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  1. In their earliest days (late 90s), the site produced small (2-6 min) video clips in the long since outdated .VIV format. I stumbled across a few dozen of these on an old CD and was able to convert them to .WMV. I'm pretty sure these haven't been posted on any of the other related threads on this board.

    The picture quality is indicative of the times, but it's a fun trip down memory lane.

    Here's the first couple:
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  2. update 03 December


    To my horror, I've discovered the video converter I used to convert these from .VIV to .WMV has been chopping off the last half (or more) of each file.

    Hence, I will post the original .VIV files in order that they may be seen in their entirety. Thumbnails will be garnered from the converted .WMV files so you can get an idea of the clip's theme, but the duration indicated should be ignored.

    You can play .VIV files with the ancient VIV TV player contained here:

    Nothing fancy, but it does work. Just associate .VIV files with VIV TV.exe

    Today's fare: (duration 11:10) (duration 11:28)
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