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    Sabrina started to waken. Her vision still blurry and her brain not even close to comprehending her surroundings, she allowed the distinguished looking older gentleman to her right to support her and to guide her. She still wore the red panties and haltar top she had worn to bed but somehow she sensed that she had high heels on. She tried to bring herself back to consciousness but her brain still wanted to sleep. She tried to go back to sleep but she still had a sense of standing up with the older man by her side.

    She suddenly felt her body touch something cold and metallic. The sensation of cold, hard metal touched the front of her body and her legs while it seemed to wrap around her and touch the sides of her upper arms. Her eyes flashed open and she was instantly awake. The older man was bent down and had placed her ankles into two half-round slots at the bottom of the device and was holding them there while a metal restraint bar with two matching half-round slots was closing around them. Her legs were held about a foot apart. She wanted to push him away and free herself but to her dismay found that her wrists were secured behind her back with handcuffs. She heard the metallic click as the restraining bar locked in place to helplessly secure her ankles.

    “What the hell are you doing,†she demanded, “and where am I? Let me go!â€

    When he did not respond to her, she lifted her head and took in her surroundings. She was standing inside a semicircular device that extended from her neck down to her ankles. She nearly panicked as she saw, some five feet in front of her, a stainless steel guillotine with its razor sharp blade. The room was spotlessly clean and all of the furnishings were gleaming stainless steel. She wanted to step out of the device but her ankles were now securely locked. She couldn’t take her eyes off the blade in front of her.

    He picked up a pair of scissors from a small cart nearby. These were the type of scissors with a blunt end used by hospitals to remove bandages and clothes. Quietly and methodically he cut through the cloth of her haltar top following her spine from the top to the bottom. He then easily cut the straps, first the left and then the right. He reached around the front and pulled the haltar top away. Sabrina got goosebumps as she felt her breasts touch the cold stainless steel of the bascule.

    “Please, sir, stop,†she pleaded, “I haven’t done anything to you.â€

    Saying nothing, he moved on to her red panties cutting vertically down the sides of both hips, starting with the right and then the left. Sabrina felt the back half of her panties drop and the coolness of the air upon the cheeks of her ass. He pulled the back of her panties and they quickly came off through her parted thighs. Except for her high heels she was now completely naked. Understandably, she continued to plead with him, her eyes always returning to that terrible blade hanging quite nearly above her.

    “My God, what are you doing,†she cried, “stop it and let me go.â€

    The man retrieved a large dildo from the small cart, which she was unable to see because of her position. She had never seen a dildo quite like this because it had a radio antenna coming out of the end. In fact, it reminded her of the cordless microphones she had seen singers use. She watched in horror as he lubricated it with oil.

    “Please, why don’t you talk to me,†she pleaded, “what have I ever done to you?â€

    Looking into her eyes for but a moment, she sensing there was no respite for her, he moved in behind her and with his oily fingers began to massage her vagina. As soon as there was enough give and lubrication on her genital lips, he slowly and steadily pushed the dildo inside her. Deeper and deeper inside her he pushed it until it reached all the way up to her cervix. It felt terrible and it hurt.

    “Please don’t, sir,†she begged, “please take it out. It’s hurting me. It’s too big.â€

    Without a word, he picked up a second dildo, a black one that was slightly smaller than the other one. It, too, had a radio antenna protruding from the end that would remain outside after it was inserted. She watched in horror as he lubricated it with the oil and then moved behind her. She begged and pleaded as he massaged her asshole to force it to relax while she tried desperately to squeeze it closed. The man knew exactly what he was doing, though, and it didn’t take long for her asshole to relax at the touch of his oiled fingers. He again pushed the dildo into her rectum, slowly and steadily, until it was deep inside her. Rebecca had never felt anything like this, two large dildos pushed deep inside her pussy and her asshole. She started to cry, the tears flowing down her cheeks.

    The man then brought forth a leather belt that he pushed through the space between her waist and the metal surface of the bascule. He wrapped it around her and secured it with a buckle in the small of her back, lifting her cuffed hands as he did so. He unlocked the handcuffs, removed them and placed them on the small cart while holding her right arm all the time. He then secured her right wrist in a leather cuff attached to the belt. He then secured her left wrist into a similar leather cuff on the other side. She tried to twist her body, to squirm and to fight her way loose, but the ankle restraints prevented any meaningful movement.

    Next he brought out another strap which had a triangular section about the size of a woman’s patch of pubic hair on the front. He reached in front of her belly and snapped one end of the strap onto the leather belt he had placed around her. He then pushed the rest of the strap down her abdomen to the point where the triangular piece covered her pubic mound. He pulled the leather strap through her legs and caused the lower end of the inverted triangular piece to cover her clitoris. He carefully placed the strap so the antennas from the two dildos fit through holes in the leather. Then he pulled the strap painfully tight through her butt crack and clipped it to the leather belt. It had a number of holes by which it could be attached so that it was adjustable and would be equally and painfully tight on any woman. The strap, thusly secured, held the built-in vibrator perfectly on her clit and the two dildos immovably inside of her.

    “Please stop, you’re hurting me,†she pleaded, hoping to get at least some sort of response from the man.

    He moved to a nearby control console, to the side of a red leather chair, and pushed two buttons. Suddenly, two stainless steel bars that had been open on the left side of the bascule began to close behind her. She could hardly see them but she could sense them closing around her. Then with a click she heard them lock to her right side..

    “What are you doing,†she pleaded, “why are you doing this to me?â€

    He brought out a penis gag and tried to put it her mouth as she struggled and resisted, moving her head from side to side. As she tried to complain and plead, she had to open her mouth barely far enough for him to get the tip of the penis gag inside and then steadily force it in. Once he had it in, he lifted her hair and secured the straps with a buckle behind her head.

    He gently parted her long blonde hair and brought it forward down both sides of her head. He touched another button on the console and another stainless steel restraint, this one with a semicircular hole built into it, slowly closed behind her neck. This forced her neck into a matching half-round hole in the bascule. She was now completely helpless and unable to move.

    “That blade is razor sharp,†he told her, indicating the cutting blade, as he kissed the side of her neck softly, “and it will cut through your soft young neck like a hot knife through butter. You won’t even feel it until some seconds after it has cut through and come to rest at the bottom.â€

    “Whether you live or die will be completely up to you,†he told her, as he sat in his red leather chair and poured himself a glass of fine wine, “I have always been fascinated by the female nervous system and the sexuality that is attendant to it. In a moment, I am going to activate the machine to which you are now secured. To begin with, the vibrator on your clitoris will start to vibrate for several minutes and, when the computer thinks you’re ready, the two dildos inside of you, which are also equipped with powerful vibrators, will start to work. When you orgasm, the bascule in which you are secured will rotate six inches closer to the guillotine. If you can resist the orgasm and you don’t climax for fifteen minutes, the system will stop and give you a five minute rest. If you have all of the orgasms and don’t prevent any, the eleventh orgasm will lock your neck in place beneath the blade and the twelfth orgasm will cause it to fall. The system also had a two hour timer that will shut down the system if the blade has not fallen by that time. The computer will know when you climax, wait for your orgasm to subside, and move the bascule. He pushed the activation switch.

    “Noooo,†she screamed into her gag, “please noooo!â€
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    Sabrina was horrified to feel the vibrator on her clit come to life. She did all she could to try to minimize the sensations. She tried to wiggle her ass from side to side and front to back but the strap held the vibrator perfectly in place. She tried to hop up and down as much as the restraints would let her but the neck and ankle restraints prevented any meaningful movement that way. She tried to think of something else, to sing a song, anything to divert her attention away from the sensations in her clit. Nothing helped. She was getting sexually aroused. Then, with the computer sensing her sexual arousal, the two dildos inside of her began to vibrate with a vengeance, powerfully doing their work from the entrance of her vagina along its entire length to her cervix and the other one far up into her ass. Desperately she fought the sensations, squeezing her eyes, biting her lip, clenching her fists, wiggling her ass and flexing her toes inside her shoes. The torment was unbelievable as the devices forced her sexual arousal and did all they could to make her climax. Finally, after some twelve minutes of fighting it, resisting with everything she had, she had a mind-blowing orgasm, screaming with both passion and anguish.

    “My God,†she pleaded, biting into the leather of the gag, “please, please stop this!â€

    After Sabrina had caught her breath, she heard some hydraulic machinery activate and she felt the bascule start to move. She tried desperately to dig her toes into the unyielding polished stone floor but she felt her feet move backwards and raise up from the floor. Flexing her toes with all her might to stop the movement, she dislodged her shoes which fell away to the side. Now barefoot, after a movement of six inches, she could only barely touch the floor with the tips of her toes.

    “There you are, Sabrina,†said the man, relaxing in his leather chair, “every orgasm you have will bring you closer to the blade of the guillotine. Even more, the intensity of the vibrators will increase with each orgasm. No woman has ever made it the entire two hours for the system to shut down.â€

    Sabrina clenched her teeth and winced her eyes, inhaling deeply with dread, as the vibrator on her now swollen clitoris began to work again. Clenching her fists and flexing her toes, she suffered in muffled silence as her next orgasm started to build. Then the two dildos began to vibrate and brought her to orgasm in only ten minutes. She threw her head back as far as the neck restraint would allow in orgasmic ecstasy, stiffening her entire body as the waves of her climax swept through her nervous system. She panted and panted, trying to catch her breath. When she did, the sound of the machinery announced the coming movement of the bascule another six inches and, then, when it came, her toes were lifted from the ground. She felt the coolness of the air on the soles of her feet.

    Moments later she felt the vibrator on her clitoris start working again. She tried to concentrate on something else, anything else, but the sensations in her clit were overwhelming. Then the two vibrators inside of her started their work again with more intensity than before. Minutes later she winced her eyes in sexual frustration as she climaxed again. She noticed that the interval between each orgasm was becoming shorter and shorter. Again, a few seconds to catch her breath and the bascule moved, raising her feet and lowering her head as it pivoted on its axis.

    It was a very devious torture system in which her own body would repeatedly betray her and bring her closer to a violet death under the waiting blade of the guillotine. There was nothing she could do about it. No amount of struggling, squirming or resistance was going to help. No amount of pleading or begging, even if there was no gag in her mouth, would convince the man to stop the torment. She was doomed to suffer her execution.

    As a university senior in the biosciences at twenty-one years of age, a lot of hard work left her little time for dating and it was not often that she had sex. She was beautiful, though, standing five feet six inches with long, blonde hair and green eyes. She always concentrated on her studies and, with a part time evening job, usually ended up going straight to bed. The man sitting in the chair, watching her torment with interest and amusement, was somehow familiar. She couldn’t exactly place him, though.

    Several orgasms later, with the bascule at the halfway point now holding her at a forty-five degree angle, the man spoke to her again,
    “That’s enough of the foreplay, Sabrina, now it’s time to move on to the main event!â€

    Sabrina’s eyes opened wide in utter disbelief as she suddenly felt the intensity of the terrible vibrator double and the two dildos deep inside her belly began to slowly and repeatedly thrust in and out. Even though the crotch strap was holding them inside her, the man had left enough room for them to move back and forth. Suddenly, the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced overwhelmed her senses without warning. It seemed to trap her in one long and continuous orgasm.

    She was horrified as the machine moved the bascule and her neck closer to the bracket beneath the blade, paused for only a few seconds and then moved closer again. Sabrina fought desperately not to orgasm but it was to no avail. She kept coming and coming as the vibrators and dildos did their work.

    Within the half hour that the bascule took to complete the last half of its journey, the vibrator and dildos stopping only one stop away from its completion, Sabrina waited in horror as the bascule was lowered onto its brackets and she heard it lock in place with a metallic click. She now lay flat on her stomach and her neck was perfectly in place beneath the razor sharp blade of the machine.

    “One hour and twenty minutes,†said the man, “if you can hold off another orgasm for forty minutes, the system will shut down and you will survive.â€

    Sabrina felt the vibrator start again, followed not long after by the two dildos. She struggled and squirmed against her restraints and bit into the leather gag with all of her might. Soon, though, she had another intense orgasm. The tears flowed from her eyes, dropping to the floor below. She heard the magnetic locks of the blade above her come to life and release the blade.

    Sabrina screamed in the darkness of her bedroom. She had flung the blankets and sheets from her bed. She lay on her stomach, with her arms by her side, on a sheet wet with her sweat. She had even wet herself. Instinctively, she reached for her neck.

    “Oh, my God,†she cried, sobbing with tears flowing down her cheeks, “was that only a dream? I thought I was going to die!â€
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