Tickle-rape fantasy

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    I have a tickle rape fantasy. I started four years ago making tickling videos, but as time went on I kept taking every new video to a new level of sexual intensity and realized that I was turned on by having a totally naked woman tied up, helpless, tickle the hell out of her while I was kissing and making her body my food and basically raping her with my fingers, with my mouth, with my body, all of this while she is laughing, jumping and struggling. I also discovered I was aroused as she gets angry and revolved on the bed crying out with rage, I guess because she is being tortured almost out of breath but at the same time her body is burning in flames of horrible pleasure.

    Here are two examples of this:

    Some people say that tickle torture fetish is worse than regular BDSM because tickling attacks the sub from the inside out and makes her lose control of her reflexes and impulses, she can't breath, and it generates this complex mix of emotions where your are agonizing but laughing at the same time.

    Has anybody else tried the tickle-rape fantasy at home?

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