the most intense torture..

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Frostig, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. Frostig

    Frostig Member

    What's the most intense torture you've seen or done? Let's be morbid now...

    The most intense one I've seen was a chick getting her clit zapped with a laser.. like damn!
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  2. I like pain, but I'm not a fan of pain porn. I find it to be fake and not worth my time. So the worst I've seen has been basic spanking/caning stuff. One that comes to mind is a woman is spanking her husband over a table. He starts bleeding then falls to the ground. She doesn't stop while he crawls trying to get away. The camera goes to a closeup of his face and he's crying. There was quite a bit of blood. I'm not a fan of blood. I just wanted to see how it ended. Haha
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  3. master jey

    master jey Moderator

    Stapled clit :D that was the fun :D
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  4. Frostig

    Frostig Member

    You know its odd when guys get tortured I don't feel as bad. I mean unless like everyone else, it was past their limits and their master/mistress is not doing their job correctly.

    Clit stapled? I agree that's intense, and if she liked it, interesting indeed ;P
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  5. CapnHawk

    CapnHawk New Member

    I had a sub who liked being tied to a post and bullwhipped. If I didn't draw blood, I wasn't satisfying her.
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  6. pepeluism

    pepeluism Member

    A few of mine:
    - Last year I was hung naked from a tree and used for target practice by mistresses using paintball guns. That ranked way up there on the worst tortures I've suffered
    - The worst suffering was the time a mistress strapped a dog's shock collar to my testicles. She made me do things I never thought I would do just so that I could avoid getting my balls shocked
    - Bullwhippings are are always bad. I've been through a few of those.
    - Burns to the balls and dick (cigarrettes) are also really painful, but also torture you mentally.

    As far as girl torture, the worst I've seen is a girl positioned on all fours, legs wide open, as she opened up her butt cheeks while her master whipped her in the pussy and inner butt cheeks. I've never seen a girl crying so desperately. By the end her pussy was black and blue and some parts were bleeding.
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  7. Frostig

    Frostig Member

    Did you enjoy it?
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  8. RexTeens

    RexTeens New Member

    I've seen removal of the clit. That made me hold onto my lady bits in sheer horror.

    The most intense I've done was I was bound in a kneeling posistion but with my head down )its hard to describe lol) while my master dripped hot wax down my back until I screamed against the gag. Then I got spanked for screaming too loud and my feet caned a bit. Sometime's I swear he's too gentle
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  9. pepeluism

    pepeluism Member

    Did I enjoy it you ask? As much as you can enjoy excruciating pain. The answer is no. It was horribly painful, but I am also a masochist, so I do get a strange rush out of it, at least at the beginning. To be honest, what I get out of it is mostly the before and after. Before the torture, I get the biggest hard on imagining what I'm going to go through. While the pain is going on, it's not fun at all. But then afterwards, I look at the marks and get a very strong sexual response to it.

    Seeing myself in a video where I'm begging, crying and pleading, humiliating myself, is an extreme turn on for me.

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