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  1. dark eye

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    Testing a submissive

    A few months ago, I met an attractive women and I invited her to my place. I knew she was submissive and I wanted to test out how far she was willing to go.

    I ordered her to strip and stand before me, legs wide open, hands upon her back


    I covered her eyes with a blindfold, I tied her hands and also her breasts in a bondage.


    As she stood there, completely naked and immobilized, I took some clothespins and pinned them upon her nipples.


    It was a great view to see her standing like that. The pain was clearly visible upon her face

    then I let her stand upon her toes with a metal bar between her legs..

    she tried to move her body in all direction to relieve the pressure upon her pussy, but of course, in vain

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  2. durinar

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    nice pics...
  3. bpeemp

    bpeemp New Member

    Continue!! Sooo hot..
  4. dark eye

    dark eye New Member

    I decided to take advantage of the situation.
    After removing het clothespins, I lay her on the bed and tied her to the bedpost, arms spread and legs wide open.
    She looked very vulnerable now.

    I controlled the rope leading between her legs. She clearly felt the pressure upon her clit.

    Then I replaced the clothespins upon her nipples.

    I approached on the bed and putted my dick in her mouth. As she was completely immobile, tied as she was, she had to take him.
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  5. Aurelie.Catena

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    You have managed to make me soil my panties by your words and the pics you have posted here. How arousing it would be to be taken advantage of in this way and be degraded by being photographed and uploaded for all to see.

    Please, may I be allowed to masturbate while reliving your postings in my mind meanwhile?
  6. dark eye

    dark eye New Member

    Aurelie, vous pouvez masturber sous condition que vous le montrez à moi
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  7. dark eye

    dark eye New Member

    She is ready for a next session:

    I decided to decorate her breasts with clothespins and insert her cunt with a wooden dildo...

    She is not supposed to have pleasure, is she?

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  8. silentguy

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    This was really hot. Hope more pictures are coming soon.
  9. bluenorth

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    That was really fantastic!
  10. ThePlayer

    ThePlayer New Member

    Nice pics, keep them coming, it is nice to see how you control her.
  11. dark eye

    dark eye New Member

    ...... slowly she showed me that indeed she did not wear any panties......

    ... as I had ordered her!
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