the future of a Female Domination?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Adeline, Sep 22, 2007.

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  1. Adeline

    Adeline New Member

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    Hello, i find myself that it is not uncommon for girls to dominate their boyfriends. I have been in a relationship for over a year now and I am unquestionably the leader of the relationship and sex is all about me. It is normal for girls (in a high school at least) to pressure their dates into “going down on them”. I knew several girls, myrself included, who intended to save sex for marriage and are very happy confining sex to cunnilingus. Some of my friends “went down on boys”, but I did not.
    I wonder if it is a positive trend? And maybe even it shown something about the societal evolution as we, girls, are pressing ours boyfriends to go down on us but we may not necessarily return the favor. Maybe it’s the feminist in me, but I believe this is a positive development. Is there anybody who can agree with me?

  2. Miss-Wolf

    Miss-Wolf New Member

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    Adeline, i thought you might want to know that the achievement gap between boys and girls is extremely wide with girls dominating in most areas. I think it is clear that this is becoming a woman’s worls, and it will become more obvious when this younger generation takes over

    Take care!
  3. Salamanta

    Salamanta New Member

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    I have talked to a lot of young girls about this subject. It is amazing how many young women tell me exactly the same thing! A lot of them have decided to abstain from intercourse because of morality reasons and more because of the potential risks o STD or becoming pregant.

    However, most of these young women do receive cunnilingus from their boyfriends regulary and like you said some of them do not return the deed. This is definitely a society statement of how girls are becoming the dominant sexual partner. I find this to be an interesting sociological trend, a trend that further reveals how the societal roles of the sexes are being redefined with each subsequent generation.

    Thank you.
  4. subman46

    subman46 New Member

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    Hi, as someone who is a little bit older I can tell you that it is not only in the young where female domination is taking place.
    When I an out socialising and the subject of what goes on in the bedroom comes up I have yet to meet a woman who does not possess a pair of handcuffs so that she can disable her partner and control what actually takes place.
    They also like to dictate the length of time that is spent in the bedroom and the use of the tongue by the partner is paramount to her satisfaction.
  5. atrus96

    atrus96 New Member

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    As a male in this world

    i just have to say as a married male who is a switch that leans heavly toward the submissive side that the women being in control in the bedroom is a beautiful thing. I enjoy some rather taboo things and havnt found a way to tell my submissive wife about them yet but the thought of pleasing her orally with no reciopocation really excites me. I'm here to please her and if that means no intercourse or anything for me thats fine. I would love to exchange roles and give her a strap on and leave my dick out of it. She can take me and i can eat her. The world is toppsy turvy and i want to be at the bottom. Kudos to any woman who gets what she wants and leaves the male straining for release!
  6. Jillian

    Jillian New Member

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    I am absolutely agree with you! I always tell young women to make their boyfriends prove themselves worthy of them and to never compromise their values! I tell them that they can accomplish great achievements in this life, so set lofty goals and never settle for less Hopefully you will fall in love with a wonderful man who treats you like a Goddess and a Queen. But remember to guard your heart and never settle for less than what you deserve. Always judge men by what they do, not what they say. A male that is worthy of a woman will treat her like a Queen, even if he knows he is not going to be allowed to even touch you!
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  7. mark8199

    mark8199 New Member

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    I am a full supporter of Female Domination, being on many such Yahoo Groups etc. I'm here, women, as a guy, that if you can get to, you can do as you like to. With me, it is where I am sexually, but women, if you want me, as an example, of what you should be able to do with men, here I am.
  8. Marie

    Marie New Member

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    Females dominating males is not new. I am a dominant person by nature and currently control 2 slaves. Males crave discipline and thrive on humiliation. They will actually beg for your attention, if you train them properly.

    So, Adeline. If you would like to know how to become a more dominant Lady, let me know. I will show you what to read and how to go about it.

  9. Tom

    Tom New Member

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    So many girls, especially younger, say they don't want to have sex because of moral reasons. So they just let their boyfriend perform oral sex on them.
    Why is this more acceptable? (It is to me) You are still having sex. I don't see sex as immoral in any way, but I am confused that girls think they aren't having sex as long as it isn't being inserted.
  10. susanparker

    susanparker New Member

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    I for one can say that my husband enjoys being dominated by me. It has done wonders for our relationship.

  11. mstbru

    mstbru New Member

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    To be honest in over 30 years of marriage, my spouse has exhibited all the features of a Fem Dom but would deny to the death of being one. I think that she was born to take control, and the attempts to try to be equal are a jok on her part. This has made life a never ending challenge for me to keep things equal, at least in my mind. As long as there are women like her dominant females will always try to make men follow by just pulling on their cocks.
  12. Razakmanflo

    Razakmanflo New Member

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    For me I think female domination is on the rise. Just look at CFNM which is a rapidly growing fetish. CFNM is really a way of life and the more everyone starts to see it as that, the less it will be dismissed as a small interest and something liked by everyone.
  13. twisterlady790

    twisterlady790 New Member

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    I am a dominant gal by nature. I do domiante my boyfriend,, just not for my sexual pleasure alone,, but also to make him understand that, what should be his position when I am around. He dare to cheat me till date. he dare to disobey my wishes. As far as I am concerned,, domination is the best way to keep our boy friends under our fist. they will not go out of our life,, until we wants to kick them out. we will get our 100% wishes granted/fulfilled by them.
  14. FunGuy33

    FunGuy33 New Member

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    The power exchange in a D/S relationship is really interesting. I'm a switch; a natural sub that enjoys the dom role in my relationship.

    It is always the sub who is in control, choosing to give power to their dom, and always able to take it back. It's the sub's desires that set the scene and the dom helps him/her to realize them. At least that's the way it should be, according the the few sources I've come across.

    Allowing a begging sub male to go down on you is h-o-t. Making them beg for more and refusing their wishes is even hotter. If the sub male isn't into it, that's the end of that. But if he is, and you (as a dominant female) enjoy teasing, being in control and giving pleasure (or pain ;)), you've got the makings of a wonderful femdom relationship!

    Also, when I was a young and eager teenager, going down on a girl was more appealing to me that getting a blowjob. I have always been attracted to assertive girls, and while I enjoy taking charge and directing an event/evening (both in the bedroom and out in everyday life), I also like to have my partner dom me, not only in the bedroom but in everyday life.
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  15. MasterInTraining

    MasterInTraining New Member

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    I for one am not as excited about this development as some of you.
    The feminist movements have craved for equal rights, which is starting to show its effect. Now, I am all for equal rights on a social level, but I am not interested in being equal at the sexual level.

    Some men - an increasing amount - have trouble finding the lust for sex. Before, it was common for women to be stereotyped as frequently having 'headaches' to avoid sexual intercourse.
    This is no longer the case, women are generally taking control in the bedroom, which can have an effect on men's sexual confidence. We are meant to be the ones in control, we are supposed to be full of testosterone and aggressiveness, but at the same time we are being raised with emotions and restraints, learning that showing violence is bad and showing emotion is good.

    If this balance continues to change as it is doing now, the women will soon be the men, and the men will be the women. This is definitely not a role I can find myself in, and I can only sigh in relief that I have found a traditional women who likes that the man is in control.

    Yet, she is more sexually hungry than I am, so we have discussed this subject and came to the conclusion that she needs to show restraint, and let me take the first steps towards having sex. This could also relate to the 'hunting' instinct that males supposedly have. (not in genes, but instead in the stereotypical gender image) We need to hunt the women, not the other way around.

    I am sure a lot of people disagree with me, and I am not even sure in this, since it is practically just theories. Before making up my own mind I would have to research this area myself. But I am sure this will definitely have some form of consequences on the gender roles in our society. Well, then again I might just be a chauvinistic pig. right? :p
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