Therapy (Heavy SM, F/FF)

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    by V.W. Singer (

    This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to any organisation or persons living or dead, is purely coincidental.

    Chapter One.

    The long, magnificently shaped length of Kara's thigh gleamed like liquid gold in the warm sunshine that angled across the tastefully decorated office. Her short grey skirt did little to conceal her firm stocking clad legs. Even the secretary who watched Kara from behind the fortress of her steel and glass table felt obliged to admire the perfection of the visitor's figure. Despite the constant stream of well dressed, attractive men and women that passed through the doors of the 'Dreamland Executive Placement Agency', Kara was clearly exceptional. Her outstanding beauty was one of the reasons why she was waiting outside the office of Thomas Hartfield, the Managing Director and owner of the Agency.

    Looking around the expensively decorated office, Kara found herself smiling. She wondered what the other tenants of this very exclusive building would have said had they realised that their neighbour’s real business was that of supplying prostitutes to the rich and famous.

    Kara was born and raised in Eastern Europe of a good family. She had just been about to graduate from university with a degree in Economics when a combination of volatile politics and the Russian Mafia had ruined her parents, both of whom were found dead in their bedroom, the apparent result of a suicide pact. Kara had had her doubts as to the actual cause of their deaths, but she was canny enough to keep her silence. Dropping out of university, she had found herself on the job market in a country flooded with willing workers and far too few jobs. She soon realised that in order to have any kind of future, she would have to make her way to the West.

    For the next few months, Kara made a living by modelling for the many foreign photographers who were to be found in abundance all over Eastern Europe and Russia. Despite numerous offers, she refused to act in pornographic films or model for any of the hardcore magazines and websites. At every modelling session she did her best to make friends and took the opportunity to ask careful questions. Finally, she decided to set her sights on going to Britain and, through the help of one of her new friends, she found the right 'connection'. Using a careful selection of photographs gleaned from her modelling work she assembled a resume and sent it off via email to her potential new employer. A week later she received a telephone call from Thomas Hartfield and an invitation to attend an interview with one of his 'talent scouts'.

    They met at a discreet restaurant and talked for over an hour. He asked Kara questions about her past, her ambitions and affairs in general. He also asked her many very personal about her sexual habits and tastes, some of them verging on the obscene. Kara soon realised that she was being tested and took care to answer him frankly and did not allow herself to be provoked by his crude manner. Finally, the recruiter presented her with an offer. In return for a three year service contract, the Agency would guarantee her a generous minimum monthly income and take care of her transport to Britain, including all the necessary immigration documentation. Best of all, upon completion of the three years they guaranteed to obtain citizenship for her in Britain or the United States.

    Kara knew that many such promises were often meaningless. However, all of her contacts had spoken highly of Hartfield and his organisation. He had a reputation for keeping his word. Since she had little to loose, Kara signed the contract without further discussion. She was now a high class escort.

    Chapter Two.

    During her first week in London, Kara attended a grooming course taught by several of Hartfield's senior employees. They familiarised her with the latest fashions, the hot gossip that was making the society rounds as well as the names and backgrounds of the rich and famous. As part of this course she was required to have sex with a man and a woman who, between them put her through just about every sexual activity possible. Driven by a determination never to return to the poverty of her former home Kara 'graduated' with flying colours.

    Kara soon settled into her new high-society life, and for the most part, she found it pleasant, even if the men that she entertained were sometimes thoughtless and demanding. She had been working for three months and had just moved into a new apartment when she received a call from Hartfield's secretary. She was to attend a meeting with Mr. Hartfield himself the next morning. Stunned by this unprecedented event, Kara spent the night trying to remember any offence, real or imagined that might have gotten her into trouble. The thought that she might be dismissed and sent away from her new life terrified her.

    Chapter Three.

    Kara had been sitting outside of Hartfield's office for nearly half and hour when another woman came entered and took a seat next to her. Kara had never met the woman before, but she fit the general profile of the Agency's escorts. She had black hair and was shorter than Kara. She was dressed in a tight black leather outfit that showed off her taut, well toned body. The warm musky smell of leather combined with the woman's perfume and natural scent washed over Kara, who turned to smile and to nod a greeting.

    The woman's arrival seemed to act as a signal and moments later the secretary looked up from her paperwork and motioned the both of them to enter Hartfield's sanctum. Kara knocked on the door and then opened it. As the two of them entered, they saw their employer, Thomas Hartfield standing in front of a couch, smiling genially. A low table was set out with tea and biscuits. Kara felt herself relax slightly as the setting did not appear to be leading up to a reprimand or dismissal.

    'Welcome ladies' said Hartfield, holding out his arms as if to embrace them. 'Sit, please' he said, indicating the armchairs to either side of him. 'Tea?'

    Both women nodded their thanks. Kara could see her own confusion reflected in the face of the other woman. She had never heard of any employee being honoured in this manner. Her attention turned back to Hartfield upon hearing him clear his throat in preparation to addressing them.

    'I am so glad to meet the two of you today. It is not often that I get to talk to the troops, as it were' said Hartfield, sounding like a caricature of the typical old school boss. However, his eyes betrayed the sharp, calculating intellect that had brought him to the top of his somewhat shady industry. 'I suppose that I should start by introducing you to each other'. 'Kara, this is Tess, Tess, Kara'.

    The two women nodded politely to each other, and at the same time taking the opportunity to do a more complete assessment of each others assets and appearance. Kara saw that her initial impressions of Tess were correct and on closer examination she looked even more lithe and panther-like than ever. Her large dark brown eyes seemed to overwhelm her sharp angular face, making her look like a predatory fashion model.

    Hartfield set down his tea and continued. 'The Agency has been approached by a very prominent client, who has made a rather unusual request. Because of the importance and potential benefits to be obtained if we are able to satisfy this client, I have picked two of our best girls for this job'. He nodded, glancing at each woman in turn. 'Tess, if you accept the job and perform to the client's satisfaction, you will be paid ten times your usual fee. Kara, your reward will, I suspect be even more welcome. If you do well on this job the Agency will waive the rest of your contract term as well as arrange for your citizenship papers'.

    Kara felt her heart leap upon hearing Hartfield's words. Not only was she being offered her freedom, but also the chance to permanently escape the fear of having to return to the bleak desperation of her former life. However, the bland smiling face of her employer brought her thoughts back to reality. Hartfield had not stated what was required of them.

    'I will not do anything criminal. Also no children or selling drugs' said Kara. 'If I had wanted that kind of life, I might as well have stayed at home'. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Tess glance at her with raised eyebrows.

    Hartfield looked wounded, apparently distressed that Kara would suspect his motives. 'No no nothing like that at all' he said, shaking his carefully groomed head. 'Let explain. Our client is Barbara Landers, ex-wife of Rupert Landers'
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    Therapy (Heavy SM, F/FF) Pt.02

    Kara's eyes widened in surprise. Rupert Landers had been the founder and CEO of one of the largest defence contractors in Europe. His spectacular demise during a demonstration of a new anti-missile system which had suddenly decided that Landers resembled an incoming ICBM had filled the newspaper headlines for days.

    'Mrs. Landers came to hear about us from a friend and she has expressed an interest in our services'. Hartfield's manner changed as he started to discuss business, looking more like the high class pimp that he really was. 'She has requested that we supply two women for an S&M session. However, she does not want experienced submissives but 'normal' women'

    Tess nodded slowly in understanding. When Hartfield looked at her she shrugged and said 'Why not?'.

    Kara hesitated. The thought of pain did not frighten her, but she was concerned that she would not be able to satisfy this client and thus risk incurring Hartfield's wrath. 'Why pick me?' she asked.

    'Actually, Mrs. Landers picked you from our video catalogue' replied Hartfield, his eyes narrowing at Kara's lack of enthusiasm.

    Kara suddenly realised that she had been Mrs. Landers' main choice. She nodded and smiled at her employer. 'I was just worried that I would not suit her tastes,' she explained, 'but if she chose me, I would be pleased to go'.

    'Good' said Hartfield, grinning and rubbing his hands together like a shopkeeper who had just clinched a difficult sale. 'Remember, she is paying top dollar, so anything short of serious injury in on the menu' he said, raising an eyebrow in emphasis.

    Both women nodded. Kara could not think of any reply that would not sound frightened or boastful, so she just made sounds of agreement.

    'The both of you will be ready to go to her house at 2 p.m. tomorrow?' said Hartfield. Kara realised that she had been dismissed and rose to leave. Hartfield waved vaguely at her in farewell. When she noticed that Tess had not made a move to leave she hesitated.

    'Go ahead Kara. I have something else to discuss with Tess' said Hartfield, shooing her out of the office.

    Kara walked out of the building, her mind filled with conflicting thoughts and emotions. She did not feel any gratitude to Hartfield as it was the client who had chosen her and was probably paying him a horrendous fee. She had been working long enough to know that really attractive and classy women who were willing to accept serious punishment were extremely rare, so Hartfield's offer was only fair. She also felt some apprehension as she had never been beaten or tortured before. As she sat in the back of the taxi on the way home she gingerly pinched herself on the thigh and tried to imagine herself smiling and flirting with Mrs. Landers while her whole body was filled with pain. Sitting on the edge of her bed, Kara stared at herself in the mirror and nodded. The prize was worth the price and she was determined to please this unusual client no matter what it took. Having made up her mind, Kara slept soundly that night, untroubled by further doubts.

    Chapter Four.

    Kara spent the morning at the hairdressers and working on her body, shaving and trimming her pubic hair and rubbing lotion into her skin until she glowed. After a light lunch of salad and a glass of white wine, she was picked up by a rented limousine. Tess was already in the car and was similarly in a state of immaculate grooming. She wore a black woollen skirt which fell just below her knees but which had a slit up the side almost up to her hip, a dark brown turtle-necked sweater with matching boots and a large over-sized cream coloured leather jacket. Kara was glad that she had chosen to wear a dove grey woollen jacket and skirt with a cream coloured silk blouse. Their contrasting appearances would only highlight the differences in the two women, giving the client a bit of variety and choice.

    Kara was surprised to see a smartphone clipped to Tess' waistband. It was a rule that on Agency time no one carried a telephone. The Agency did not supply escorts for 'quickies' in hotel rooms and the ban on smartphones only served to emphasis the fact that the girls were never to rush a client or to ignore the client while chatting on the phone.

    Tess noticed Kara's surprise and smiled. 'Orders from the Boss. He wants to make sure that everything is to Mrs. Landers' satisfaction' she said, tapping the phone with a manicured fingernail. 'Don't worry. I will switch it off when we get there'.

    The car pulled up in front of the main gate. The security personnel must have been given the number of the car and photographs of the expected occupants because the gate swung open before the driver had a chance to reach for the intercom. When they stopped at the house, both Kara and Tess waited for the driver to open their doors before stepping gracefully out of the vehicle. The front door was open and a dark suited butler stood waiting.

    'Mrs. Landers is waiting for you in the living room' he said as they approached. 'Walk this way please'. The butler gave no visible indication that he was aware of their occupation or the purpose of their visit. Kara was certain that he knew every detail and would have preferred that they had come in by the tradesman's entrance.

    The butler tapped gently at the doorway to the living room and announced 'Your visitors are here Madam'. He stepped aside and ushered the two women into the room.

    'Close the door Edward. We are not to be interrupted for any reason unless I call for you' said Barbara Landers, rising from her chair. She waited for the door to close and for the butler to walk away before she spoke again. Smiling, she said 'Welcome. I have been looking forward to seeing you'. 'You must be Kara, and you Tess' she continued, nodding to each of them in turn.

    Kara and Tess both smiled and returned the greeting. Mrs. Landers made no move to shake hands, so they both waited for their client to indicate how she wished to proceed.

    'Sit down and lets chat for a moment' said their hostess. 'Oh, and please call me Barbara'. She waited until the two girls were seated before continuing. 'Let me give you a little background so that you will understand what I want from you'. She paused for a moment gathering her thoughts. 'I married my husband for his money, and he knew it. There were no illusions on either side, but please don't think it was all grim and mercenary. We got along very well and made a good team'.

    Barbara grinned. 'You must be wondering what the point of this rather prosaic tale is all about. Well, I am a good looking woman and intelligent enough to make him a suitable partner. However, he chose me in particular for another reason. You see, in the bedroom, he was a sadist. He enjoyed physically hurting his women'.

    Upon hearing this revelation Kara and Tess glanced quickly at each other.

    Seeing this, Barbara laughed, her gentle melodious voice startling the girls. 'No dears, I was not the poor victimised maiden. Shortly after we had met, he told me all about his tastes in "entertainment". I was the one who volunteered in exchange for a very comfortable life. Unlike a battered wife, I was always genuinely cheerful and affectionate in public as well as being always available for fun and games when he was in the mood. When we discovered that he had an inoperable tumour in his brain I was truly shocked and sad. At the end, he said that I was the only person in the world that he had screwed that had not tried to screw him in return and, to my surprise, he left everything to me in his will'. She nibbled on her lip, lost in thought for a moment.

    Suddenly, Barbara brightened up. 'In fact,' she said, 'all the legal technicalities were settled yesterday and in a little while, the trustees of his estate will be setting up a special link over the Company's Intranet. Once I key in my new password into the mobile terminal on that table, control of all my husband's bank accounts, patent rights and shareholdings will pass to me'. She laughed again. 'My husband did so love his toys. The whole house is set up with an infra-red wireless network. He used to take that notebook with him everywhere, even into the toilet'.
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    Therapy (Heavy SM, F/FF) Pt.03

    Barbara Landers stood up and twirled. The soft white translucent fabric of her dress flared like a cloud caught in a gust of wind and the two girls saw that she had a fine, well toned body. 'You might say that you two are a little gift to myself to celebrate the occasion. Actually, a good friend of mine gave me the idea. When I said that I bore my husband no ill will for his treatment of me, I meant it. However, I find that deep down, in a little corner of my mind, I have always felt that other women were laughing at me and I resented it'. She looked into the eyes of each of the girls. 'I tell myself that millions of women would have done the same thing if given the chance, but I need to see it for myself'. Pointing at Tess, she asked 'Do you understand what I want?'

    Tess grinned and shrugged. 'I'm here to show you a good time. If you want to tan my butt or slap me around, I'm all yours' she said, patting her buttocks with her hand.

    Barbara raised an elegant eyebrow and then turned to Kara. 'And how about you?'

    Kara considered Tess' attitude and thought about what the woman had said. She also remembered that Barbara had not wanted experienced submissives. She took a step forward and took hold of Barbara's hand with both of hers. Bringing it up to her lips she kissed the tips of the woman's fingers and then pressed the hand to the side of her face. Slowly she ran the hand down the angle of her jaw and down the sleek curve of her neck until it rested on the upper curve of her breast. 'I do not know how sadists play, but I do know about my own body. I know what feels good and what hurts. Usually people want me to tell them what feels good and where I like them to touch my body. But I will show you all the soft, tender, sensitive places that will make me moan and cry and scream. I will spread and open myself so that you can reach all the secret spots and wet, delicate spots with you fingers and hands and teeth and whips. I will kiss and lick you while you hurt me. I have a beautiful, sexy body and it is all yours to play with'

    Barbara looked deep into Kara's eyes and saw strength, determination and humour. She gently squeezed the firm fleshy globe under her palm and nodded. She lowered her hand and slid back into her seat. 'Let me see you naked. Both of you. Take off all of your clothes, then come and stand in front of me'.

    Both Kara and Tess felt relieved upon hearing this familiar request. Undressing gracefully in front of a stranger was one of the first things that any prostitute learned to do.

    Tess plucked the smartphone from her waist and held it up to Kara as she pressed the 'off' button, extinguishing the glowing LED on the face for the device. She winked, emphasising her compliance with the Agency rules and then set the phone down on the table beside the computer terminal. Tess pulled off her clothes and tossed them aside as if glad to be rid of them, baring her tanned lithe body almost gleefully. With a swaying confident stride she walked away from her garments, stopping an arm's length away from Barbara. She ran her hands lightly down the front of her body all the way from the top of her breasts, down over her pointed nipples and across the rippling plane her flat belly before propping them arrogantly on her hips.

    Kara was less of an exhibitionist. In fact, she always surprised herself by still feeling a little embarrassed when taking off her clothes in front of a client. She neatly folded each item and set them aside on a chair, baring her body efficiently but without the showmanship of her colleague. Keeping her high heeled shoes on, she joined Tess in front of Barbara.

    Barbara leaned forward in her seat and reached out her hands to touch the firm smooth thighs of the two girls. The feel of their warm flesh under her fingers seemed to drive home the reality of the situation and her eyes lit up with excitement. Her tongue flicked across her lips as she allowed all her vengeful fantasies and images of past humiliations, real or imagined at the hands of disdainful society women, to fill her mind. She slid her fingers up the silken skin of their inner thighs, stopping just before she touched their mounds.

    'Lets play a little game' said Barbara. Reaching under the coffee table next to her chair, she produced a wicked looking riding crop made from gleaming black leather. 'I want both of you to play with yourselves. Stand right where you are now and spread your legs a little'. She waited as the two girls obeyed, shuffling their feet apart until they stood like soldiers at parade rest. 'Now use the fingers of one hand to spread yourselves and show me your clits' ordered Barbara.

    In tandem Tess and Kara reached down and spread their outer labia with their index and middle fingers, bringing their crinkled pink inner labia into view like a pair of fleshy butterflies. By pulling upwards slightly, they succeeded in drawing the protective hood of skin back and away from their clits.

    'That's good' said Barbara. 'Now I want the both of you to play with your clits. Don't touch yourself anywhere else. Just your clit'.

    Kara lifted her hand to her mouth in order to lubricate her finger-tip.

    Barbara shook her head and said 'No. Don't do that. Don't use any lubrication'. She waved the riding crop in front of their hips. 'This is a contest. The winner gets her bottom caned with this crop,' she said, grinning evilly 'and the loser gets caned on her pussy'.

    The two girls started to gingerly stroke their clits, wincing as their dry fingers rasped across the dry and painfully sensitive skin.

    'By the way' said Barbara 'I have not decided whether the one who cums first or the one who climaxes second shall be the winner. Perhaps I will toss a coin. But let me warn you, I will punish anyone who tries to fake an orgasm or does not really try to cum'.

    Tess groaned in dismay and closed her eyes in concentration, rubbing her finger in tiny circles around her stiffening clit. Kara used a different technique, keeping her fingertip on one spot just above her clit and vibrating her finger in tiny side-to-side movements. Both of the girls found it very difficult to stimulate themselves sufficiently to reach a climax without being able to touch the rest of their bodies. In addition, the pressure of being in a competition made it all the more difficult. Despite Barbara's warning, both girls had no choice but to try and climax first in hopes of avoiding the more severe punishment.

    The muscles of Kara's legs and buttocks quivered with the strain of standing with her feet wide apart as she strained towards an orgasm. She longed to be able to caress her breasts and nipples, finding that the need to concentrate only on her clit was actually making it more difficult for her to cum. The constant friction of her dry finger was starting to make her clit sore and Kara knew that she was in a race not only with Tess but with her own body. She had to bring herself to a climax before her touch actually became too irritating for her to be able to orgasm. She concentrated her attention on the tiny bud that thrust out between her fingers, letting her feelings of shame and excitement over displaying herself to Barbara in this obscene manner add to her stimulation. She actually felt her clit tingle as Barbara's gaze swept over her crotch. Each movement of her finger sent a throbbing vibration rippling through her body, radiating outward from her super-stimulated clitoris. She rode the waves of sensation, and absorbed the sweet aching soreness of her clit, blending pleasure and pain.

    Barbara switched her attention to Tess, who was rolling her clit aggressively, ignoring the discomfort and rubbing herself harder and harder. She braced her hips, pushing against her hand and panting. Her eyes squeezed shut and her skin began to glisten with the effort as she drove herself to orgasm.

    The woman watched in fascination as both of the masturbating girls tensed and groaned as they neared their climaxes at almost the same time. She saw Tess' eyes glance towards Kara, and then her teeth bared in a grin of triumph as the muscles of her belly rippled and clenched in the tiny staccato motions that signalled her orgasm. Tess' hips bucked and ground as if she were thrusting against an invisible lover and her thighs clamped shut, trapping her hand between them.

    Just seconds later, Kara cried out wordlessly as her vibrating finger finally drove her over the top. She staggered as the intense sensation made her knees go weak, but she maintained her widespread stance and continued to work her clitoris, drawing out her climax into a series of mini-orgasms.

    Barbara could actually see Kara's clit throbbing and twitching as she came and came. The opening of Kara's vagina glistened with milky fluids that threatened to well out of her hole and to drip onto the carpet.

    Mindful that she was actually performing for the entertainment of her client, Kara maintained her position and carefully spread her pussy wide open so that Barbara could see the stiffly erect petals of her inner labia and the deep red flush of her stimulated flesh. She mentally cringed at the thought of being whipped on her pussy.
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    Therapy (Heavy SM, F/FF) Pt.04

    Barbara clapped her hands. 'Bravo ladies. That was an excellent performance from both of you'. She then produced a coin, which she flipped into the air. 'And the winner is; the one who came last!' she cried dramatically.

    Tess grunted in disgust, while Kara gave a small sigh of relief.

    Waving her riding crop, Barbara said 'All right, let's give out the prizes. Kara, you first. Keep your legs the way they are and bend over for six'.

    Kara obediently bent over and put her hands on her knees, eyeing the nasty looking crop with trepidation. The crop and it's wielder moved out of view behind her and she clenched her teeth in anticipation. Despite her frightened concentration, the swishing of the crop through the air barely had time to register in her mind before she felt the whip strike squarely across her buttocks. The hot, stinging pain filled both cheeks of her tautly stretched buttocks as she rocked forward from the impact.

    'Count them please' said Barbara, eyeing the rapidly rising weal that neatly bisected Kara's upthrust flesh.

    'One!' gasped Kara.


    'Ow! Two'

    The third stroke caught Kara right at the junction where her thighs met her buttocks, and the tip of the crop drew a tiny drop of blood, painting a dark red bruise.

    Kara yelped in pain, her fingers clamping down on her knees as she struggled with her instinctive desire to jump up and rub her wounded flesh. 'Three'.

    The fourth and fifth strokes followed in quick succession, scribing two more straight crimson coloured lines across Kara's bum.

    Barbara took careful aim and brought the crop down hard for the sixth and final stroke. This time the crop struck only one cheek and the tip sank deep into the crevice between them, biting savagely at Kara's arse hole.

    The pain and shock were too much for Kara, who jumped up, reach around with both hands to shield her wounded flesh. However, she still retained enough presence of mind to shout out 'Six!' and thus end her ordeal.

    Barbara ran her hand over Kara's burning red skin, enjoying the heat and the feel of the stiff crimson edged ridges that she had placed there. Kara pressed her body against her tormentor, her breasts flattening against Barbara's shoulder.

    'Did it hurt a lot?' asked Barbara softly.

    Kara shook her head, stroking the woman's arm. 'It doesn't matter,' she replied 'as long as you are happy'. Turning her head to look at Barbara's face, she gave a tearful smile. 'You can hit me some more if you like' she offered.

    Barbara kissed her on the cheek and smiled back. 'That's enough for now. Tess is waiting to play with me'. She gave Kara a hug. The feel and scent of the beautiful blonde's body in her arms filled her senses and she could feel the crotch of her panties getting sticky.

    Chapter Five.

    Standing with her arms folded across her breasts, Tess had watched Kara's caning with a tiny smile on her face that quickly disappeared when the other two women looked towards her. She pointed with her nose at the crop in Barbara's hand and said 'My turn now I guess. So how do you want me? Sticking my butt up like Kara won't work if you are going to hit my pussy'.

    'Why don't you suggest something' replied Barbara, tapping the crop in her palm.

    Tess looked around the room seeking inspiration. Realising that any position that required her to display balance and concentration while having her genitals whipped would be impossible to maintain, she made her choice. 'How about I lie on my side on the couch. I can lift my leg up and apart so that you get a good shot at my pussy'. She suited her words with action, demonstrating the pose that she had suggested. With her forearm hooked behind her knee, she was able to hold on to her leg with both arms, which would help her to keep her legs spread wide even when Barbara hit her sex.

    'That looks good' said Barbara, tapping Tess' pussy experimentally with her crop. The girl's widespread pose opened up the crevice of her sex to such an extent that Barbara could see right into her vaginal passage. The sight of Tess' gaping pussy gave Barbara an idea and she turned to Kara, who was still carefully rubbing her sore buttocks.

    'Kara, I want you to do something for me while I entertain Tess'.

    Kara nodded. 'Sure'.

    Barbara pointed with her riding crop. 'See that shiny black and silver vibrator over there? I want you to put it in your pussy and turn it on. Turn the dial slowly, one click at a time. I want to see how far you get by the time I am finished with Tess'

    Puzzled, Kara said 'O.K.' and then went over to the indicated device. When she picked it up she was surprised to find that it was heavier than she expected. The shiny strips that ran lengthwise down the barrel of the vibrator were made of metal and cool to the touch. She realised that it's weight was going make it harder to keep inside her body unless she kept her legs squeezed together. Shrugging, Kara placed the smooth rounded tip at the opening of her sex and gently rotated the vibrator from side to side, working it into her passage. It slipped easily into her pussy, which was still wet from her masturbation session. Since Barbara was not watching, she did not make a show of inserting the device, but merely slid it up into her body with a smooth motion. When the tip touched her cervix only the knurled control dial still showed. The chill feel of the metal deep inside her body made her shiver.

    Kara glanced over at Barbara, who was busy playing with Tess' pussy lips, lightly slapping at the moist petals of her inner labia with the flat leather tip of the crop. Kara peered down between her legs at the shiny black plastic that protruded from her body. Barbara's instructions to turn the dial one click at a time made her cautious, suspecting that the motor in the vibrator was more powerful than usual. She turned the dial, feeling it click under her fingers. To her surprise, there was no discernible hum or motion. Then she felt the tiny tickling sensation that ran all along the length of her vagina, making her inner muscles squeeze on the intruding object. She gasped softly, realising that the 'vibrator' did not contain a motor at all. The weight that she had felt was entirely due to a large battery. The metal strips on it's outside were not merely decorations but were actually electrical contacts. She tried to turn the dial in the other direction in order to switch the tickling current off, but it would not move. The switch was designed to turn only in one direction unless some hidden catch was released. Cautiously, Kara turned the dial another stop. The current immediately grew in strength, and was now strong enough to feel like she was suffering from pins and needles inside her pussy. Looking at the dial, her eyes widened in shock. There were a total of ten stops on the dial and if the second was any indication, the higher levels would generate a severe shock and might even burn the flesh at the points of contact. It was no wonder that Barbara had wanted to see how far up the dial that Kara would go! She was determined not to disappoint the woman, so she turned the dial again. As expected, the stinging sensation grew significantly in strength, now feeling like tiny ant bites that went on and on. She felt her forehead grow damp and a painful throbbing began to spread through her lower belly. Just then, a sharp 'smack' came from the other side of the room. Looking up, Kara saw Tess' body jerk as the crop hit her clean-shaven pussy. She heard Barbara say 'I shall leave the number of strokes to you. Just tell me when you have had enough'.

    Digging her fingernails into her thigh, Kara turned the dial again. The sharp pain made her throw her head back and to clench the fingers of both hands into the muscles of her bruised buttocks. This level was as far as she could bear to go if she was to stand here and wait for Barbara to finish whipping Tess.

    Barbara brought the crop down again with a sharp flick of her wrist, hitting Tess across both of her plump outer labia. Several red criss-crossing marks now decorated Tess' mound and her inner labia had started to swell where the whip had caught them. Tess had drawn her knee right up to her face and she hugged her thigh to her chest with grim determination. She watched with slitted eyes as Barbara swung the crop back for another stroke. The whip flashed down in a blurred grey arc before striking Tess' flesh. This time, Barbara had aimed the crop so that only the tip struck her victim, landing right at the upper juncture of her labia and expending its full force on and around Tess' clit.

    Tess shouted in pain, her free leg kicking at the fabric of the couch as if to push her tormentor away. The stinging pain of the crop hitting her sensitive clit was almost unbearable.
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    Therapy (Heavy SM, F/FF) Pt.05

    Barbara knelt down beside Tess and asked 'How many of those do you think you could take?'

    Tess shook her head, still panting from the agony that filled her crotch. 'I don't know. That really hurt'

    Wickedly, Barbara said 'Give me a number. If it is reasonable and you manage to hold still for them, I will stop beating your pussy'

    Tess blinked in confusion as she tried to decide on the minimum number of blows to her clit that Barbara was likely to accept and that she would be able to bear without breaking. 'Five?' she said hopefully.

    'That's a deal' said Barbara. 'Open wide'.

    The crop cut through the air and hit the widespread sex again. Tess moaned and writhed on the couch. It felt as if her clit had been cut by a knife. The second stroke fell like an explosion of flame in her groin. The skin around her clit was turning a deep sullen red and the tiny sex bud itself had swollen to almost double it's normal size. Despite her determination, Tess allowed her leg to fall lower in an instinctive move to shield her wounded genitalia.

    'That's naughty' chided Barbara. 'Lets see that lovely little clit' she said, waving her hand upward.

    With a sobbing gasp, Tess jerked her thigh upwards, fully exposing her pussy once more. When Barbara swung the crop and tapped her clit with a practice swing, Tess was mortified to feel a tiny drop of urine escape from her urethra as she shrank back from the anticipated blow.

    Deciding that Tess deserved a reward for her fortitude, Barbara placed the square edged tip of the crop at the opening of Tess' vagina. 'Hold this for me dear' she said as she pushed the shaft of the whip into the gaping pussy.

    Leaving the crop sticking out of Tess' body like an anorexic penis, Barbara turned towards Kara. Reaching out, she cupped the quivering blonde's breasts in her palms, toying with her nipples with her thumbs. 'What setting are you at?' she asked.

    'Four' whispered Kara. 'It really hurts' she added, bowing her head 'but I think that I am getting wet'. When she looked up again there was a look of confusion in her eyes.

    Barbara kissed her damp forehead. Then she slid her hand down the front of Kara's body until the tip of her index finger touched the girl's clit. Pressing firmly on the moist sex bud, Barbara felt a tiny tingle in her finger that was the residue from the stinging current that was cracking in Kara's cunt. Gripping the throbbing clit with thumb and finger, she pressed her lips to Kara's ear. 'I want to hurt you just a little bit more. May I?'

    Kara took a deep breath and braced herself, placing her hands on Barbara's hips as if preparing to dance. 'You may' she whispered back. Barbara's lips pressed against hers and they kissed, tongues twining and probing. At the same time, Barbara pinched the girl's clit firmly, her fingernails biting into the delicate flesh. She felt the girl's hot breath as she gasped in pain, and the girl's moan vibrated in her mouth as she continued to squeeze and twist the exquisitely sensitive morsel. Just then, the computer terminal on the nearby table gave a beep. 'Oops, sorry. I have to stop for a moment. Money calls' said Barbara. As she walked past Tess, she snatched the crop from its fleshy sheath and gave the surprised girl a wicked smack on her clit. 'I don't want you getting bored' she said laughing happily.

    Bending down to look at the LCD screen, Barbara saw the message that she had been waiting for. The flashing cursor on the screen highlighted the words 'Enter your desired password, which should not be shorter than 15 digits and may contain letters and numbers'. She typed in her password, which she had chosen several days earlier, and hit the 'Enter' key. The screen went momentarily blank and then flashed the words 'Congratulations. Your password has been accepted'.

    Barbara whirled around and clapped her hands in delight. 'At last!' she cried. 'All of it is mine'. Skipping back to Kara, she gave the girl a wet smacking kiss on the cheek. In her joy she did not notice Tess getting up from the couch and staring intently in the direction of the computer. Suddenly a green LED lit up in the face of the smartphone that she had placed on the table and Tess' face distorted in a wolfish grin. Kicking aside the riding crop that Barbara had dropped on the floor, she glided over to her discarded jacket.

    Barbara was reaching for Kara's nipples in order to give them a playful tweak when she heard Tess clear her throat loudly with a theatrical 'Ahem!'. Then she saw Kara's eyes widen in shock. Swivelling around, she gasped at the sight of Tess who was wearing her jacket around her shoulders like a cloak and holding a tiny black automatic pistol.

    'Do you like it?' asked Tess, waggling her pistol. 'Its a Kel-Tec P32 and it fits just great in a jacket pocket without making an unsightly bulge. Its light too!'. Tess tapped the gun with her other hand. 'I am sorry that I can't cock the hammer back with a threatening click like they do in the films and I have already chambered a round so I am not going to jack the slide back either, but I am sure that you ladies know what to do' she said, pointing at the ceiling with her free hand.

    Barbara and Kara raised their hands, still shocked at the sudden turn of events.

    'Confused?' said Tess. 'Since neither of you are kung-fu experts, I'll risk taking a moment to explain. See that smartphone? It is actually an infra-red receiver and digital recording device which was given to me by your dear departed husband's legal advisor and friend'. She grinned at Barbara's expression dismay. 'Yes, the same friend who gave you the idea of hiring us for your fun and games. Since he was the one who drafted the contract for the installation of the wireless networking system in this house, he had no problem in getting the specifications of it's encryption system and having a suitable analyser made to look like a telephone'. Tess pressed her hand to her pussy with a hiss of pain.

    'You would not dare use that gun in here' said Barbara.

    'Are you thinking about your faithful butler?' asked Tess mockingly. 'When you husband left everything to you, his faithfulness took a sudden nose-dive. He will earn his share by ensuring that none of the other staff are around to witness what happens'. She laughed as Barbara's shoulders sagged in defeat. 'In a moment I will press the "transmit" button on the phone and my partners will receive your encrypted password and begin transferring your... I mean our money to it's new home'.

    'Why all this rigmarole?' asked Kara. 'You could have just pointed that gun at Barbara and asked her to give you the password'.

    Barbara nodded in agreement.

    'Sorry' said Tess shaking her head. 'We know all about the automatic alarm that would be triggered if the wrong password is entered or if a specific emergency code word is used'

    'So what happens now?' said Kara.

    Tess shook her head sadly. 'There will be a terrible scandal. Rich perverted lady hires prostitute for kinky S&M games. The hooker objects to the rough treatment and pulls out a gun. They struggle and the rich lady gets shot. However, because of the small calibre of the pistol, the wounded rich lady manages to snatch the gun and shoot the hooker in the heart before bleeding to death herself'. Tess gingerly touched her swollen clit again. 'I think that you will have the unusual honour of being shot in the pussy' she snarled. 'Spread you legs apart Barbara. I want to get a good clean shot'

    'What if I refuse?' asked Barbara, her face turning pale.

    Tess shrugged casually. 'I have lots of bullets. I don't mind shooting you in the knees and shoulders first'

    Tears of fright and helplessness ran down Barbara's face as she slowly shuffled her feet apart.

    'Er, Tess...could I ask a favour before you shoot me?' said Kara, apparently resigned to her fate.

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    Therapy (Heavy SM, F/FF) Pt.06

    'Could I at least take this out of my pussy before it happens?' replied Kara, pointing at the dildo that was still embedded in her pussy.

    Tess laughed. 'It would be a giggle to have your body found with that thing still in it, but...O.K. you can take it out' she said magnanimously.

    Kara knew that she would only have one chance at survival. However, it would depend on her ability to withstand pain without showing anything on her face. Reaching down between her legs, she gripped the end of the dildo with one hand and the power dial with the other. 'Let me turn this damned thing off first' she muttered. Gritting her teeth, Kara turned the dial all the way to '10' with a sharp twist of her wrist. The current blasted into the walls of her wet pussy, making tiny burns in her inner flesh as she slid the dildo out. Biting back the urge to scream, Kara lifted the dripping torture device and casually tossed it at Tess, saying 'Here, you can have it'.

    Startled, Tess swatted her hand at the flying object. When her fingers touched the damp metal contacts, a bright purple spark arced out sending a searing shock through her hand and up her arm. She screamed from the blast of electrical energy that shot through her body. The power was actually too low to do any permanent damage, but it stunned her for a second, which was sufficient time for Kara to dive forward and grab the hand that was holding the gun.

    Tess' finger jerked and a 0.32 slug whizzed past Kara's ear. Although the bullet did no damage, the muzzle blast so close to her head stunned her. Dazed, she was able to stop Tess from shooting her, but was unable to wrest the gun away from her adversary. For several seconds the two girls struggled, but with a determined twist of her arms Tess managed to break free. Kara stared at the small black orifice of the pistol's muzzle as it lined up with her eye. There was a sharp 'crack' and Kara looked around in confusion when she realised that she was still alive. Tess crumpled to the floor, revealing Barbara holding the shattered case of the notebook computer in both hands, having just used the electronic device as a very effective club.

    'My husband always said that computers could be bad for your health' gasped Barbara, dropping the now useless computer on the head of the unconscious Tess.

    Chapter Six

    The police had come and gone, taking Tess and the traitorous butler with them. After giving their statements, the police left the two women to recover in peace, ushered away by Barbara's new lawyers.

    Kara slumped gloomily on the couch, sipping at a glass of brandy.

    'What's the matter?' asked Barbara, sitting down beside her.

    'Well, with my boss in jail and his company shut down, I am out of a job. Without a sponsor, I will have to leave the UK and go back to Europe' sighed Kara.

    Barbara studied the beautiful blond for a moment and then she grinned. 'My ex-lawyer may have been a crook, but he did have a good idea. I was enjoying myself up to the point where Tess decided to change the script'.

    'You mean you would hire me?' asked Kara hopefully.

    'I still have a lot of frustrations to work out and you were much more fun than Tess. So... what do think?' replied Barbara.

    Kara sat still for a moment, still feeling the pain deep inside her pussy. Then she smiled and started looking around the room. 'Where did that riding crop go?'

    'Then you'll stay?' asked Barbara.

    'I always wanted to be a therapist' answered Kara, waving the crop and grinning triumphantly.

    The End.

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