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Switch Training

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Rod, Sep 15, 2007.

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  1. Rod

    Rod New Member

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    I have been in a relationship for 2 months with a younger woman. We
    have a slight problem in that although I am an active switch who gets
    bored with the one role repeatedly she is a slave through and through.

    I will not cheat, my needs as a switch are not as strong as my love
    for this woman.

    Can people please give me advice on how to use my time as Master to
    make her more comfortable and forceful in her role as master when we

  2. ALise

    ALise New Member

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    You have to learn to feel the moment when she desires to submit and then is your turn! You do not have to ask her for things to be done – just tell her they are to be done and how she has to do it. Master her through and through as you love her!
  3. Master-O

    Master-O New Member

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    Rob, first of all, if you've only been with this woman for 2 months, how can you truly tell if you do in fact love her, and that it isn't merely the excitement of a new relationship? just a bit of food for thought. the second point to bring up is the obvious compatability problem. as you said yourself, you are a switch, she is a sub. if you truly love her one of two things will have to happen. you will either have to become contented with the role of master, and nothing else. or you will have to TALK to her! i know your feelings of fidelity run deep. especially at this stage of the game, but you may have to find another to top you. and it may just happen that if you communicated your needs with her, that you could get her to top you, and, who knows, she may find a little bit of switch in her too. i cannot tell you what you absolutely must do in this case, i can only offer a few suggestions to you and hope it helps.
    best of luck!
  4. Summer

    Summer New Member

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    other than the questions raised about being "in love" with her and knowing she is a sub and you are a switch, i would like to make a few suggestions and one question.

    how do you know for sure that you get bored with being the top? or just have not found the riht slave to challange you and your imagination? ok, two questions... sorry.

    if it is true, you a switch and she a sub, and not wanting to be unfaithful, (would this be a true master/slave relationship?) maybe it would work if you found a Domme to work with both of you at the same time occasionally.

  5. slaveduties

    slaveduties New Member

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    just feel the fashion and the excitement for you to feel the extreme and first action satisfaction
  6. billie

    billie New Member

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    hi im new to all this but i have a deep desire to be enslaved and trained, but im very inexeperienced. any tips on how to get started and find a discreet teacher in my area? billie
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