The Ticklish Travels of Rachel Cook - Part 8

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    Rachel was quite excited about the next stop on her first international tour, which had not gone exactly as planned with her being tickled almost everywhere she went, almost like she had an invisible mark on her that read tickle me. Rachel, being from a rural area in the northeast, loved to get out into nature – to go camping by a lakeside and to be alone for a time. Not only that, she was going to buy a brand new pair of Kodiak boots for hiking.

    She only had three days in Alaska, to visit some restaurants, to go shopping, and to spend a night in the wild. She would visit one restaurant after arrival, sampling the reindeer stew that it was well-known for in this area. The following day, she would buy her new boots in the morning so that she could wear them for the rest of that day to break them in. Lunch would be reindeer soup at a small eatery she had read about, and supper would be fresh Alaskan wild salmon. She had arranged with the hotel for a small pup tent and a few other things to take along to a nice isolated lake not far from the city that the staff had told her about.

    All went according to plan. She had visited the three restaurants, taken care of her video reports so that Ed could go back to New York with the tapes and materials they had amassed on their trip, and she had bought her Kodiak boots in the morning. After wearing her new boots all day and hiking to the isolated lake the staff had told her about, though, her feet were sore and Rachel was certain that she had blisters on her feet. Once she had set up her tent, she decided to soak her feet in some water from the lake to which she would add all the salt she had with her, nearly half a pound. She was very fond of salty foods, often saying the saltier the better, and always made sure she had extra salt with her. Today, though, for her sore feet, the salt was going to be particularly useful, and it felt so good to soak her feet in the salted water for at least an hour. She crawled into the little pup tent and quickly fell asleep.

    Rachel woke up with a start when her pup tent collapsed around her. Someone, or something, was there and had hit her little pup tent. She didn’t move, other than to open a little hole in the fabric of the tent to see who, or what, was out there. It was early in the morning and the sun was only just rising in the sky, perhaps three o’clock. Being late summer, the sun was no longer up through the entire night. When she looked through the hole in the fabric, she saw a moose – a wild animal related to the deer and elk, about the size of a horse and six times as strong. It was rummaging around at the other end of the tent, sniffing at her things. Then it found what it was looking for.

    “Shit,†said Rachel, trying to fight her way out of the collapsed tent as the moose started to lick her feet. It had sensed the salt that was no soaked deeply into the skin of her feet and dried overnight. Rachel struggled fiercely to get away, but the more she fought against the fabric of the collapsed tent, the more she wrapped herself in the material.

    “Hahahahahahahaha, shihihihihihit,†she laughed, “ahahahahahaha, heeeeeeeeelp, somebohohohody, pleaheahease!â€

    The moose, with its long, wide velvety tongue and cold, wet nose, kept on licking and muzzling around her feet, licking the tops, the bottoms and the soles of her feet relentlessly. There was simply no escape. The more she fought against the fabric, the more mummified she got to be as it wrapped around her. Even her arms ended up pinned against her sides.

    Before long, other moose arrived to get some of the salt, too. The salt was a great treat for them and something they rarely, if ever, got to taste. The worst of the tickling, though, was when the big moose ran its long, velvety tongue over the soles of her feet and when the little newborn moose licked her toes.

    “Shihihihihihit, go awayhayhayhay,†she cried, “youhouhou’re kihihihihiling mehehehehehehehe!â€

    “Ahahahahahahaha,†she cried, “I’ve gohohot to pihihihihiss!â€

    By the time four hours had passed, and the herd of moose had satisfied itself with the salt from her feet, Rachel had pissed herself several times. Her jeans, panties, even her t-shirt and the fabric of the tent itself were soaked. It took her nearly half an hour to untangle herself from the tent.

    “Shit!†she said to herself, “What the hell was that all about? I soak my sore feet in salt water and the damn wildlife comes and tickles the piss out of me. Now I’m soaking wet all over.â€

    Since the lake was quite isolated, and there was nobody around anywhere, Rachel decided to take off her wet clothes and wash them in the lake. Then, while they were on tree branches drying, she would go for a dip in the lake to soak in the cool water and to clean herself. She was a sweaty, pee-soaked mess from head to foot.
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    Pretty soon she was sitting in the cool water, gently massaging her soft feet, which were sore from the previous days walking and still tingled from the visit by the herd of moose. She stretched her young body to its fullest length in the water, keeping only her face above the surface so that she could breathe. She even spread her arms and legs widely so that every little spot of her could be soaked in the cool Alaskan water. As she did so, she felt little nibbles on her toes, her feet, her genitals, her tummy, her nipples and under her arms. She sat up in the water and saw all the fish that had been nipping at her, perhaps thinking she was something to eat and discovering it was not so. Some of the fish were still nibbling at her toes.

    “Hey you guys,†she said, “stop that – it tickles.â€

    When Rachel got out of the water, completely naked as she was, she checked her clothes to see if anything was dry yet. But the only thing that had dried so far was the thin, plastic-like fabric of the pup tent. She was quite exhausted from the tickling that the herd of moose had inflicted on her, taking a leisurely and torturous four hours to lick all of the salt from her feet, and she decided to put the tent fabric on the ground as a mat and to sleep on it face down. If anybody came, she thought, all they would see is her bare ass. So, she fell asleep again by the shore of the lake.

    Rachel woke up with a start as she felt a cold nose in the crack of her ass, forcing its way between her thighs, a strong tongue trying to lick at her pussy. She knew not to move too quickly and opened her eyes, as she faced the lake. She saw a large mother Kodiak bear in the shallow water at the edge of the lake trying to catch a fish. As she turned her head, she saw three small bear cubs investigating the various parts of her body, realizing then that the smell of the fish who had nipped at her must be all over her skin.

    “Stop that, you guys,†she said to the bear cubs, rolling over onto her back.

    The mother bear, who was fishing about thirty feet away, growled softly as she heard Rachel and saw her roll over onto her back. The cubs meanwhile started to lick every part of Rachel’s body where they could smell the fish, starting with her stomach, her nipples and her feet, all at the same time.

    “Ahahahahaha, shihihihihit!†Rachel screamed softly, through clenched teeth, as she kept a constant eye on the mother bear. It was terrible – she had three small bear cubs licking her feet, her belly button and her nipples, and she couldn’t even make a sound without risking her life.

    “Ohohohohohoho, mmmmmmmmmmmhph, ahahahahahahahahaha,†she laughed, through her clenched teeth, desperately trying not to move.

    One of the cubs started nosing around her pubic hair and pushing its cold, wet nose into the vee-shaped crevice as Rachel tried desperately to keep her legs together. A moment later, the other two cubs started to push their noses into her armpits as she held her arms tightly to her sides.

    “No,†she said quietly, “don’t do that.â€

    The bear cubs started to make little threatening sounds. Their mother growled at Rachel, without moving from her fishing spot. She kept watching for fish, but eyeing Rachel at the same time. Realizing she had no choice in the matter, at the risk of her young life, she spread-eagled herself, putting her arms above her head and her legs widely apart.

    She laughed and cursed as quietly as she could, with her teeth clenched tightly together, and her fists clenched tightly, as the bear cubs licked her armpits. One of them got tired of that and moved back to her feet.

    Rachel knew she was becoming sexually excited with the licking going on between her legs. She had desperately tried to resist any sexual arousal but that was to no avail at all. As a young woman in her mid-twenties, her body’s sexual responses were at their peak. While Rachel’s own juices started to flow, more and more liberally, the bear cub increased his licking to taste the new flavor that was appearing on his tongue. She threw her head back and arched her back as the sensations became more and more intense. Not only that, but the licking in her armpits and on the soles of her feet went on and on, stopping only for a cold, wet muzzle to investigate her sensitive tickle spots.

    “Aahahahahahaha, shihihihit,†she said, through tightly clenched teeth, squeezing her eyes, her hips involuntarily bucking up and down to meet each stroke of the tongue on her young pussy, “I’m going to come! Oh, shihihihihit!â€

    “Aaah, mmmmmm, aaaah,†she mewled through her gritted teeth, never taking her eyes off the mother bear who could get to her in a few seconds, “I’m going to come, oh shit, I’m going to come, aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!â€

    At the very moment the mother bear caught a huge fish in her mouth, Rachel exploded into a fist-clenching, teeth-gritting, toe-curling orgasm, unable to help herself – even unable to cry out for fear of her life. With her fish in her mouth, though, the mother bear started to walk away, and the three cubs walked away with her, leaving Rachel lying on the fabric of the tent.
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    As her clothes were dry by this time, she got dressed and hiked back to the hotel. There was still some time before she had to go to the airport, so after packing her things, Rachel went to the little restaurant for another bowl of reindeer stew. The owner of the restaurant, being alone with Rachel as the lunch hour was over, noticed that she had some trouble walking in her new boots. He offered to massage her sore feet, and Rachel was more than happy to accept that offer, quickly removing her boots and socks.

    “Oh, Simon,†she said, “that feels so good! What are you putting on my feet, though?â€

    “It’s whale blubber,†he said, “it smells a little but you can wash your feet after I’m done massaging them.â€

    After Simon had finished massaging Rachel’s delicious size 8 feet with the whale blubber, he brought out a big bowl of reindeer stew, some freshly-baked bread and a big mug of steaming hot coffee for each of them. His two big Alaskan Husky dogs came and laid down under the table waiting for something to eat, too. When they got a whiff of Rachel’s feet, though, with the whale blubber massaged into the skin, they turned around and started licking the toes and soles of Rachel’s feet. She, on the other hand, didn’t want to let on that something was happening to Simon, who she liked, and she simply sat at the table, eating and giggling, as the man chatted with her. The dogs, however, kept on licking the whole time she was at the table.

    Rachel finished her lunch, which Simon had told her was on the house, and went to the washroom to wash her feet and put her socks and boots back on. Then it was back to her hotel room for a telephone call she wanted to make.

    “Hello,†she said, “is that Yasuhiro Kato?â€

    “Hi, Hiro, it’s Rachel. Yes, of course, I’m fine, thank you. I’m in Anchorage, and I was just thinking about you since we had two such great nights together.â€

    “Yes, Hiro. Did you mean it when you said I could come back to visit anytime?â€

    “Oh, good. Can I come now?â€

    “Yes, I miss you already. No, I don’t know why. All I know is that I want to come back to see you and be with you for a while.â€

    “Yes, I know you’ll probably tickle me. It’s okay.â€

    “You’ll meet me in Sapporo? Okay.â€

    “In about six hours? Your private jet? Okay, I’ll wait for it.â€

    “Okay, see you soon! Bye, bye!â€
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    What did you guys and gals think of this series?

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