The Letter X: Day in the Life of a Sub

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    No it’s not because I like porn, nor is it because of sex. It’s not because I get off on x-rays or xylophones. It’s because of the shape I make when I’m stretched out on the floor with my arms and legs stretched and bound. Vulnerability…helplessness…sacrifice are the words that define the letter X for me. This is a fantasy concerning “Xâ€.

    I was on the bed…tied…bound…in an X. I was blindfolded…shirtless…and a towel was placed over my hips and man parts. A television was at my feet and I could hear the bad dialog of pornography playing. I had been there in that position for 30 minutes…when the door opened…and then closed again….

    (30 minutes earlier in another room of the house) Miss E sat at the table with a group of friends and started dealing the cards. In front of each of the women was a large stack of red, white, and blue poker chips…a bdsm film was playing on the television…and there were bowls of various snacks at each corner of the table. Beer and wine glasses dotted the table, and an oven timer sat just to the right of Miss E. She finished dealing…she laid out the rules for today’s poker game. “Ladies, in front of you are 50 poker chips. When this oven timer goes off in 30 minutes, the lady with the most chips will get to use “it’s†face for 30 minutes. The rest of us will continue to play and after 30 more minutes we will count the chips again…and a new reigning champion will tag the previous winner…use it for 30 minutes…and the previous winner will come back to the table and compete for another chance to win.†Of course, they all new what “it†was. “It†was me, and using my head like a “human sybian†was something each of them was looking forward to.

    (Back to present time) The lucky winner of round one entered the room giggling when she saw me…â€oh my god…Miss E has outdone herself this timeâ€. I heard the sound of clothing hitting the floor and then felt her get on the bed. I felt breath on my skin…and then kisses on my nipples…and then nibbles…that turned to bites…that turned to grinding and gnawing of my nipple between her teeth. I felt myself getting an erection…making a tent under the towel. She released her mouth’s grip on my breast and mounted my face quickly. She smelled peaches (body sprays and perfume are like drugs to me). Slowly he lowered her vagina down to my lips as she spoke, “I need one of these, I wonder if Miss E rents it?†And then it was “onâ€â€¦as she got herself into a rhythm and slowly became wetter and wetter…her gyrations were perfectly timed and she rode without stopping for 25 minutes…slowing only to prolong her own release…but sensing her time was almost up…started to buck..and I could feel her fingers being used near my mouth…making sure this was going to be a mindblowing orgasm…and it was…as she shivered and quaked…moaning and panting…and then…the door opened…â€damn it…I want more time!†she gasped…but I heard round 2’s winner respond…â€Now deary, you gotta play by the rules…â€. I heard them slap their hands together, signaling the transfer. My rider hopped off and left the room.

    Round 2’s winner sat on the bed, and seeing the previous winner running out of time…decided to start immediately…as she straddled my face…resting her asshole on my lips, and leaning back with her shoulders against the wall. “Buzzzzzzz†I heard what must have been a vibrator being turned on and then she spoke, “You will use your tongue on my ass for the entire 30 minutes, while I pleasure myself with my own toy.†I felt her leg muscles get tight and she was off to the races…fucking herself with her vibrator and using my anal stimulation to produce one powerful orgasm after another. My tongue was cramping and catching breathes in the brief opportunities that I was given was making me a little dizzy. When finally I heard the door open, and she dismounted me and climbed off the bed…I breathed deeply for the first time…over and over…again the slap of the hand…Vibrator lady exited, and round 3’s winner sat on the bed…when she spoke I knew it my owner. “The ladies have decided “it†is more fun than poker…so we have a little change of plansâ€â€¦the door opened and I heard both of the previous winners and a 3rd enter the room, making four women including Miss E. “We decided we want to watch and add some fun to the afternoon†She removed my blindfold and the light burned my eyes…but as the vision came back, I saw the four women standing around the bed…still immobile and tied to the bed, I looked each of them in the eye and saw hunger and sadism dripping from their faces.

    “Your turn†Mistress said to the lady who hadn’t yet taken a turn. She had on a skirt and as she climbed on my face the skirt hid my eyes again. She very slowly started to use my mouth and tongue, but never spoke. I felt the towel come off my lower half and then felt hands on my balls and shaft. Within seconds there was a burning sensation and the unmistakeable smell of ben-gay made its way to my nose. The 3 non-riders started to giggle as I struggled against my bonds…and then “whack!†I felt a paddle or ruler on the bottom of my left foot…then “whack†on the other…the “whacks†continued back and forth, stinging my feet…and though they continued, the pace slowed way down to a “whack†every minute or so. I was concentrating on the job riding my face and the pain in my feet, when I felt Miss E’s fingernails start working on my nipples…my senses were out of control as the burning on my crotch, the stinging on my feet, the pinches on my nipples and the clitoris humping my nose were all happening at once.

    For the next hour, the women traded positions, found their sadistic and sexual pleasure on some part of my body, and essentially scrambled my brain with sensations that burned into my brain. If there is a luckier sub than me…well…I don’t think there is.

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