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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by arnieross, Jan 15, 2013.

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    Hello SMPlace!

    Me and my sub girlfriend are planning to buy a leather whip, but she has some doubts: she's afraid she won't be able to endure the pain from such an implement; until now we used to play with a belt and a light cord whip built from a cutted jumping rope - and she was able to bear more than 50 lashes, probabiliy even more than 60, we didn't count.

    We strictly enforce the "sane, safe and consensual" play style, and she has keywords to set the mood and intensity of the game. My question is basically this: is there some way she can test her endurance, some sort of similar experience, or some item that can inflict a comparable punishment to try before we spend some good money on a leather whip? Thanks for your attention.

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    Hi Arnie,
    Yes - you're wise to ask about this.

    Have you thought about using a flogger instead? For the Dom it's the same act of swinging an implement as a whip, but you can buy floggers in a range of severity.

    At the "easy" end, you can flog a sub all night and she'll be fine. The tails on these "easy" floggers are made from lighter materials, and in wider strips.

    At the "hard" end a flogger can be as severe as a light to medium whipping.

    (Note - there's also a terminology thing going on here. When does a multi-tail whip become a flogger? I'm not sure myself :) )

    I found this page had some useful info. http://www.detailstoys.com/floggers.html

    You need to consider that a whip or flogger can be swung "hard" or "soft". IMHO "swinging soft" tends to not to be as sexy in a scene.

    It would be more satisfying to both parties if you can "swing hard", and yet not cause as much physical damage. The other advantage of having a flogger you know can be swung hard is that you can vary the strength of the strokes during the punishment. That would be harder to do with a whip because you will always tend to be pulling your swings to keep them lighter.

    One other point - check out tips on keeping your toys clean. Leather, being a natural material, can never be sterilized 100%.

    So my overall opiniion is that a rubber flogger would be less severe than a whip, and would be easier to keep clean.

    However, I do understand the psycholgical aspect of leather...I just don't know how important that is to you.

    Hope that helps.

  3. arnieross

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    Hey Stan, thanks for your answer.

    Floggers and whips, yeah. I like the flogger because it's really easy to use...but I LOVE the whip. I regard a whipping way more sexy than a flogging, I don't know why: it could be that I find more appealing the stripes left by the whip rather than the more wide mark left by the flogger; or perhaps I regard the whip more apt to inflict punishment than the flogger itself, I don't know.

    We actually have a (sort of a) flogger, in the form of an old belt with many long and light leather strands (a bit unwieldy, I admit it); but I definitely prefer the punishment inflicted with the cord whip...

    So while your suggestion of buying a flogger (a rubber one would be good) is okay, my question still stands. The key factor, however, is not the material the whip is built from, but the pain it inflicts and if my GF (or me - we sometimes switch the roles) would be able to bear it.

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    Hi Arnie,
    I hear you. The stripes are certainly cool :)

    You mentioned using a belt on your gf. I assume that would produce somewhat wider stripes, but not welts? And you said that she can handle that level of pain. So she's pretty tough.

    The problem is that a good quality whip isn't cheap. So if you buy it and she can't take the pain then that's just money wasted.

    OK. How about this? Do you have a PC modem cable, or a telephone cable lying around somewhere?

    If so you might want to consider using it on her when she is at the height of sexual excitement. You just double it over and swing it like a whip.

    It will cost you nothing, and from what I can tell the pain from that implement is at least as bad - possibly worse - than a whip. Try it on yourself - it stings like fuck!

    If she uses her safeword when you use the modem cable then you can be pretty sure she'll do the same if you use a whip.

    Does that makes sense?


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