Taleena's First Adventure

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    Taleena's 1st Adventure
    Taleena was fast asleep. She had been in class at college all day and worked in the
    supermarket until closing time at 11:00. It had been a busy Friday night and she was very
    tired by the time she got home. When she saw her bed, she took off her jeans, her t-shirt,
    her bra and her socks, leaving only her panty. She was asleep almost immediately. It had
    been a long day for the pretty five-foot-seven 21-year old. A long day, indeed.
    Although she wasn’t one to toss and turn in bed all night, she normally did change
    position from time to time. Taleena liked to sleep on her side, turned half-way onto her
    stomach, facing to the right. After a few hours, she would turn into a similar position onto
    the other side, facing to the left. She rarely slept on her back, a position she didn’t find at
    all comfortable. It was no surprise, then, that she tried to turn onto her right side as soon
    as she sensed that she was sleeping on her back. The funny thing was that she couldn’t do
    She tried to turn but something was holding her. Sensing that something was not
    right, Taleena’s eyes flashed open. She immediately realized that she was no longer in her
    bed, or even her bedroom. She tried to move but even that was impossible. She looked
    up at her arms and saw that there were straps holding her wrists and upper arms. Then,
    she lifted her head and saw similar straps holding her legs widely apart, securing them at
    the ankles and the thighs. She was naked and helpless.
    As she looked about the room, she noticed various cabinets, tables, trolleys,
    control panels, computer terminals and lights. She could see herself and the device on
    which she was confined in the gleaming stainless steel doors of the cabinets along the wall
    to her right. It was a large table, specifically designed to helplessly secure a woman in the
    most compromising position, spreadeagled with her arms high above her head and her legs
    widely parted. She had no idea how she had come to this place, remembering only that
    she had dropped into her bed and gone to sleep almost immediately. She started to get
    scared, very scared.
    Some time after she had awakened, probably twenty minutes or so she thought, a
    man entered the room. She recognized him immediately. He was a regular customer at
    the supermarket.
    “What the hell is this?†she started, “How did I get here?â€
    “All in due time,†he answered, as he picked up a large, stiff feather from one of
    the little wheeled tables along the wall and approached her.
    “Let me go, please,â€she pleaded, trying to move against the restraints holding her
    arms and legs.
    “You know, I have loved you since the first moment I saw you,†he told her, “I
    was deeply affected by the very unique beauty that I saw in you, not only your physical
    beauty but the inner beauty that I saw in your eyes.â€
    As he spoke, he started to stroke the big feather across her stomach and along her
    sides, working the entire front of her torso from below her breasts to the creases where it
    met her thighs and her sides from below her armpits to her hips, carefully avoiding her
    breasts, her armpits and her genitals. He was stroking her soft and flawless skin more to
    intimidate her than to tickle her, demonstrating to her subconscious mind that she was
    very, very vulnerable and he was in total control of her.
    “No,†she pleaded, “please don’t! That tickles.â€
    “I knew then that I wanted you for myself. But I also realized that a beautiful
    young college girl would not be likely to have a great deal of interest in a man of my age.
    College girls always want to go with the boys they associate with in their schools. And
    therefore I could only proceed with my desires by taking you, rather than asking you - I
    hope you understand.â€
    Taleena squirmed and fidgeted on the x-shaped table holding her as the man drew
    the stiff feather across the soft skin of her stomach and sides, slowly and purposefully, in
    long, agonizing strokes, as he spoke. She tried everything she could think of to ease the
    sensations - she stiffened her body, bit into her lip, squeezed her eyes and clenched her
    fists. Nothing seemed to help. She felt her nipples start to swell and harden. That was
    the sign he was looking for, waiting for. Now he moved his attention to her breasts.
    “In China, one of history’s most terrible tortures was the death of a thousand
    cuts,†he told her, “which would begin with one hundred cuts of a very sharp knife across
    each of a woman’s breasts, each cut a little longer and a little deeper than the one before,
    building up a level of pain in which each cut would continue to contribute to the pain that
    she would feel, starting at the top of each breast and making fifty cuts in the top helf of a
    breast, then another fifty cuts starting at the bottom, slowly working toward the nipple but
    never touching it.â€
    He began to draw the edge of the large, stiff feather across the top half of her right
    breast, mimicking the movements of the knife he was describing. The anguish and agony
    building in Taleena’s mind and body built with each successive stroke as she squirmed and
    mewled and pleaded. Slowly, ever so slowly, he drew the feather across the top of her
    right breast fifty times, then the top of the left breast, then the lower half of the right breast
    and finally the lower half of her left breast, coming close to her nipple but never touching
    “It took many hours to complete the thousand cuts, using a razor-sharp knife, and
    the pain was indescribable, sometimes lasting the entire night before the woman would die
    from shock and loss of blood.â€
    Taleena’s nipples became painfully engorged with blood, so big and hard she
    thought they were going to burst, and she became sexually aroused, she felt herself
    become very, very wet inside as she imagined each stroke of the knife with each stroke of
    the feather. Even so, the strokes continued driving her further and further into both agony
    and ecstasy.
    He then moved his attention back to her stomach and further onto her thighs. As
    he continued to speak, he stroked the feather across the top and over the outside of her
    thighs as well as her lower legs.
    “When they would finish with her breasts,†he continued, “they would move down
    to her stomach like this, drawing the knife in long strokes, creating a criss-cross diamond
    pattern. They would create a similar pattern on her thighs and legs with each cut less than
    a quarter inch from the other.â€
    He continued to trace each stroke of the knife he described with the sharp, stiff
    edge of the feather. Her sexual arousal continued to build and build. But he was careful
    not to touch any part of her that would take her all the way to an orgasm. He moved to
    her arms and ribs, stroking the soft inside of her upper arms and the curvature of her ribs,
    careful to avoid her armpits.
    “After the legs and thighs, their attention would then move to her arms,†he said,
    “with the same diamond pattern a quarter of an inch apart on the soft inner portions of her
    upper arms. The knife would then also be drawn along the curve of each of her ribs, both
    on the rib itself and in the little space between them. Then the attention would move to
    her feet.â€
    Taleena was so close, oh so close, to sexual orgasm. But the man was an expert.
    He really knew the female anatomy, they workings of the female body and its nervous
    system. She was so close, and yet she could not climax. She was in agony. If only she
    could touch her genitals, or if only he would touch her genitals.
    “Please,†she pleaded, “don’t touch my feet. Haven’t you done enough already?â€
    The man brought a wheeled stool from the side of the room and seated himself at
    the foot end of the table. Taleena flexed her toes over and over, sensing his presence so
    close to her feet. Like the rest of her, Taleena’s feet were very pretty - size 8 1/2 and in
    perfect proportion - beautifully cleaned and manicured - no dead tissue or callouses of any
    kind - perfectly kissable. It was all he could do to restrain himself from kissing and licking
    her feet. And so he brought the feather up toward her left foot.
    “In Hawaii and the other islands of the south seas,†he went on, “any of the young
    women from other islands who came to be captured were turned over to the women of a
    particular village. They would tie her down on the ground in the same position as you,
    bring out a collection of feathers kept especially for this occasion, and begin to tickle her
    As he was talking, he began to stroke the feather across the instep of her left foot,
    drawing it from one side to the other slowly and carefully, between the fold of skin on the
    soft instep as she flexed her toes as far as she could to prevent the sensation of the feather
    on her skin. She felt another feather on the top of her foot drawn across in the same way
    and brought her toes back up. This tightened the skin of her instep where the first feather
    was again drawn across, leading her to flex her toes again.
    “Please sto-o-o-p,†she laughed, squirming and flopping her foot about as best she
    could “I can’t stand to be tickled there.â€
    After some ten or fifteen minutes of tickling her left foot in this way, with Taleena
    squirming, laughing and pleading, he put the feather that he had used on the top of her
    foot down, and turned to her right foot. This time he simply took hold of her foot with his
    hand, between his thumb and fingers, preventing her from flexing her toes. Then he began
    to draw the feather across the instep of her right foot, over and over, as she howled with
    laughter, laughing so hard she couldn’t even plead for him to stop. Every few minutes, he
    would draw the feather across the groove below her toes and in between each of her toes,
    driving her to new heights of laughter. Some forty minutes passed while he worked on
    her right foot with his feather.
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    He moved his stool between her legs and waited for her laughter to subside and
    her breathing to stabilize. He then began to stroke the soft inner surfaces of her thighs
    with the feather, knowing she was on the verge of orgasm. Her nipples were stiff and
    gorged with blood, her clitoris was erect and her vagina was sopping wet.
    “Aah! Ooh!†she panted, clenching her fists, squeezing her eyes, “Why are you
    doing this to me?â€
    “Because I love you,†he said, “and I want you to experience all that it is to be
    female. Not like the schoolboys who simply want to get in, jump up and down a few
    times, and then simply leave you behind as another conquest. The female body was
    designed for pleasure, it was made to experience intense sexual pleasure, and I want to
    take you to some of the heights of ecstasy that you never dreamed possible, pleasures that
    few women today can ever even imagine, let alone experience.â€
    “Please let me go,†she pleaded, “I am so aroused right now I can’t stand it - it’s
    going to kill me if I can’t touch myself and finish it.â€
    The stroking of the feather on the inside of Taleena’s thighs was maddening. She
    was so close to an orgasm and yet couldn’t reach it. Oh, the agony, and the ecstasy, she
    thought, oh please let me come.
    “I can’t release you just yet, Taleena,†he said, “but I can kiss you, and lick you,
    and bring you to the end. All you have to do is ask me.â€
    “Oh, God! Oh, please, please finish it!†she pleaded, “I can’t stand it. I’m so
    close, please do it.â€
    He kissed her genitals, and brought her to the throes or orgasm by kissing and
    licking her most sensitive parts, delicately licking her clitoris, gently forcing his tongue
    into her vagina, savoring the juices of her arousal, the exceptional sweet taste and the
    delicate aroma of her very essence. It wasn’t long before she arched her back and
    stiffened her entire body, trembling with the throes of an intense sexual climax, within the
    bonds that held her. When she came back down from the heights of ecstasy, she lay on
    the table, panting, sweaty and exhausted.
    “Good night, sweet one,†the man said, as he kissed her gently on the cheek, “we
    will share another adventure soon,†and quietly left the room, in the same way he had
    entered. She drifted off into sleep.
    Suddenly, remembering her adventure, Taleena’s eyes flashed open. She was in
    her bed. It was five o’clock Saturday morning.
    “Wow,†she said to herself, “was that only a dream? Even my muscles are sore.
    And where is my panty? I had a panty on when I went to sleep!â€
    And so she drifted back to sleep - naked - too tired to wonder any further where her panty might be - and she slept better than ever before.

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