Testament Of a Submissive and a Dominant

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    My love and I have an amazing submissive/dominant relationship from a distance. We have been distant for about four years now and will be for a couple more years. As a testament of our strong commitment to each other, we are going to get promise rings for one another. They will be fairly simple to the casual onlooker, but on the inside, we would both like an engraving of something that has significance to the relationship we have. However, we are having trouble coming up with something that would sound sophisticated and elegant but also has great significance to the both of use. It seems there is a lack of submissive/dominant relationship quotes or sayings out there. So! I'm asking all of you if you'd like to help create a list of possible sub/dom quotes that could potentially go on the inside of a ring. The length of the quotes or sayings doesn’t matter too much. It can be a couple sentences or a couple words, just so long as it isn't a paragraph. We would also like to have two seperate quoets (with relatedness preferably): one for the dom one for the sub.

    Here are just two examples that I've thought up:

    His submissive
    Her master

    Please Post your ideas! Anything is welcome, be creative!
    Thanks so much

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