The Temple of Laughing Waters - Part 001

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    Janelle started to waken. The two young women had finished work at seven
    and decided to spend Friday evening in one of the local bars for a few
    drinks, some music and dancing, perhaps some socializing and meeting up
    with friends or new people. After five hours in the bar and twice as many
    drinks, they decided to take a taxi back to Megan’s apartment. Janelle lived
    with parents, after all, and it would be best not to arrive in the very tipsy
    state she had brought onto herself. The doorman in front of the bar had
    waved for a taxi to take the girls home and a beautiful white luxury car
    driving by an elegant older gentleman came to a stop at the curb almost
    immediately. The doorman told the girls that this was a luxury car of the
    type used for airport service. Megan and, then, Janelle slid into the very
    soft leather rear seat of the car while the driver gave the doorman a tip of
    some amount in his hand. Megan told the older gentleman her address as
    she got in and that was the last thing Janelle would remember.

    Janelle was an adorable 22-year old girl with long auburn colored hair. She
    was quite small, standing only five feet two inches. She had worn a t-shirt
    and jeans to work with her favorite ankle height boots and socks. Megan
    was a pretty 20-year old with long blonde hair and a height of five feet four
    inches. She, too, had worn a t-shirt and jeans but with flipflops.

    As she started to waken, Janelle instinctively felt that something was wrong,
    in that she was flat on her back, chilly and unable to move. Her big brown
    eyes flashed open. She tried to lift her head but was unable to do so as a
    restraint around her neck held her down. She looked at one of her wrists
    and saw that her arms had been secured over her head and out to the side,
    being held in place by metal restraints around her wrists and upper arms. A
    metal bar had been placed across the palm of each of her hands and she
    could wrap her fingers around the bar and grasp it as she clenched her fist.
    She looked down the sides of her body and saw that each of her legs was
    similarly held in place with metal restraints around her ankles and thighs,
    just above her knees. She felt the coolness of the air around her feet, which
    almost dangled off the end of each leg piece, and her genitals which were
    widely exposed by her legs being spread apart. She felt another restraint,
    similar to the one on her neck, around her waist. Never before had she felt
    so helpless, so totally exposed, so terribly vulnerable.

    “Oh, my God,†screamed Megan, as she came to and saw the predicament
    she was in, “what the hell is this?â€

    Both of the girls had been placed on x-shaped tables with about four feet of
    open space between them. The were spread-eagled like two starfish, one
    dark-haired and one blonde, with their arms and legs spread widely apart at
    the extreme corner ends of the tables. It was impossible to move other than
    to squirm or struggle a little.

    “Janelle, what the hell is going on,†she cried, “where are we?â€

    “I don’t know,†Janelle responded, “but I’ll bet that old man driving that big
    car last night had something to do with it.â€

    “Right you are, young lady,†said the older gentleman as he approached the
    two girls, “and I will be quite pleased to explain everything to you.â€

    “Let us go,†cried Megan, as she struggled against her restraints, “you can’t
    do this to us!â€

    The older man was very articulate and highly educated, handsome and very
    elegantly dressed, clearly fearless and perfectly in control.

    “I’m afraid I can,†he said, as he softly stroked his finger over Megan’s
    body, “and I did.â€

    “Please let us go,†whimpered Megan, “I don’t want to get hurt or, even
    worse, killed.â€

    Slowly and deliberately he ran his fingers down the sides of Megan’s body
    from her armpits to her hips, over her stomach, around her breasts, along the
    outside of her legs, along the inside of her legs, finally arriving at the soles
    of her feet. He softly but intensely tickled the soles of her feet as he taunted

    “My, my,†he teased, “but your little feet are cold. Even so, they are so soft
    and pretty.â€

    “Sto-ho-hop,†Megan cried, “that ti-hi-hicles!â€

    “As it should,†he said, turning to Janelle’s feet on the other table, “and
    what of your little feet, are they as soft and pretty as her’s?â€

    Janelle stiffened her body and bit into her lip to stop herself from laughing
    out loud as he delicately stroked the soles of her little size six feet. Taking
    notice of her reaction, the man released a lever and raised the foot end of her
    table perhaps a foot higher and consequently lowering her head by an equal

    “Well, well,†said the man, sniffing Janelle’s feet now at the height of his
    face, “these feet are indeed very pretty and smell wonderful. Let’s see if
    they taste as good as they look and smell.â€

    He firmly took hold of Janelle’s left foot and licked it carefully, starting at
    her toes, moving to the little hollow underneath and thoroughly licking the
    spaces between, then kissing and licking the sensitive instep and the ultra
    sensitive little space behind the crease on the ball of her foot. Janelle lost
    control of her laughter, squirmed and struggled, clenched her fists and rolled
    her head from side to side as she laughed and screamed.

    “No-ho-ho, plea-hee-heese,†she cried, “you’re ki-hi-hiling me-hee-hee!â€

    After a time, her right foot received the same attention. Then he brought the
    table back to a level position as Janelle’s chest was heaving and her sweaty,
    tear-stained face still rolling from side to side.

    “Look at you now,†he said, as he tweaked Janelle’s nipples and patted her
    genitals, “did you really think you could resist me?â€

    “What about you,†he said, turning to Megan, “are your feet as tasty as

    “Oh, no,†blurted Megan, “her feet are much nicer than mine.â€

    “I see,†he said, “perhaps I’ll have to taste them later. In the meantime, I
    have set my computer system to take some measurements from the two of
    you. I’ll be back a little later.â€

    “Please tell us where we are,†asked Janelle, “and why you brought us

    “Alright, ladies,†he said, “you are in the Temple of Laughing Waters and
    you are both going to give sacrifice tonight. Nobody will be hurt or killed
    but you might wish that was the case before we are done.â€

    “I see you have both started to offer a sacrifice already,†he said, as he
    looked at the puddle beneath each table, “that’s very good!â€

    “What the hell is the Temple of Laughing Waters,†asked Megan, as she
    watched the man leave the room.

    “I don’t know,†said Janelle, “but I’m sure we’re going to find out.â€

    Suddenly the computer monitors above the tables came to life. One of the
    stainless doors along the wall nearest each girl opened and several probes
    appeared and came toward them. On the computer screen above, the girls
    could see exactly what the camera on the probe was seeing as it neared its

    To their horror, every part of each girl’s body was measured with the data
    entered into the computer system of the facility. For the most part, the
    measuring process was unnerving but touchless. The probes did, however,
    take careful measurements around each girl’s genitalia including the depth
    and width of her vagina which not only required touching her but entering
    the most private part of her body. The probes also touched each girl’s feet,
    moving them into different positions, and measuring every small part of
    each foot. Both girls screamed and struggled as the measurements were
    being taken and Megan became frantic when the probe forced itself inside
    of her. Janelle had a little more control of her reactions than Megan.

    “The Temple of Laughing Waters,†he suddenly said as he entered the room,
    startling both girls, “actually began in the south seas. Whenever different
    tribes went to battle, be it on the same larger island or from different islands,
    captives would almost always be taken. The female captives, if they were
    young and pretty, would be staked out on the ground in the same position as
    you are now, and their feet would be tickled by the women of the winning
    tribe, usually four young women per foot each with a feather specially
    collected for the purpose. When the women became tired, fresh new women
    would take their place. In this manner, the tickling would continue often for
    many days.â€

    “Unbeknown to those south sea islanders, the laughter of very pretty young
    women was pleasing to God, in their case, the various island deities they
    believed in. Hawaii and the various islands of the south seas were therefore
    favored with beautiful scenery, a fabulous climate, powerful male warriors,
    beautiful women with fantastic dance skills, and so on. Even today, Hawaii
    and Tahiti, among other more remote islands, are the most beautiful places
    on the planet.â€
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    “We were told by the religious leaders of these various islands that a great
    benefit came from the lengthy tickling of these pretty young women with its
    resultant laughter, particularly if they were sexually aroused at the time. If
    they wet themselves during the process, as was always the case, the water
    that was collected became a sacrifice along with their laughter, and was to
    become known as ‘laughing waters’.”

    “From this knowledge, we developed a worldwide religious affiliation that
    we refer to as ‘The Temple of Laughing Waters’. Today, we honor these
    traditions through the laughter and waters of young maidens we capture at
    regular intervals. We believe that this brings great fortune upon ourselves,
    our interests and our homes. We believe, also, that great fortune befalls the
    sacrificial maidens providing they don’t allow any others to acquire this

    “That’s a very nice story,” said Janelle, “and I guess all you want is to tickle
    us for a while.”

    “No, God, Janelle, I can’t stand to be tickled,” cried Megan.

    “Neither can I,” said Janelle, “but there’s nothing I can do about it.”

    “Quite right,” said the man, “and since we don’t have a number of young
    girls available to perform the tickling ritual on you, we have developed a
    computer program to do that for us. When the system is turned on, it will
    begin to arouse one of you and bring you to a sexual climax. After you
    orgasm, the system will tickle your feet until fifty minutes, including the
    sexual arousal and orgasm have passed. You will then have a ten-minute
    rest and the process will begin again. The tenth, and last session, will
    continue the tickling until the full sixty minutes has elapsed.”

    “Then the longer it takes us to have an orgasm, the less we get tickled,” said

    “In theory, that is true,” he said, “but the computer system will monitor you
    constantly and detect if you are resisting the sexual climax. If so, it will
    simply increase its efforts to bring you to orgasm.”

    “Oh, my God,” cried Meghan, “I’ll die.”

    “As I said, the system will start with one of you,” he explained, “while it
    will start with the other half an hour later. In that way, at least one of you
    will be laughing at any time during the ten hour sacrificial period, and the
    laughter will be uninterruped by rest breaks.”

    “Then you had better start with me,” said Janelle.

    “I don’t think so,” he said, “you have a lot more spirit than your friend there
    and you strike me as a much braver young woman. I’ll let you listen to your
    friend for half an hour before your turn comes.”

    Although Janelle didn’t see the man push a start switch or anything like
    that, she heard the whirring of machinery nearby, beneath the table she
    thought. She was aware of something rising up from beneath her and
    coming to rest between her legs. She felt its lubricated tip against her
    vagina. It had an almost imperceptible vibration but did not seem to be

    She was quite right in her perception. A large mechanical device with a big
    dildo had raised up from beneath the table and was now poised to push its
    way inside of her. The pulsations were very slight but very intimidating.

    Janelle also felt the devices position themselves near the soles of her feet
    and placing a clamp around her big toes. She couldn’t tell if they were
    equipped with brushes, feathers or something else. But they, too, were
    pulsating and very intimidating. It was as though they were letting her
    know of their presence and their intent to tickle the soles of her feet without
    actually tickling her.

    “No-o-o,” Megan screamed as the rape machine forced itself inside of her.
    It started pumping slowly in and out of her vagina, which was sopping wet
    because of the pulsations, and worked its way in and out increasing its
    speed and intensity as it went. The computer had already measured her to
    determine the exact size of dildo required and the depth to which it should
    go for the greatest impact without hurting her.

    No matter what Megan did, the machine was relentless. She cried and she
    screamed, she squirmed and she struggled, all to no avail. The machine’s
    mission was to bring her to orgasm and it accomplished its task within six

    “No-o-o, plea-hea-hease,” she cried, laughing uncontrollably as the
    machines at her feet started to tickle her. No matter how she cried, howled,
    pleaded, squirmed and struggled, the tickling continued.

    Janelle tried desperately to keep her composure as she lay on the big table
    awaiting her turn. It was almost impossible, though, with the pulsating tip
    of the dildo against her vaginal lips and the pulsating tickle machines
    against the soles of her feet. She looked at Megan to console her but the
    tickling had taken Megan into another realm of existence.

    It was maddening listening to Megan, watching her tormented body squirm
    and struggle against her bonds, all the while being tomented by the devices
    attached to her own body. Still, she could do nothing but wait.

    She was amazed how open she felt around her genitals with her that wide
    apart. She felt currents of cool air like little feathers all around her pussy.
    Then, the pulsations in the piston placed against her vagina increased and it
    easily entered her. She was amazed that she was already sopping wet. It
    pushed its way deeply into her and then withdrew, stopping slightly short of
    exiting her vagina. It then moved back in and out, in and out, in and out.
    She fought the feelings overwhelming her nervous system with all her might
    as the dildo moved in and out faster and faster. No matter how hard she
    resisted, it was futile, and she had an orgasm within nine minutes.
    She kicked her legs in desperation as she came trying to drive her feet
    further away in the hope of some relief.

    “Oh, my God,” she told herself, “here we go!”

    The brushes, if that’s what they were, against the soles of her feet started to
    move. Instinctively, she flexed her toes but the clamp on her big toes only
    allowed them to move a certain distance. She grit her teeth, squeezed her
    eyes, clenched her fists and struggled against her restraints as the sensations
    reached her brain. She knew her feet were ticklish but she could not believe
    how ticklish they were after an orgasm and half an hour of the pulsations on
    her feet. She screamed and laughed uncontrollably.

    After a time that seemed like an eternity, the tickling stopped. She panted
    and panted as she tried to catch her breath. Megan, her face and entire body
    bright pink in color, was laughing wildly on the table next to her as she was
    well into her second hour-long session. Janelle knew she had pissed herself
    at least twice while she was being tickled.

    “That is the first of your ten hours out of the way,” the man said.

    “Please, I can’t take it anymore,” she said, “please let me go now.”

    “You can take a lot more than that little bit of tickling on your pretty little
    feet,” he said, as he brushed the hair off her sweating, tear-stained face and
    kissed her, “and you will.”

    “No, please, no more,” she pleaded, as she felt the piston of the rape
    machine between her legs start to move again. It was going to be a long,
    long night, one that would, indeed, be pleasing to the deities.
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    Who do you think should be the next candidate? You can provide a first name and a good description of someone you think should make a sacrifice in the temple. I would love to get some feedback, too, especially from women, but men as well.
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