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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Luna, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. Luna

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    This may be off topic but ... I am traveling out of the country this year. Can I take my vibrators, nipple clamps, etc if I check them in my luggage? Or will I have a problem with customs? Anyone?
  2. sillylittlepet

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    Why wouldnt those things be okay?

    Look at the official list of things you cannot bring on a plane, sex toys are not listed there lol. Unless your dildo is shaped like a knife or a gun or dynamite (ouch) then the worst that can happen is they'll probably look at you funny

    Unless you are wearing any of them. Like rulee said, bad idea
  3. sebastian

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    Luna, I'd pack them in your checked luggage. Lock the suitcase so they are less likely to wind up in the possession of a sticky-fingered baggage handler. If you're traveling to a culturally conservative area like the Middle East, I'd leave them at home, but in Europe I would think you'd do ok.

    I have a friend who once, through poor planning, wound up having to bring a vintage German military uniform through Israeli customs. He was pretty worried that he would get into trouble, but they didn't search his luggage.
  4. sillylittlepet

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  5. sebastian

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    Well, it wasn't a Nazi uniform, but because it was German, he was worried that a customs official might not recognize the difference.
  6. L8NightQ

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    Underdog - you are better off with a retail piece of equipment. Pretty much anything you put in there to travel with is gonna show up with the new x-ray equipment except an ice cube. Rubber and glass show well, silicone a little less. X-ray or pat down, you should expect to get past once or twice but in long term you will be pulled aside. It will be better to have a plug in you than a potato.

    Depending on what I'm working on, I often do a lot of domestic travel.
    If I were inclined to do this, I'd keep in in my carry on or backpack/briefcase till thru security. It's not a weapon so they can't do anything but shake their heads.

    Then go to the bathroom and put it in if you want.

    Luna - You may want to start another thread bout this. I'm sure you'll hear some pretty funny stories.

    Short is answer is yes, like Seb said, but in checked baggage. I've carried everything in checked baggage(flogger, cuffs, rope, dildos, vibrators, leather collars and restraints.

    As Seb also mentioned, be careful going to conservative areas like the middle east. I'd pack light there too.

    When traveling to and from the Caribbean, be prepared for them to go through your stuff. Just a fact of life. They have seen everything there, so it's not that big a deal but your stuff might well show up on a table, in front of others.
    If it happens, just grin like you've been naughty and take your bags on. Let them wonder what you've been up to. It can be kinda fun.
    Just don't take any metal pipes and such. For some reason they don't like that.
  7. sillylittlepet

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    I've moved these last few posts into their own thread, so as not to completely derail the other thread...
  9. Luna

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  11. underdog

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    I've got a good friend who lives out there, and I have to butt in here to say NO! Don't "pack light", don't pack at all! I went out to visit him a while ago and I took a buttplug with me in the checked baggage. Got pulled over when I got to baggage reclaim at Dubai (which I've heard is meant to be one of the most tolerant places), and then spent 3 hours in a custody cell before being questioned quite nastily about it in what I believe was arabic. I then lost my entire baggage and was thrown out a side door of the terminal, had to find my way to the front and flag a taxi and then had to try and make up an excuse as to why I was getting to the villa at 4am and not midnight!

    Oh and thanks for the advice L8Night XD
  12. L8NightQ

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    Yeah, that's pretty much what I meant.

    I had a friend that did contract work in Arabia.
    Funny thing is.... they're fine with floggers, cuffs, most things leather. The key is that they have to think those things are for your girlfriend or wife.
  13. L8NightQ

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    I made the mistake of taking some plumbing parts to a friend in Jamaica. Put everything in packed luggage. When I got to customs, they called me aside because although they don't do through everyones luggage, the do X-ray.
    Not a separate office, but a table in the general pick-up area.

    They got the faucet pretty fast, but when they went through the rest of my luggage I pretty much had no secrets from the rest of the crowd that was standing around.

    I just grinned like I had an evil side. My travel partner used to be a playboy bunny. She got a lot of looks too. Kinda turned her on. It's still a really good story for the after dinner drinks crowd.... I just never tell them what was in the bag that got so much attention.

    For the record though, I've never had any equipment taken from me. I just tell them "My girlfriend is kinky"... even if I'm traveling alone.
  14. meripa

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    I am travelling a lot and I always have one or two vibrators with me and I never got trouble because of them. Only one time in a luggage inspection they found it in my bag, but I don't have a problem if such a security guy at the airport sees my sey toys, because I will probably never see him again and I think it is a little highlight for them ;)

    So if you don't like that strange security guys see your sex toys, then maybe hide them between your underwear or suitcase, because for most of the security people at airports it is unpleasant to brows through the underwear of a girl in front of her :D
  15. Luna

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    I am an American- I will not travel to the Middle East.
    And it would take a lot more than a security guard pulling my toys out of my luggage to make me blush.
    But thank you for the advice.

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