The next Pedestal will be on Thursday December 6th

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    Club Pedestal ,London's Foremost Femdom Fetish Club.

    The next Pedestal will be on Thursday December 6th at London’s Club Aquarium.

    It’s hoped Superior Mistress Tia and one or two other Dark Mirror Mistress will be accompanying Superior Mistress Vixen to the next Club Pedestal.


    If any M/members haven’t had the opportunity to experience a Club Pedestal night, it really is a night to remember. The experience, from the moment you walk in the door, is unforgettable.


    Surrounded by countless Gorgeous Goddesses, many you will have worshipped in FemDom videos.
    To be able to present ones self, showing true appreciation for Their talents, skill and beauty.
    Kneeling with eyes down before a strict and powerful Dominatrix is an indescribable sensation.
    Pleading to kiss the feet of these Dominate and Superior Females, begging for permission to worship Devine Goddess, before this opportunity, that was only a dream, now it can be reality.
    This isn’t the realm of fantasy, These Ladies are patrons of Club Pedestal, from the moment one steps from the street and enters Club Pedestal, it’s a extremely different but true reality.

    Club Pedestal an alternate social order ruled by and dedicated to Female Supremacy, submit completely to explore the darkest depths of submissive despair.
    The admittance overseer, Superior Mistress Absolute, decides who’s “suitable†to be granted entry to a night of submissive ecstasy.

    ….It’s an incredible night out, so why not come along, join-in, introduce yourself to Superior Mistress Vixen, The Other Dark Mirror Mistress and have some FUN .

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