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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Nuisance, Dec 12, 2009.

  1. Nuisance

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    I love the bruises and marks that my Master leaves. But the vanilla side of my life makes it hard to shrug away the concerns of others.

    How do you cover the marks for the vanilla times?

    And how to minimize scarring? I enjoy the marks temporarily, but I don't want to be scarred long term.
  2. subspace

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    Well, you and your Master will have to be mindful in many ways of where marks are left. That being said, I have many wide braclets and watches that hide marks on my wrists. I usually have a scarf of some kind with me that can easily hide marks on my neck... Other than that though it's just a matter of keeping it in mind while you play, and making clothing choices that cover you when needed. If your back is bruised, it's not a good day to wear a halter top... lol Common sense stuff like that...

    As for scars, there's this wonderful stuff called Mederma. Im not sure where you are, but, here in the US you can find it at just about any drug store. Works REALLY well too!!!
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  4. Nuisance

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    Mederma. I will have to check that out. I am in the US as well.

    Some of the marks are even just along the collar bones/middle of cleavage type area. Most of my shirts are V necked and marks on my neck and parts of my breasts tend to show.

    A scarf collection and bracelets. Fun. Good ideas. Thank you.
  5. pepeluism

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    It's actually pretty hard to be scarred long term. The only "permanent" marks I have were where skin was broken, and only a very small percentage of those end up staying. And even those tend to fade over time.
  6. Nuisance

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    Thats reassuring. A lot of the play that I have been looking at pictures of I was leary that it might cause permanent marks.

    Thank you for the feedback. Maybe I can relax enough now to allow more adventures. :p
  7. Ophelia

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    oh god scars are a problem with me too

    try bio-oil and aveeno cream

    for bruises use foundation! (even if youre male)

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