The lady and the tramp

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    You take off my clothes, and lay me on the bed. You cuff my wrists to the head of the bed. The last thing I see is your grin as you put a blindfold on my eyes and a gag in my mouth. My legs are pulled over my head and my knees are chained also to the top of the bed, leaving my pussy and ass in perfect view and accessible. You put clamps on my nipples, the ones with a chain between them. You run your hands over my ass and over my wet pussy as you whisper – “I’ll be back for you later slutâ€.

    The door opens and closes and I am alone unable to move. I shiver - is it cold or anticipation? After an age of wondering what you have in store for me the door opens again and I hear you enter laughing, and the voice of another girl also laughing with you.

    You apologise for leaving your fuck toys on the bed, and I guess you’re pointing at me as a finger traces down my leg then slaps my ass hard. She laughs and asks if she can spank me too. You must have agreed as I feel several hard slaps across my ass. Your hands pull my ass cheeks apart and you ram your fingers into me - the girl marvels at how you can get 3, 4, all5 fingers inside me as I wince with pain and redden with shame at being fisted in front of a total stranger, and even worse a girl I knew he would soon be fucking. You tell her that the toy can have all the brutality, so she can have the tenderness of your lovemaking. Then I hear you kissing her and a weight falls on the bottom half of the bed. I can sense you passionately kissing her and running your hands over her. She is eager for you but you stop and reach over to remove my blindfold, hovering your erect cock inches from my face then you slap my ass hard as you return to her, taking the chain attached to the nipple clamps and putting it into her hand to tug on encouraging her to give me pain as you give her pleasure.

    You slip into her waiting willing cunt and making her gasp and moan as you thrust into her while I can only watch. I feel your thrusts through the bed as it bounces under the two of you and see the pleasure on your faces as you kiss deeply. My nipples are pulled and tugged at by the chain. You reach a hand over and feel my cunt momentarily and comment to her on how wet I am as you thrust into her. You both laugh as you continue to make love. I can tell by your breathing you are both close to cumming and you command me to watch as you drive a massive thrust into her and cum as she does. She gives the chain a big tug as she cums, and holds it, my tits strained to maximum for the duration of her orgasm, the clamps seeming to dig harder into my flesh. You part and hold her close, whispering in her ear. Then she dresses and kisses you deeply giving my nipple chain one last tug and my ass a slap as she leaves.

    You come over to me and look into my eyes as you put your cock in my mouth and make me clean it of her juices. You become hard again and start to thrust into my mouth then decide my ass would be better for you. You replace the blindfold. You move below me and finger my hot wet cunt then trace down to my ass and stick first one then two roughly inside my tight asshole. You tell me sometimes you need to fuck a tramp after making love to a lady.

    Having opened me you place the tip of your cock at my ass and thrust in hard whilst teasing my clit and cunt with your fingers. You ram my ass, driving in deep and using it for your pleasure, then exit and ram straight into my aching wet pussy instead. Alternating between the two as the mood takes you. As I am pushed towards orgasm, you stop and smile – Oh no, slut…its my pleasure that counts – not yours. You exit me completely and take a break. You take the clamps from my nipples and smile as I almost cum, then you play with their sensitised tips, almost sending me over the edge. Then you wonder which part of your fucktoy whore to play with next.

    You look and feel into both holes before deciding. Then you return to fucking me hard in either and both. You finally thrust and cum into my ass as it clenches you and milks your cum from you.

    You release me and throw me to the floor, a used discarded cumfilled sextoy. You recover from the effort of fulfilling two women in such a short time, your lady and your tramp……but which was which really?
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