Submissive female hoping to chat on yahoo messenger

Discussion in 'BDSM and Fetish personals' started by daring_burlinski, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. daring_burlinski

    daring_burlinski New Member

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    Hi, just found the site and thought I would post something here, see if other people enjoyed similar things.

    My name is Jenna. I am very submissive sexually, but I only do dom/sub type things online. I don't post pictures for fear of them getting back to people I know, so I spend a lot of time chatting with random people on yahoo messenger. Many times they revolve around stories where I am humiliated/embarrassed in public. I really like the idea of being stripped naked or forced to strip and being seen. Or doing a dare where I must streak (I have done a little of that ;) ). I also enjoy verbal humiliation, being belittled and treated like a little girl. Spankings are also high on my list.

    So I'm assuming this is pretty vanilla for this site, but I'm new and wanted to introduce myself. If you have similar interests and would like to chat, you can find me at on yahoo messenger
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  2. kcguy040

    kcguy040 New Member

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    hello jenne

    i can exchange mails and chat if you are interested, pl let me know;)
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  3. cobra516

    cobra516 New Member

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    tell me when u ready to serve
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  4. jackyuan

    jackyuan New Member

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  5. smer.slave

    smer.slave New Member

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    when are you usually online?

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