Thinking about buying a flogger/cat9tails

Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by q34442, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. q34442

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    Do you think this looks ok? The sex shop website that sells it doesn't give any more info on it other than the pic and the price £15.99 (about 25 US$). Do you think this would be safe to use? I don't really want to spend a fortune on one.

  2. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

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    It's really hard to tell from a picture, but I'd lean toward high quality leather or rubber. A $25 crop probably isn't either.

    That doesn't mean it'll necessarily be dangerous or anything though- it might be breakable, or difficult to use, or so on. I've heard of some cheaper ones causing skin irritation because of inferior materials. But it should be safe and manageable, and it's not that much money to lose on it to find out.

    So, since you want something affordable, go for it, there shouldn't be any harm in trying it out. But I would be a bit wary of a website that gives no more information on what you're buying than picture/price. If the brand name's listed, I'd look it up.
  3. Kor

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    We have one a bit smaller than that, with suede lashes. The narrow, thin lashes give a lot of thud without a lot of snap or sting. (by now there are probably official specialized words for this sort of thing...) The lashes spread the impact out over a wide area.
  4. Nuka

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    I got the one from Ann Summers. Cheap and very good quality considering.

    Nice snap to it and haven't had any complaints...

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