That bit of skin between the index and middle finger

Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by Obedient Little Puppy, Dec 26, 2009.


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    Is anyone here aware of how fucking amazing it is to be licked on this seemingly insignificant part of the body?

    Shit, my master leaned in to do this one day, and I thought 'well this isn't going to do much' but when his tongue touched my skin...FUCK. I must have jumped a foot in the air, and as it carried on I was squirming so much, it was like I'd been electrocuted or something. I can feel a delicious tingle there now, just thinking about it ;)

    I felt curious to see if the same thing would happen if I did this to him, too, and he reacted in exactly the same way :) It's so weird, because this part of the body looks so insignificant, and doesn't really leap out as an erogenous zone, especially not one so powerful. But I think that, if done for long enough, it could possibly work as a sole trigger of an orgasm :)

    If anyone here has never had this tried on them, please, I recommend you give it a go. As a general rule, I don't really like the feel of a tongue on my skin, but the effect will be well worth it, trust me ;)
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  2. EZRA

    EZRA Member

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    There is alot of nerve endings there.
    no where else on the body beside the genitals have nearly the concentration of nerve endings.
    Pluse it's apart of your hands that rarely ever gets touched.
    I feel the hands are possibly the most underrated erogenous zone on the body.
    My Mistress loves to have her hands and fingers bitten and sucked, I know I love to have my fingers in her mouth when I'm fucking her and vice versa. I remember clearly when the first time she put her fingers in my mouth when she was fucking me.She pulled on my mouth hard and forced my head around, I felt soo......controlled, it is so similar to haveing my hair pulled which dosent happen any more because my hair is short, Her hands are so much apart of her dominance I can get hot just by playing with them and haveing her bite my hands.
    I know a couple of Doms who prefer to spank with their hands, because they like the feeling of thier subs skin as they hit them.
    There are whole fetishes around the hands. Girls who like the hands of men who work with thire hands big, strong and rough. They get turned on just by the hands.
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  3. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

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    it is because of this that libertines take great care in kissing a woman's hand, making sure to contact exactly this spot. not only does it sent the erotic portrayal of your willingness and desire to devour a woman's sex with your mouth, but it emphasizes such an erotic portrayal with a jolt of intimate sensations...

    others, generally tend to kiss the second knuckles of the middle and ring finger, a sign of bowing in genuflect to a queen.
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  4. fuggles

    fuggles New Member

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    i agree w/ezra. having my sub lick and/or suck on my fingers is an instant hard on. feet/toes (and the skin between them) fall into the same category. she likes to use this fact to get a rise out of me. :) of course i tolerate such behavior.
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    mmmmmm :D

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