Technology Question: First person, Third Person remote viewing

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Zepoll, Oct 23, 2013.

  1. Zepoll

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    Long story short: I want to tie up my girlfriend, put a box over her head. We have a computer tablet and I want to install the tablet inside the box. I also want to mount a video camera (sort of like DropCam) in the room up in the corner near the ceiling and send the image of what I'm doing to her to the tablet so she can see what is happening, but in a third person sort of voyeuristic fashion.

    I think this will allow her to choose between being the person in the scene, or being someone else watching... or bounce back and forth between the both of them.

    My only questions is video security. Wi-Fi sort of worries me about the image being captured.

    Is there a "wired" way that you can think of? Even if I have to go and buy 50ft of wire or whatever?

    This is a rough draft idea, so any thoughts or revisions are much appreciated.
  2. alpaccino

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    i can't get the idea very well ! is this the only me ?
  3. Zepoll

    Zepoll New Member

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    I'm trying to let her watch herself on a screen, live as it happens. But from a "fly on the wall" point of view. As if she were a third person.

    I think I'm over complicating it. I think I can just run a really long cable to a tablet from a webcam. I just want to avoid broadcasting our scene over the internet, or to some remote server.

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    Hi Zepoll,
    Tablets do not have wired Ethernet ports, only WiFi.

    Also, the HDMI port on tablets is an OUTPUT, not INPUT (which you would need).

    Another problem I would suggest is that, when your girlfriend's head is inside the box the tablet will be extremely close to her eyes, and unless she is short sighted she may not be able to focus on the screen easily.

    Assuming you can solve the "eye distance" issue, why not use a cheap in-car monitor? Something like this...

    With this type of device you can just plug in a video camera, as long as it has RCA output. Note that you will need to supply DC power (probably 12V, but there are comments about 9V). An external DC power supply would be easy to set up, but you may need to extend the cable length.

    But a tablet already has a battery, so if you decide to go that way, and if you have a Canon DSLR camera, you may be able to use a piece of software called "DSLR Controller" on the tablet. This allows you to connect the camera to the tablet using a USB cable. Note that you may have problems if you use USB cables more than 16 feet in length, and this might limit your ability to give her that "third person" viewpoint.

    Here is a YouTube video explaining the DSLR Controller software:

    And here is a website in the UK that offers active USB extenders.

    In this case everything would pass over the wires, and no WiFi signal involved.


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    By the way, I just checked and apparently Skype does use AES encryption, which is extremely secure (except for the NSA, obviously, and they already know more about you than you could ever tell them in a few BDSM sessions).

    So as long as you feel OK about that it would be vastly easier to just use Skype on the tablet and a webcam from another tablet or laptop to show the external image.

    Invest in a decent webcam, and remember you need to give it plenty of light.

    If the images look grainy and poor on the tablet then you need to turn on some lights :)
  6. playwomen

    playwomen New Member

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    too long RCA cables spoil signal

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