high on her hips. "I have no doubt that's true, but you were also hoping… Weren't you?" Jenny said, eyeing her friend suspiciously.

    "Hoping? Your crazy." Sarah said, her smile faltered.

    "Right… You want a massage don't you?" Jenny said.

    Sarah sighed deeply. "Oh Jenny… I just love your massages! They feel so good! And it's even better that I love you so much!" Sarah said.

    Jenny nodded several times. "You know I was just about to take a bath right? I wanted to bathe for a few hours…"

    "You can do that." Sarah said, reassuring her friend. "But relax with me after that and give me a massage!"

    "I've had a rough week." Jenny said.

    "Me too! I'm what you massage masters call tense! My spines in knots!" The girl cried. "Help me!"

    Jenny knew her friend was blowing things out of proportion. "Alright." Jenny said, sounding as though she had been convinced, but the truth was she had already decided to give her friend a massage. Sarah lived well over twenty-five miles away. She figured she owed her friend one massage. "But… I want to try out my new table first."

    "Oh?" Sarah said, her interest had been peaked. "I want to try it out too!" The girl said.

    "Good." Jenny said, smiling a broad smile.

    Taking Sarah by the hand Jenny led the girl upstairs and into a room. Lying in the middle of the floor was a table with a pair of wooden stocks on one end. The sides of the stocks were lined with leather straps.

    "What kind of table is that!" Sarah cried.

    "It's to keep you from falling off." Jenny said.

    "I see…" Sarah said, feeling nervous. "I don't like the new table."

    "Do you want a massage or not?" Jenny asked.

    "Oh shoot." Sarah said, sighing deeply. "Yes please thanks…" Sarah said, lowering her head.

    "Lie down than." Jenny instructed. "On your back."

    Sarah did as she was told. Lying down on the table she watched as Sarah began to lock her down. First she tied the girl's hands down to the sides of the table using the leather straps and then her feet in the wooden stocks. Sarah's nervousness grew even more when she felt her friend tugging off her shoes and socks.

    "What are you doing?" Sarah asked, feeling giddy. She already knew the answer before she asked the question.

    "I'm going to start with your feet." Jenny said, dropping Sarah's socks on the ground. Jenny starred at Sarah's beautiful naked feet for the longest time. She always loved Sarah's feet. They were size eight and adorable.

    Jenny reached forwards and touched the bottoms of Sarah's feet causing her captive to giggle. "Hey…" Sarah laughed. "I'm ticklish remember?"

    "I remember." Jenny said, nodding. "That's why I have this." And with that the girl reached under the table and removed a spool of string. "To tie your toes back."

    "My toes? Why?!" Sarah asked. She knew the answer already.

    Jenny didn't answer as she began tying each of Sarah's toes back. Sarah struggled a little, but a few quick tickles convinced the girl to be more compliable. Soon Sarah's toes were tied back and the soles of her feet were completely helpless.

    "Be nice!" Sarah giggled.

    "I'm always nice to your feet." Jenny said, blushing. The girl began tickling both of Sarah's feet at the same time. She scratched the middles, heels and than teased her toes. Sarah giggled.

    "Come… on… Jenny!" Sarah said, through her laughter. The girl's feet were very ticklish.

    Jenny traced her index finger down Jenny's right ticklish foot. Over the bridge of her toes, down the arches, over the heels and back up to her toes. Jenny wore a bright smile on her face as she continued to trace her fingers along the kicking feet. The girl at first considered this revenge, but quickly changed her mind. She would have tickled Sarah's feet like this regardless of when she came over.

    Sarah wiggled left and right in her binds and thrashed around wildly, but it was impossible to escape. She was trapped.

    "JENNY!" Sarah cried, hoping her pleas would stop her friend. "PLEASE… NO MORE! STOP!" She cried, but Jenny simply ignored her friend.

    Jenny slowly raked four fingers up and down both of Sarah's feet. After several minutes of this Jenny stopped. "Take a rest." Jenny instructed.

    Sarah opened her mouth to say something, but before she could utter a word Jenny strolled out of the room. "Hey…" She muttered. When Jenny returned she carried a hairbrush in her left hand and a toothbrush in the right. "NO JENNY!" Sarah cried and started giggling.

    Jenny placed the toothbrush down on the table and began tickling Sarah's feet with the hairbrush. She scratched Sarah's feet vigorously with the brush. Raking it across her bare soles.

    Sarah's laughter became more hysteric after that. Her chest heaved, her body shook and the table beneath her groaned in protest.

    "PLEASE STOP!" Sarah cried, in ticklish agony. Jenny simply ignored her pleading friend.

    Finally Jenny sat down the brush and took up the toothbrush. There she wriggled the brush between each of Sarah's toes and tickled. Sarah's laughter grew steadily louder as the brush slid between each of Sarah's toes.

    "NO MORE… PLEASE STOP!" Sarah laughed. Tears were welling up in the corners of her eyes.

    Jenny was now scratching the middle of Sarah's right foot with the toothbrush and tickling the heel on Jenny's left foot with her fingers.

    Several minutes passed and soon Sarah was sobbing. Tears were trickling down her bright red cheeks. "NO… STOP IT… JENNY!" Sarah cried.

    A few moments later Jenny finally stopped and sat the toothbrush down on the table. "You ok?" Jenny asked, patting her friend's leg.

    "Yeah." Sarah said, nodding. "Thanks for stopping."

    "Don't mention it." Jenny said, with a smile. "Listen." Jenny began, pointing towards the door behind her with her thumb. "I'm going to take a shower. I'll be back to tickle you some more."

    "What?" Sarah said, watching as her friend headed out of the room. "Wait… I don't want to be tickled anymore." She said. Jenny ignored her friend as she stepped out of the room and closed the door behind her.

    "The next part of this is revenge…" Jenny muttered to herself as she headed towards the bathroom to soak in the tub for a few hours.


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