the Big Fantasy poll

Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by max-egypt, Apr 9, 2013.


no.1 fantasy among us

  1. Medical & Scientific tests

  2. forever bounded

  3. Teacher/student

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  4. Rape/raped

  5. dehumanized

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  6. police & jail

  7. TS/CD sex

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  8. toys and machines

  9. public sex

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  10. gangbang

  1. max-egypt

    max-egypt New Member

    many of us have a special fantasy . the fantasy that you would ask for if you had one shot so i decided to make this poll to know which fantasy is no.1 among us
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  2. max-egypt

    max-egypt New Member

    to be fair i will try to explain what each one includes :

    1- medical stuff by all means - nurse cosplay - cfnm - doctors and patients - electro BDSM - water filling and of course all these is done in a medical and experimental way

    2 - tied in the place forever where feeding and pooping is done through hoses and tubes and the sub cannot move for a very long period

    3 - a classic cosplay one but it had to be as alone choice

    4 - attacked - kidnapped - forced to fuck or get fucked

    5 - turned into a furniture ( chair , toilet , carpet , glass holder ) or animal ( cow for milking , dog , pig )

    6 - only very bad guys in jail so when going their you better to avoid attention or worse things could happen besides the police arent the good guys too they will not let a chance of private inspection goes away or they may try to get out a piece of information of you in their own way

    7 - transsexual or crossdressers sex

    8 - from dildos & butt plugs to fucking bikes and beds

    9 - public sex in crowded areas with strangers

    10 - dozens of men / women taking care of one helpless creature

  3. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    None of the above. It would take way too long to explain what my ultimate fantasy scene would be, but it fits under none of those.

    I'd ad an option for "Other" to the poll, but you can't have more than ten.
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  4. BA19

    BA19 New Member

    Just pick what appeals most out of what's listed.
  5. VladHarkonnen

    VladHarkonnen New Member

    gunna have to go with none of the above too and nothing here appeals to all. What I really want is to be married to a dominant woman that won't allow me to leave her sight without a cock cage on, that uses her control over my sex to control me and make me serve her through a system of teasing, denial, and rewards. I want a Queen that wants to be served, adored, and worshiped but also wants love and affection and things in common with me.

    On the other hand, I also think pixies are cool.
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2013
  6. Crazyguy123

    Crazyguy123 Member

    I voted for police & jail. Though I have other fantasies that are not mentioned there, of those listed, this would be number one for me.
  7. kinky-guy-87

    kinky-guy-87 New Member

    To have a pet under my control for me to 'play' with. Either a kitty or puppy

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