Ted's bad day!

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    Bart Honishi, an older teenager, with blond hair, was a hard working man. He seldom allowed his own interests to interfere with his works, and he rarely refused odd jobs. When he did allow his jobs to interfere, those that knew of what he has done feared them.

    One day he allowed his interest interfere, and the poor unsuspecting soul has never been the same. Then again, neither was he. Here is the story as it was told to me. Be very aware should you ever meet Bart.This takes place about three years ago.

    One day mid afternoon Bart was going home from work. For a change he had the afternoon off, and nobody had gotten him to do an odd job. Bart had his head in the clouds not paying attention to where he was going, when he bumped into a compatriot he knew from one of his many odd jobs. This young man was a younger, however not much younger, than Bart. The dark haired young man was named Ted Jonas. Ted was unaware of Bart's past.

    During the apologies, and the recollections, Bart asked if Ted would like to accompany him to the promenade and scope out the cute chicks. After thinking for a few minutes, Ted nodded his head, and agreed. About an hour later the Promenade seemed to be very empty, and Bart spoke up next.

    "Since this place has become snore city, I was wondering if you would like to see something very exciting?"

    "Exciting? By what means do you mean exciting?" Ted responded.

    "There is a rumor of an old bridge, and I was wondering if you would like to check it out with me. The bridge has been dubbed Hang-Man's Bridge," Bart responded. "It seems that Ghosts really do exist there."

    "That sounds like fun. Let's do it!" Ted's voice showed much excitement.

    The two boys hopped into Bart's car, and he turned down an old abondoned path. After about an hour, Bart turned the car down a path to the left of them, making them travel East. Another hour passed on, with no sights of the bridge, when suddenly a thick fog rolled in, causing Bart to slow his car down.

    "Umm, Bart? How much longer until we reach the bridge?" Ted was beginning to sound anxious. "After all, this fog is so thick I am sure if I had a pocket knife, I could cut it."

    "We are here, but before I continue on, have you actually heard the rumor of the Hang-Man's Bridge?" Bart asked turning his head away from Ted to hide the wide grin that was on his face.

    "I have, that is the reason I agreed to come."

    I see, well close your eyes, and chant away."

    Ted did as he was asked, and closed his eyes. He began the triple chant which was required from the rumor. Once he said Bloody Mary for the third time, he added a large amount of emphasis. He opened his eyes screamed at what he saw, and passed out. What he saw was a young teen girl in a long white dress, with full length sleeves, and many dried blood stains coveering the dress. The long blonde hair didn't cover the rope at her neck. She was hanging from the beams across the top of the old suspension bridge.

    Bart immediately carried Ted to the car, and drove to a nearby abandoned mansion, surprisingly kept in decent repair. He then carried Ted into the basement. About forty-five minutes later, Ted awoke only to find himself tied to a chair, unable to move. he looked around at his surroundings, finding himself in what seemed to be an old-fashioned torture chamber. He looked at himself after realizing his t-shirt was gone, and replaced by other clothing. It seems he was wearing a replica of the dress that he saw on that girl.

    "What is going on here?" Ted asked in fear.

    "It is not for you to worry about, scum. You asked for this!" A female voice replied.

    "Who are you? Where is Bart?"

    "I a-am Bart," the female voice replied.

    "I don't believe you,"

    Bart walks in front of him, and drops his clothes. Under the clothes and mask that he dropped from his face, the girl from the bridge is standing in front of him.

    "I am Bart, but I have been in hiding for many years. Why did you kill me? Or..., should I say try to kill me?"

    "Gertrude? Oh my God!"

    "Yeah, Me! You are not going to see tomorrow if you don't obey me for the rest of the night!"

    "And what do you wish of me?"

    "First of all, refer to me as Mistress. Secondly, only speak when spoken to, thirdly You must never tell anyone of what happens tonight."

    "Y-yes, Mistress Gertrude."

    Gertrude slaps Ted in the face.

    "YOU insolent filthy worthless excuse for a teenage boy!" Gertrude spoke in an angry voice.

    "What did I say wrong Mistress Gertrude?"

    "YOU did it again! Call me MISTRESS, not Mistress Gertrude!"

    Gertrude slaps him again, and begins to lift up on the skirt of the dress.

    "I am sorry Mistress."

    Gertrude reaches under the skirt and presses a 2 inch butt plug into his unprotected hole. She then takes something a bit smaller and slowly wedges it into the small slit on his penis. Ted screams in pain as she inserts the plug into his penis. Getrude takes a few clamps and places one on each ball sack and the remaining two she holds in her hands. As Ted screams Gertrude undoes some hidden buttons in the dress making the breast peice lift up, where she applies two gator clamps on his nipples.

    "AHHHH! The pain!"

    "I told you not to speak unless spoken too!"

    Gerturde slaps his face again, and places a whiffle ball gag in his mouth. Ted moans, not being able to do much more. Gertrude Smiles sadistically.

    "Having fun? No need to answer. I can see you are!" she smirks at the look of fear and pain on his face.

    Gertrude places a noose around his neck, and tells him to stop squirming, or the noose will tighten.
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    If this is liked More will come. Please let me know how you like it,
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    That is creepy as fuck...really drew me in...I want to hear more! ;)
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    "Let's see. I am getting bored. After all he is gagged and drooling nicely, clamped in various places, Humiliated by wearing feminine clothing, battered and beaten, and restriceted that he is unable to move," she taunted. "However, he isn't complete in femininity, and he still has eyesight..., Plus I haven't tortured with hot and cold..., maybe, just maybe, now would be a good time."

    Hearing that, Ted freaked. He started to thrash against his bindings unaware of the shards of razor blades placed inside of the thick rope. The blades cut his wrists and ankles. His blood was beginning to bleed out of the ropes, which in turn, Ted did see. He Fainted at the sight of the blood. During the next little while Gertrude added a wig, silks, heels, and gloves to Te, retying him as he was before. During that time she took a special branding iron, and heated it up. Making a quick decision, she untied him enough to brand the small of his back with the iron. As she finished tying him back up a third time, he came to, not even realizing he was branded. Ted knew he was wearing more almost instantly. Gertrude smirked at him, placing a pair of earrings on his ears, using the pins of the earrings to peirce the ear lobes. Ted screamed in pain. Gertrude liftewd her foot off the ground and kicked him in the stomach with her two inch heels, impaling his belly with the heel.

    "Enough screaming, Sissy!" she yelled.

    Ted stopped his screaming even though it was so unbearable. Gertrude took a lighter and lit it. She held it near the wig. Ted freaked out again, repeating the struggling, the bleeding wrists and the fainting. Gertrude turned to a ghostly form and passed through his body. Ted awoke the next morning, wondering if all that was a dream, since his body showed no signs of being battered, beaten, or cut. It was a warm summer day and he decided to go swimming. all of his friends were already at the pool, and they asked him how his night was. He replied it was fine. Everyone told him to hurry and get changed and to join them in the pool. As he changed he figured that it must have been a dream as people wouldn't be fine with his disappearance since it seemed like it was at least a day and a half he had been gone. He entered into the pool and his friends became silent.

    "What is wrong, guys?" he asked.

    "What happened to you?" one of the girls asked from the group of seven.

    "I don't know, I thought nothing, why?"

    "There seems to be a tatoo on your back," one of the boys said.

    "Well what does it say?"

    "It says 'Property of Gertrude Lionheart'. Wasn't she your ex-girlfriend that died four years ago?"
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    The story is now at an end. I may be tempted to write more on this character if I am asked nicely to do so, and if I can think of something more.
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    i couldnt stop reading i enjoyed it alot =]
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    What was your favorite part, Pleezusemee? and why?
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    Oh, you have got to develop that. You can't possibly leave it where it is. I want more too! :D
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    Okay Puppy, I will continue to stir up some action to this story. It just may not come tonight,
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    Just wanted to stop by and say I loved the story please write more
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    Thank you for the input. Now I will have to think of more stories
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    Is there more to this one? I need to know how it ends.
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    There will be more Puppy, when I get a little time to work on it. Unfortunately working two jobs leaves little time for things like that, I should have some time on saturday to write a bit.

    If I don't get some time durig breaks at work.
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    After a few weeks had passed, Ted had figured out a way to rig a set of mirrors up, so he could look at his back, Only to look into them and discover there was no change. The lettering was as black as ever, and not fading, seemingly the letters were darker than before. No pain, no scars, not even the feeling of dizziness had overcome him at any point in the last few weeks, to even suggest that the ‘dream’ had even happened. The only proof were the words upon his back.

    Now everyone knew of his ex-girlfriend, yet not one of them knew when or how Gertrude passed on. Absolutely nobody even remembered the name of Bart Honishi, none, except for Ted. Everyone however, did have the feeling that someone was missing in their classes, as Bart had been held back a couple of years.

    During the entire day, Ted wondered if anything he and Gertrude did in the past was even real, especially since the ‘dream’ from twenty-four days prior seemed so real to him.

    Ted was feeling a bit awkward after class let out, and he walked to the nearest doctors office, five blocks away. While there he met an elderly lady doctor, her name was Mindy Molested. She was a kind hearted, and caring head shrink. I know that doesn’t make much sense, but I know she was. Anyway, she talked to Ted, finding out what it was he was wondering about, and she gave him a string of tests including the more popular ones of: Word Association, Ink Blots, Picture Drawing and explanations of why they were, and talks of the past, usually concerning Gertrude.

    “This lifestyle is one of the most confusing ones I have ever heard. On a regular basis, I would be very tempted to have you fitted for a straitjacket, lock you up, and throw away the key, however what is preventing me from doing so is the brand on your back,” She droned on as though she was trying to bore him. “That brand is what makes me think you are very sane…, but would it be possible to keep you here for a couple of days for observations?”

    Ted became nervous and answered no way. Behind her desk, Mindy moved her foot making contact with a hidden button. Two huge burly men entered through the door, dragged a screaming and kicking Ted down the hall, throwing him into a large room and locking the door. Mindy made a few phone calls to make sure his teachers and parents wouldn’t worry about him.

    Ted thrashed against the door, inuring his shoulder before calming down and taking a look at his surroundings. He saw a nice comfortable looking chair with armrests, a beat up loveseat that looked like it was ready for the trash, and a single bed with an extremely thin mattress.

    He figured he should get comfy as night was falling and he was tired, figuring they weren’t going to let him go soon. He was feeling very afraid, and was having a hard time falling asleep on the bed, so he moved to the chair, and before long little metal clasps came out of the arms, legs, and back of the chair, locking him into position.

    The clasps had joined together when he was asleep. He didn’t know a thing. Morning came quickly, and the bright sunlight shone through the window, waking him up. Ted tried to wipe the sleep from his eyes and screamed a blood-curdling scream when he realized he was once again a prisoner bound to a chair.
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    Not fair to end it there!

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